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TMDHosting Review: Features, Pricing, Server Speed And Uptime Tested, cPanel

TMDHosting is an excellent web host known for its impressive server speeds and their diverse range of pre-built hosting plans.

This review explores the 7 pros and 2 cons of TMDHosting and also what they provide in their plans. We explain the types of hosting on offer and share the impressive speed test results of our TMDHosting test site. We’ll also examine TMDHosting’s 6 data center locations and the resources and developer tools that they provide their customers.

tmdhosting review

Table of Contents

  1. Who Is TMDHosting?
  1. What Are the Main Benefits of Using TMDHosting?
  2. What Are the Possible Drawbacks of Using TMDHosting?
  3. What Types of Hosting Does TMDHosting Offer?
  1. Do You Get Unlimited Storage With Them?
  2. What Does It Mean That All TMDHosting’s Plans Are Fully Managed?
  3. How Much Does TMDHosting Cost?
  1. Does TMDHostingOffer Windows Hosting?
  1. Where Are TMDHosting’s Datacenters?
  2. What Is TMDHosting’s Speed Performance Like?
  1. How Is TMDHosting’s Uptime?
  2. What Control Panel Is TMDHosting On?
  1. Does TMDHosting Come With A Free Website Builder?
  2. Does TMDHosting Come With Unlimited Emails?
  3. Does TMDHosting Come With Unlimited Databases?
  4. How Many Domains Can I Host on a TMDHosting Plan?
  5. How Much Is a Domain Name With TMDHosting?
  1. Is TMDHosting Good for WordPress?
  1. Is TMDHosting Good for eCommerce?
  2. Is TMDHosting Good for eLearning Websites?
  3. Is TMDHosting Secure?
  1. Can I Get Root Access With TMDHosting?
  2. Can I Get SSH Access With TMDHosting?
  3. What Dev Frameworks Does TMDHosting Support?
  1. What Customer Support Does TMDHosting Offer?
  2. How Do I Migrate My Website?
  1. What Kind of Money Back Guarantee Does TMDHosting Have?
  1. 5 TMDHosting alternatives
  1. What Deals Does TMDHosting Have?
  2. Verdict: Is TMDHosting Recommended?

Who Is TMDHosting?

tmdhosting web hosting
TMDHosting is one of our recommended web hosting services.

TMDHosting is a web hosting company that was founded in 2007 by Peter Darazhanski. They are one of the early pioneers in hosting solutions. TMDHosting has gained recognition for offering a wide range of hosting solutions that serve over 300,000 websites.

Where Are They Located?

TMDHosting’s headquarters is located in Orlando, Florida in the United States. The company operates data centers across five continents to offer global coverage.

What Are the Main Benefits of Using TMDHosting?

There are 7 main benefits of using TMDHosting:

  • Affordable pricing (starts at $2.99 per month)
  • Plans come with several unlimited and complementary features
  • Highly tailored solutions with options for custom deployments
  • Advanced speed-enhancing technology ensures fast and reliable service
  • All plans are fully managed with tools like cPanel, Softaculous, and Weebly website builder
  • Enhanced security tools are provided across hosting solutions
  • Developer-friendly features such as multiple PHP versions, MariaDB, microcaching, free SSH access, and Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates

What Are the Possible Drawbacks of Using TMDHosting?

There are 2 possible drawbacks of using TMDHosting:

  • The cheapest plan lacks backups (but the next tier adds 30 backup copies with a small price jump)
  • Support’s 15-minute response time is considered slow for more premium plans

• Customizable web hosting solutions.

• Includes multiple PHP versions, MariaDB, and microcaching.

What Types of Hosting Does TMDHosting Offer?

TMDHosting offers 3 types of hosting and these are shared hosting, Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting, and dedicated server hosting. Each hosting type is available in 3 to 4 different plan tiers to cater to individuals, businesses and large enterprises. TMDHosting also offers specialized pre-built solutions and custom deployments.

Shared Hosting

TMDHosting’s shared hosting is tailored for beginners and small sites. Shared hosting involves hosting multiple websites on a single server, which means resources like storage and bandwidth are shared amongst the websites. TMDHostinghas 3 shared plans: Starter, Business, and Enterprise.

The Starter Plan begins at $2.99 per month. It offers one website, 50GB SSD storage, and unlimited email accounts. All plans include cPanel, a free SSL, and the Softaculous autoinstaller.

