Our mission

We publish in-depth guides, reviews, news, and data-driven advice to help you chart your own path and succeed in your respective industries.


We help our readers find career independence and success in a way that’s sustainable – minus the fluff, gimmicks or cheesy gurus. We make sure to only publish high-quality content, and try to keep our guides up-to-date!

Who we are

Bitcatcha.com is run by a small team with a common goal: support freelancers and small business owners. As a bootstrapped business ourselves, we’ve lived through the same struggles!


When Daren started Bitcatcha.com in 2014, we were a simple review site for web tools. But as we grew, we received lots of messages from readers needing business advice. The road to ‘being your own boss’ can be confusing and lonely, and we realized there was a lack of non-gimmicky resources on the topic.


We decided to pivot Bitcatcha.com into becoming the go-to resource site for anyone trying to chart their own path outside 9-5 working life; whether you’re a freelancer, digital nomad, eCommerce owner, or just dreaming of taking the leap.


Today, Bitcatcha.com is a busy content hub with a growing community on Telegram and Facebook. Our core contributors are from every walk of life – from freelancers and CEOs, to tech journalists, parents, business coaches, digital marketers and mental health advocates.

What we write about

It’s our mission to research, learn and discover everything there is to know about career independence. We cover everything from building your online brand and becoming a freelancer, to work-life balance and testing geeky gadgets.


Some things we love creating:



Tips, tricks and in-depth guides

Customer Interviews


Product reviews and comparisons

Hosting Reviews


Free tech tools built by our in-house team


Interviews with experts


Buying guides

Meet Our Team

Meet the faces behind Bitcatcha. We love hearing from talent – check out our job openings!

Daren Low

Chief Strategist

Founder and CEO of Bitcatcha.com. Spent 10+ years as an internet marketing strategist before founding Bitcatcha.com.


Chief Technology Officer

Tony is passionate about coding, the start-up industry and has 10+ years experience working on product development. Tony is all things code and management. Ninja he is.

Danielle Willatt

Head Content Strategist

Dani charts the way forward for Bitcatcha’s content. A ex-copywriter and freelancer, she now manages Bitcatcha’s global team of writers, editors and translators.

Grace Tay

Full Stack Developer

Mathematician turned coder. Self-learner and passionate in problem-solving and new technology. Grace goes wild after coffee!

Chen Xi

On-page Specialist

Curious nerd. Chen Xi is a core part of our SEO team and he loves working on content. He eats words for breakfast.

Chee Ching

Art Director

Chee Ching is an art director, illustrator, blogs at cheechingy.com and loves to travel.

Jensen Chek

Full Stack Developer

Jensen helps keep Bitcatcha’s front-end running smoothly. He loves deep-diving into tech-stack articles.

Chie Yang

Junior Full Stack Developer

Chie Yang is always up for new challenges and has a dream to reach peak performance.

Ee Vonne

Social Media Marketer

Social butterfly only on the Internet. She helps build our community and is the one behind the chat box.

Meet Our Writers

We burn the midnight oil across 8 time zones to create high-quality content that can actually help someone. Reach out if you’d like to write for us.

Timothy Shim


Timothy is a former tech journalist. Today, he helps businesses craft compelling messages and advises on content marketing & social media strategy.

Elliot Boey


Former Business Development Manager at Recreation Asia. Founder of production house Epic Productions Asia.

Flavio Aguilar

Flavio is a journalist with specialist knowledge of Brazil’s tech market. Today, he lives in Portugal, where he works as an editor and copywriter.

Ben Brown

Ben is a writer and blockchain expert from London who has worked with The Huffington Post, Instagram and British Airways. Connect with him at benjamin-brown.uk.

Leon Han

Leon is a Malaysian writer with vested interests in music, trading, and crypto. A voracious appetite for reading has given him knowledge in a wide variety of industries.

Michelle J Brohier

Michelle is a passionate content expert in the fields of personal finance and consumer tech. She's always weighing the balance between convenience and value.

Olivia De Santos

Olivia De Santos is a freelance writer, wedding planner and entrepreneur from London, UK. She's a world traveller, wordsmith, film buff, mental health advocate and shea butter enthusiast.

Tifa Ong

Tifa is a freelance copywriter who writes for coaches & businesses worldwide. She’s passionate about enhancing all 5 dimensions of her well-being: physical, mental, emotional, financial & spiritual.

Orane Ennis

Orane Ennis is a Content Writer with a passion for tech. He's most excited to see how augmented reality will blend the real and digital world in the years to come.

Fiona Sanguinetti

Fiona is a business writer from California. Her focus is writing blog posts that help companies learn about the latest actionable digital marketing and e-Commerce strategies.

Chuck Lau

Chuck Lau is the Operations dude for an Australian e-Commerce store by day, and a content writer by night. He currently owns 3 cats and hopes to create a cat sanctuary one day with his life partner.

Crystal Camarao

Crystal Camarao is a web designer and digital marketer from the Philippines. She loves to travel as much as possible, drink IPAs, and geek out about tech.

Pixie Tan

Pixie is a freelance writer who's spent more of her life writing than not. With experience in managing private blog networks, she's written for a range of industries like travel and entertainment.

How We Sustain Our Site

Bitcatcha.com is sustained by the profits made when our readers make a purchase from one of our affiliate links. This comes at no additional cost to you – in fact, our readers often enjoy prices that are lower than market-rates, thanks to our negotiations with partners.


We also earn a small fee from advertorials and ad placements, which we fully disclose for the benefit of our readers. However, we’re very strict on only endorsing products that benefit our readers and are worth recommending.


To find out more, check out our disclosure disclaimer and privacy policy.

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