About Us

 We’re business owners and web developers just like you. We know exactly how helpless it is web hosting shopping can be. Researching on the Internet is often like a stab in the dark. You will never know what’s ahead of you when you make that final payment click to a host company – be it excitement or frustrations. Uninformed decisions like these are bad for your business because a bad web host can be detrimental to your website. 


Bitcatcha? Bit Catcher? Dream Catcher? What kind of name is this?


The name pronounces as Bit.cat.cha. Hopefully it’s not that difficult to pronounce :)


Out mission is to get you clues on web hosting by performance basis – we want to keep the bad ones at bay. So our name Bitcatcha.com derives from the dreamcatcher, a protective Native American charm that catches the nightmares but lets the dreams flow through. Since Bit is the smallest unit of data in the digital world but yet the ultimate foundation of the Internet, the name fits in perfectly.

 So who are we exactly?


We know you want to see some faces, so here we are. Bitcatcha.com is built by a team of passionate designer, web developer and writers. We are proud to work over the clock to build a meaningful site like this. Please feel free to keep in touch with us, we don’t bite ;)


Daren Low

Founder of Bitcatcha.com. Daren is a veteran webmaster & web developer. He knows the inside out of building a successful online presence.


Wisesa has over 10 years’ experience in developing apps and software. He is the lead developer of Bitcatcha’s Server Speed Checker.

Candace Morehouse

Candace is an editor, freelance writer and ghost writer with 6 fiction books published under her own name and 13 nonfiction books ghost written for clients.



Naqi is an independent designer who crafted Bitcatcha’s good looks. Connect with Naqi at Ahmadnaqi.com

Vincent Chua

Vincent is an independent developer. He has over 5 years in providing creative consultations & corporate solutions.


Jason is our social media manager. He handles Twitter, Facebook, G+ & other campaigns through Next Social Startup


Chee Ching

Chee Ching is an art director, illustrator, blogs at cheechingy.com and loves to travel.

Ben Brown

Ben is a writer from London who has worked with The Huffington Post, Instagram (and, of course, Bitcatcha). Connect with him at benjamin-brown.uk.


 Like what we do?


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