Virtual Private Server Hosting

TMDHosting’s Virtual Private Server (VPS) plans are designed for websites that have outgrown shared hosting. VPS hosting provides dedicated resources on a server shared with fewer sites, which gives you better performance and control. TMDHosting has 4 VPS plans: Starter, The Original, Smart, and Super Powerful.

Their Starter plan is competitively priced at $24.99 per month. It provides 60GB SSD storage, 2TB bandwidth, 2 CPU cores, and 2GB DDR4 RAM. Features common across all plans include root access, a free SSL, and

Dedicated Server Hosting

TMDHosting’s dedicated server plans are best suited for enterprises and high-traffic sites. This type of hosting provides exclusive access to an entire server for maximum performance and security. TMDHosting has 4 dedicated server plans: Starter, The Original, Smart, and Super

Their Starter plan is priced at $79.99 per month. It includes 1TB HDD / 250GB SSD storage, 8 CPU cores, and 8GB DDR4 RAM. All dedicated server plans come with RAID level 10 storage, unlimited bandwidth, and WHM/cPanel.

Specialized Pre-built Hosting Solutions

TMDHosting offers specialized pre-built hosting solutions with one-click deployment for various platforms like eCommerce, Content Management Systems (CMS), social networks, and educational platforms.

These solutions are optimized for performance and ease of use, and provide support for popular applications like WordPress, Magento, and Moodle. They cater to businesses and individuals looking to deploy websites with specific functionality out of the box.

Custom Deployments

TMDHosting’s custom deployments are designed for clients with unique hosting needs. They offer bespoke solutions for complex or specific project requirements. This service includes personalized server configurations, application setups, and performance optimizations to ensure that every aspect of the hosting environment is optimized for the client’s specific use case. It’s ideal for projects that require specific server settings, software versions, or specialized performance considerations.

Do You Get Unlimited Storage With Them?

Yes, you get unlimited storage with TMDHostingon their shared hosting Enterprise plans. Unlimited storage is not included in their cheaper tier plans. Their cheapest Starter plan gives you SSD storage that is limited to 50GB (Starter).

What Does It Mean That All TMDHosting’s Plans Are Fully Managed?

When TMDHosting says all their plans are fully managed, it means that their support team handles the technical aspects of server management for you. This includes security, updates, and backups of your website. Managed services allow you to focus on your website’s content and growth without worrying about the technicalities of server maintenance and optimization.

• Fully managed hassle-free web hosting.

How Much Does TMDHosting Cost?

TMDHosting costs between $2.99 per month (Starter shared hosting) to $149.99 per month (Super Powerful dedicated server hosting). All plans are competitively priced and offer fantastic value for money. They are paid on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual, biennial, or triennial basis (payment terms and corresponding discounts vary depending on the type of hosting). Keep in mind that these lower rates are introductory, and that the plans renew at the regular price which is higher.

Shared Hosting – Start from $2.99/month

tmdhosting hosting plans
The displayed prices are based on annual payments.

VPS Hosting – Start from $42.49/month

tmdhosting vps plans
The displayed prices are based on biennially payments.

Dedicated Server Hosting – Start from $79.99/month

tmdhosting dedicated server hosting plans
The displayed prices are based on monthly payments.

Is It Better to Opt for Monthly or Annual Plans?

It is better to opt for TMDHosting’s annual plans over their monthly plans. Their Starter shared hosting plan costs $2.99 per month when paid annually, but costs $10.99 per month when paid monthly. This means you save $8 per month if you choose to pay annually.

Keep in mind that commitment to an annual plan reduces the overall cost but requires a longer financial commitment upfront. Monthly plans offer flexibility and lower initial costs, so they’re more feasible for those seeking short-term solutions or testing the service. Always consider your budget, project duration, and flexibility needs when choosing between monthly and annual plans.

Does TMDHostingOffer Windows Hosting?

Yes, TMDHosting offers Windows hosting options for both their shared and VPS hosting plans. Windows hosting is a web hosting service that runs the Windows operating system (OS). TMDHosting’s Windows hosting supports Windows Server 2022 and the latest ASP .NET versions.

Do TMDHostingWindows Plans Support Microsoft WebDeploy?

Yes, TMDHosting’s Windows plans support Microsoft WebDeploy. Microsoft WebDeploy is a tool that streamlines the deployment of web applications to IIS servers. This support simplifies uploading, configuring, and managing websites for developers working within the Microsoft ecosystem. It ensures efficient and secure deployment processes directly from Visual Studio and other development environments.

