How Our Review & Interview Works


TL:DR Bitcatcha is offering by far the most truthful web hosting reviews with data-driven analysis as well as customers interviews on any particular host company.


It all started with our vision to provide data-drive information in the most accessible way to web hosting shoppers. Our web hosting reviews are one of the kind and we are proud and sure that they can assist you in making a better-informed buying decision.


We simply want to:-


  • Offer the closest experience hosting with any host before purchasing.
  • Provide genuine and data-driven hosting reviews.
  • Help shopper to pick the right web hosting plan.



What is the Host Profile?


Web Host Profile

Because web hosting is a tech product, a proper data measurement can speak a lot for their performance. Host Profile is the place where we put everything, soft and hard data about a web hosting company together. There are 2 major pieces of data that are reflecting the performance of the hardware:

  1. Server Response Time
  2. Server Uptime


We ping the server of any particular web host from around the globe and record the time needed to get a response. This tells us how long it takes for your website to start loading if you were hosting with them. We have 8 different server locations that cover pretty much the whole world. Therefore the performance of a server is easily illustrated and hence the speed of your website across the world. To check your website now, please proceed to Server Speed Checker.


Besides the speed we are also into the uptime performance of a host. After all an ultra fast server means nothing if it is not up and running. We measure 2 kind of uptime: 1. Up For and 2. Overall Uptime. Up For represents the period that the server has been up and running since its last downtime while Overall Uptime indicates in percentage the uptime of the server since we first track it.


Combining the server speed test result and the uptime performance data, we are pretty near to the actual performance of any web hosting. However the idea remains invalid without a right specimen to test against, right? This is where our second part of the hosting review kicks in – Interviews.



What About the Interviews?


User Interviews

We need specimen to evaluate a hosting. To get as accurate as possible, the only way of knowing it is to get in touch with any host’s existing user. We perform the testing and tracking using the existing user’ website. And to go 1 step further, we interview the user.


There are many to learn from the Q&A session with our interviewees. We learn about why they choose the host; how they use it; and of cause the feedback on the quality and pricing. Because every host is different, we craft our questions differently too. In general, we want to know the host from the inside.


We take serious measure on who our interviewees are. We have this simple principle in our mind: we need qualified interviewees in order to get truthfulness of a service. With that said, we have 3 rules in accepting interviewees:-


  1. Interviewee MUST be the current customer of a host.
  2. Interviewee MUST be hosting for more than 6 months, 12 preferable.
  3. Interviewee is knowledgeable enough to understand web hosting and webmastering.


(Please kindly join us to tell the world how your host is doing if you think you are qualified. We will compensate for your time.)


We truly believe that with this approach we are able to help shoppers to choose the right host. Albeit we strive to provide the most accurate information on web hosting services, it’s our responsibility to inform you that we are affiliated with most of the host providers here. We earn revenue when you sign up through our affiliate links. However we are NOT affiliated with the interviewees. They are independent volunteers. If you need more information on this please read our Disclosure & Disclaimer.


Please do make use of our website! :)


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