Where Are TMDHosting’s Datacenters?

TMDHosting’s 6 data centers are spread across 4 continents. They operate 1 in Chicago in the US (Test IP:, 1 in London in the UK (Test IP:, 1 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands (Test IP:, and 1 in Sydney, Australia (Test IP: They also have 1 in Singapore (Test IP: and 1 in Tokyo, Japan (Test IP:

tmdhosting data center location
TMDHosting’s 6 data centers.

Selection of the data center location for hosting your website is available upon signing up for a TMDHosting plan.

What Is TMDHosting’s Speed Performance Like?

TMDHosting’s Speed Performance is exceptional and recorded a global average response time of 137.3 ms. The fast global average suggests that websites hosted on TMDHosting load quickly for visitors anywhere in the world.

We obtained this server speed data by setting up a simple test site that was designed using a standard WordPress theme. This was hosted on TMDHosting’s Business Package plan, on a server in Chicago, in the United States (US). We then speed stress tested the site using Bitcatcha’s Server Speed Checker and benchmarked the results against Google’s recommendation of 200 ms. Its score of 137.3 ms scored them an A+ rating on the Bitcatcha Server Speed Checker.

tmdhosting test site server speed results
Speed performance from this data center was especially fast in the US (23 ms from the East Coast).
(See full resultVisit test site)

What Hardware Makes TMDHosting So Fast?

Hardware such as a N+1 redundant, high-availability TMDHosting Cloud infrastructure makes TMDHosting exceptionally fast. They use state-of-the-art hardware from leading manufacturers such as Arista, Cisco, Dell, Intel, and Supermicro. A dedicated team of engineers monitors the infrastructure around the clock to ensure optimized speed for all hosted websites.

What Software Makes TMDHosting So Fast?

Software like TMDHosting’s caching solutions and advanced configurations make their hosting very fast. They utilize Varnish and LiteSpeed Cache and include the latest PHP versions for improved execution times. Their use of content delivery networks (CDN) like Cloudflare further accelerates website loading speeds globally. They also utilize advanced technologies like CEPH for distributed storage and KVM for virtualization. The network infrastructure also uses OpenStack for creating and managing large groups of virtual private servers.

How Is TMDHosting’s Uptime?

TMDHosting’s uptime is excellent and they uphold an uptime guarantee of 99.9%. If there is more than 0.1% downtime in a year (12 months) on servers where a customer is hosting their site, the customer is compensated. There are specific terms and conditions to this uptime guarantee that exclude certain reasons for downtime such as DDoS attacks, internet connectivity problems and force majeure events.


Uptime since March 2024


The counters above are updating constantly. The uptime is monitored with UptimeRobot every 5 minutes.

What Control Panel Is TMDHosting On?

TMDHosting is on the cPanel control panel. cPanel offers an intuitive interface alongside a suite of features that cater to both novices and developers. It simplifies website management and includes the Softaculous installer for quick installation of over 400 applications and CMSs like WordPress. cPanel is not to be confused with the TMDHosting Portal.

Do Their VPS Plans Also Include cPanel?

Yes, TMDHosting’s VPS plans also include cPanel. cPanel offers a user-friendly interface that enables users to manage various aspects of their hosting from one central location. This includes email accounts, files, databases, and security settings.

What Is the TMDHosting Portal?

The TMDHostingPortal is TMDHosting’s client management area. It provides users with access to account details, service management, billing information, and support resources, all in one centralized location. This portal simplifies the process of managing web hosting accounts and enables quick access to assistance and various account and service management tools.

Does TMDHosting Come With A Free Website Builder?

Yes, TMDHosting comes with a free Weebly website builder with its hosting plans. This features a drag-and-drop interface and this makes it very accessible for beginners. The builder also comes equipped with a variety of design templates, multimedia integration options, and eCommerce functionality to cater to advanced users looking to design professional-looking sites efficiently.

Does TMDHosting Come With Unlimited Emails?

Yes, TMDHosting comes with unlimited emails on their shared, VPS and dedicated hosting plans. This feature is beneficial for businesses that require multiple email addresses for different departments or team members.

• Get unlimited email accounts!

• SpamExperts Mail Filter included.

Does TMDHosting Come With Unlimited Databases?

Yes, TMDHosting comes with unlimited databases on their shared, VPS and dedicated hosting plans. This feature is important for websites that require multiple databases for content management systems, forums, and eCommerce platforms.

How Many Domains Can I Host on a TMDHosting Plan?

You can host an unlimited number of websites, subdomains, and parked domains on TMDHosting’s Business and Enterprise tiers. This flexibility makes it an ideal choice for users managing multiple sites or requiring extensive domain management capabilities.

How Much Is a Domain Name With TMDHosting?

A domain name is free for the first year with TMDHosting. This promotion reduces upfront costs for new websites and saves you up to $14 on domain registration fees. You need to pay annual renewal rates after the first year, which range from $10 to $14 per year.

Is TMDHosting Good for WordPress?

Yes, TMDHosting is good for WordPress. They offer specialized WordPress hosting plans that are optimized for performance, security, and ease of use. These plans include features such as 1-click WordPress installs, automated WordPress version updates, staging and cloning tools, and automated integrity checks. It’s a good choice for both beginners and experienced WordPress users.

tmdhosting wordpress tools
The features of TMDHosting’s WordPress hosting plan.

Does TMDHosting Offer Unmanaged WordPress Hosting?

No, TMDHosting does not offer unmanaged WordPress hosting. All their WordPress hosting plans are fully managed.

Is TMDHosting Good for WooCommerce?

Yes, TMDHosting is good for WooCommerce. WooCommerce is a popular WordPress plug-in that unlocks eCommerce functionality. TMDHosting offers fully managed WooCommerce hosting powered by the cPanel WordPress toolkit. TMDHosting’s plans include features like one-click installs for WooCommerce, automated WooCommerce updates, and WooCommerce debug tools to ensure a smooth and efficient checkout experience for your customers.

Is TMDHosting Good for eCommerce?

Yes, TMDHosting is good for eCommerce. They offer a wide array of prebuilt solutions for popular eCommerce platforms, including Magento, PrestaShop, and OpenCart. WooCommerce users can take advantage of their WooCommerce plans The best part about these solutions is that users are able to deploy them in one click.

Is TMDHosting Good for eLearning Websites?

Yes, TMDHosting is good for eLearning websites. They offer dedicated eLearning solutions, including prebuilt setups for popular Learning Management Systems (LMS) like Moodle, Chamilo, and ILIAS. These platforms facilitate online education by supporting course management, quizzes, grading, and other interactive elements, which ensure a comprehensive and engaging learning experience.

Is TMDHosting Secure?

Yes, TMDHosting is secure. TMDHosting enhances security with Imunify360, a comprehensive security software that offers real-time protection against digital threats. This tool provides malware detection, automatic removal, and advanced firewall capabilities to safeguard websites from vulnerabilities.

Do I Get Free SSL and Cloudflare With TMDHosting?

Yes, you get free SSL certificates and Cloudflare CDN integration with TMDHosting. An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate enhances website security by encrypting data exchanged between the server and visitors. Cloudflare CDN integration accelerates website performance globally by caching content and distributing it across multiple servers worldwide. This reduces load times and protects your site against DDoS (Distributed Denial-Of-Service) attacks.

Do I Get Website Backups?

You do not get backups in the cheapest Starter shared hosting plan offered by TMDHosting. Additional fees apply for this service. However, their Business and Enterprise plans include 30 daily backup copies of your website as part of their service offerings.

Can I Get Root Access With TMDHosting?

Yes, you can get root access with TMDHosting. Root access gives you powerful control over your server hosting environment. TMDHosting provide full root access and WHM control, but this privilege is exclusive to customers of their dedicated server plans.

Can I Get SSH Access With TMDHosting?

Yes, you can get SSH access with TMDHosting. SSH (Secure Shell) access enables secure command-line interface connections to your hosting environment. This feature is essential for advanced server management tasks, such as file transfers, executing commands, and configuring server settings directly from your local computer.

What Dev Frameworks Does TMDHosting Support?

TMDHosting supports a wide range of dev frameworks including Laravel, Symfony and Yii. This gives developers the flexibility to work with their preferred frameworks on TMDHosting’s platform.

tmdhosting dev framework support
Dev frameworks supported by TMDHosting.

Is Python Supported?

Yes, Python is supported by TMDHosting. Python is a dynamic and versatile programming language favored for web development, data analysis, artificial intelligence, and scientific computing. TMDHosting’s Python support includes compatibility with different Python frameworks and libraries to cater to a broad spectrum of programming needs. TMDHosting also offers convenient features such as a one-click Python installer, complimentary installation of Python plugins, free Python project transfers and configurations, and automated Python updates.

Is Node.js Supported?

Yes, Node.js is supported by TMDHosting. Node.js is a JavaScript runtime built on Chrome’s V8 engine. It’s ideal for building fast, scalable network applications. TMDHosting supports Node.js with features like a one-click installer for easy setup, free installation of Node.js plugins, assistance with Node.js transfers and configurations, and automated updates to ensure your applications remain up-to-date and secure.

What Customer Support Does TMDHosting Offer?

TMDHosting offers 24/7 customer support through live chat, phone, and support tickets. They claim a guaranteed 15-minute response time. Customer services include extended troubleshooting, free website transfers, and tailored solutions suggestions.

• Reach customer support via live chat, phone, and support tickets, anytime.

• Get a response within 15 minutes.

How Do I Migrate My Website?

To migrate your website to TMD, start by backing up your current site’s files and databases. Then reach out to TMDHosting’s support team via live chat or open a ticket to initiate the migration and to discuss any specific requirements or concerns you have.

Can I Transfer My Website to TMDHosting for Free?

Yes, you can transfer your website to TMDHosting for free. They offer a complimentary website transfer service with the purchase of any of their plans. This includes professional assistance from their technical team to help migrate your site smoothly to their servers without downtime.

What Kind of Money Back Guarantee Does TMDHosting Have?

TMDHosting has a 30-day money back guarantee for all hosting packages, excluding Bare Metal Servers, Extra Services, and Domain Names. Upgrades and renewal payments are non-refundable. Domain registration fee is deducted if a free domain is registered and the hosting is canceled within the money-back period. TMDHosting also compensates for unused time with a previous provider for up to three months for shared hosting packages. Cancellation requests for renewals must be made before the specified deadline to avoid non-refundable payments.

How to Cancel TMDHosting Subscription

To cancel a TMDHosting subscription, log into your dashboard, select the service to cancel, and click “View/Edit.” Choose the “Cancellation” option and complete the form. After receiving a pending request email, contact support via live chat within 96 hours to confirm.

How to Get A TMDHosting Refund?

To get a refund from TMDHosting, follow the cancellation process in the online dashboard and clearly mention your refund request on the form. Ensure you do this within the 30-day money-back guarantee period for eligible services. Once you’ve been notified via email that your request is under review, promptly reach out to the support team through live chat within 96 hours for verification. TMDHosting initiates the refund process for your payment following confirmation.

5 TMDHosting alternatives

There are 5 TMDHosting alternatives that are worth considering.

1. Hostinger

TMDHosting and Hostinger both offer cost-effective hosting solutions with widespread presence. Hostinger’s offers 4 more data centers than TMDHosting and even lower introductory prices.

2. DreamHost

TMDHosting and DreamHost both offer high speed managed hosting. TMDHosting is better for custom deployments and more comprehensive customer service.

3. Bluehost

TMDHosting and Bluehost. TMDHosting offers better worldwide presence whilst BlueHost only targets the US. Bluehost positions itself as a specialist in WordPress-optimized hosting.

4. SiteGround

TMDHosting and SiteGround. SiteGround is a more premium option that costs more money but offers fantastic quality and speed because it runs on Google’s infrastructure. TMDHosting offers more budget friendly hosting.

5. HostPapa

TMDHosting and HostPapa both offer hosting with exceptional customer service. TMDHosting has better worldwide coverage.

What Deals Does TMDHosting Have?

TMDHosting has deals during certain times of year where users can get significant pricing discounts. TMDHosting typically offers generous sales off their hosting plans during Black Friday and CyberMonday.

Verdict: Is TMDHosting Recommended?

Yes, TMDHosting is a highly recommended provider of shared, VPS, dedicated and custom hosting.Their use of cPanel and great customer service make them very user friendly but they also provide excellent tools and root access for developers. Their 6 data centers enable fast server speeds no matter where your website audience is based geographically.

Our research and tests confirmed TMDHosting as a high-performing web host that offers competitive speeds and outstanding value for money.

• With 99.9% uptime guarantee and 24/7 support.

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rated 5 out of 5rated 5 out of 5rated 5 out of 5rated 5 out of 5rated 5 out of 5




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