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7 Best Web Hosting Philippines in 2024 (Faster Loading Time, Free SSL And Well-Placed Data Centers)

February 27, 2024


The best web hosting in the Philippines offers quick speeds here and abroad, thanks to well-placed data centers. We’ve picked the top 7 brands that do this best. We judged them on speed, data center location, features, and cost.


Whether you’re starting a business in Makati or blogging locally, the right web host will allow your site to succeed. After our tests, we found that Hostinger is the top choice for Philippines websites because of how well it meets these criteria.


best web hosting providers for the philippines


7 Best Web Hosting Philippines




Best overall value web hosting




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  1. All prices shown are based on a 12-month plan introductory rate unless stated otherwise.
  2. We use an exchange rate of 1 USD to 56.69 PHP.


1. Hostinger PH

World Speed Score




Price (PHP)


Key Features

  • 100GB SSD
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Free domain & SSL
  • hPanel
  • 24/7 support

“Hostinger offers premium features & fast speeds at affordable prices - making it one of the best overall value web hosts.”


Leading the pack in our rundown is Hostinger PH, a prominent international web host with its roots in Lithuania. Rapidly carving out a global footprint, Hostinger is gaining acclaim as a well-rounded host, providing an impressive mix of speed, cutting-edge features, and stellar technical support.


Yet, what makes Hostinger PH truly shine is their ability to offer all these premium services while keeping prices surprisingly affordable – a perfect blend for the practical yet ambitious Filipino netizen.


Hostinger’s data centers


Yes, indeed! Hostinger proudly runs a global network of eight data centers, one of which sits snugly in Singapore. This data center’s close-knit relation to the Philippines is a total game-changer for local sites, as it practically turbo-charges loading times while reducing latency. This makes for a user experience smoother than halo-halo on a hot summer day.


And, here’s the real kicker: Hostinger sprinted to an A+ grade in our speed test! So, whether your audience is in Manila, Cebu, or far-off places like the UK, or anywhere else around the globe, they can enjoy excellent website speeds. Simply put, with Hostinger, your site is up and running faster than a jeepney in rush hour!


Hostinger’s features


The host provides a wide range of services from shared hosting, perfect for small websites and blogs, to VPS hosting for larger, more traffic-heavy sites. Moreover, if you’re just starting out, you’ll appreciate their easy-to-use hPanel control panel and one-click WordPress installation, making setup a breeze even for beginners.


We were also blown away by the fact that even their most basic plan offers generous features, including unlimited bandwidth and 100GB SSD storage. And that’s not all – you also get unlimited emails, an intuitive website builder, a free SSL certificate for that extra security, and even a free domain name with each new account.


We also wanna give a shoutout to their fantastic customer support too. With 24/7 live chat and email support in both English and Filipino, you’re never alone when a problem arises. Friendly and knowledgeable, their support team is ready to assist you at any hour.


Hostinger’s value for money


Hostinger boasts some of the most competitively priced plans in the industry, with their web hosting plans kicking off at an incredibly affordable rate of just ₱109/month. You’re basically getting all the perks typically associated with premium web hosts, but for a mere slice of the cost!


Features Premium Business
Price /mo ₱109 ₱179
Renews at ₱179/mo ₱359/mo
SSD storage 100 GB 200 GB
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Databases Unlimited Unlimited
LiteSpeed Cache Yes Yes
See all features

* Special introductory price for 48 months plan.


Find out more in our thorough Hostinger review.



World Speed Score



Shared Starter

Price (PHP)


Key Features

  • 50 GB SSD
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Free SSL & domain
  • 97-day money back
  • 100% uptime guar.

“World-famous hosting service endorsed by WordPress and with an 100% uptime guarantee.”


Next on our list is DreamHost, a web hosting provider that encourages you to dream big when it comes to your online ambitions. Based in Los Angeles, California, DreamHost has been turning digital dreams into reality since 1996. With over two decades of industry experience and powering over 1.5 million websites across the globe, they have proven to be a stalwart in the world of web hosting.


DreamHost’s data centers


Okay, so here’s the deal – DreamHost does not operate data centers near the Philippines. Their server fortresses stand tall in two locations in the United States, specifically Ashburn, Virginia, and Hillsboro, Oregon.


Do we wish DreamHost had closer outposts to the Philippines? Absolutely! But let’s not jump ship just yet. In our rigorous server speed tests, DreamHost clocked in impressive global speeds, earning them a stellar A+ score.


So, what does this mean for you? Well, if your audience is mainly based in Asia, DreamHost might not be the optimal choice. But, if your virtual crowd hails from around the globe, especially from the US or Europe, DreamHost is one of the fastest hosts you can sign up with.


DreamHost’s features


DreamHost brings to the table an array of features designed to offer a seamless and successful web hosting experience. One of their most impressive features is the 100% uptime guarantee. With this, DreamHost assures that your website will always be available to your visitors, a promise few other hosts can confidently make.


And, as an officially recommended hosting provider by, their hosting plans are finely tuned for WordPress, guaranteeing optimal security, speed, and performance. They offer managed WordPress hosting plans that come pre-configured, taking the hassle out of setup and maintenance.


What’s more, all their shared hosting plans come with generous SSD storage (their starter plan already offers 50GB of storage) and unmetered bandwidth, giving your WordPress site ample room to grow and the ability to effortlessly handle any traffic spikes.


Last but not least, DreamHost offers a free domain name for a year with all their hosting plans, as well as free domain privacy – an essential feature in today’s digital landscape. So you’re not just getting a hosting provider with DreamHost, but a partner that values your privacy.


DreamHost’s value for money


Features Shared Starter Shared Unlimited
Price /mo ₱146.83 ₱223.93
Renews at ₱339.57/mo ₱623.02/mo
SSD storage 50 GB Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
SSL certificate Free Free
WP website builder Yes Yes
See all features

* Special introductory price for 36 months plan.


While DreamHost might not be as ‘tipid’ as Hostinger, it certainly doesn’t skimp on value. Hosting plans start from a very wallet-friendly ₱146.83 per month, providing a hearty plate of features that both WordPress newbies and seasoned pros will surely enjoy. So if you’re on the hunt for quality without breaking the piggy bank, DreamHost might just be your ‘swak na swak’ hosting solution.


Read our DreamHost review for more information.



World Speed Score




Price (PHP)


Key Features

  • 10 GB SSD
  • 25,000 visits
  • 100 GB CDN/li>
  • Kinsta API
  • 2 PHP workers

“Kinsta is one of the best managed WordPress web hosting services that powered by Google Cloud platform.”


Established in 2013, Kinsta may be one of the younger players on the block, but they’ve already built an impressive reputation in the WordPress hosting sphere.


Originating from London, Kinsta hit the ground running with their WordPress-centric services, quickly gaining traction among a diverse range of clients, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Their focus on WordPress hosting from day one allowed them to finely tune their services for maximum speed, security, and scalability in a WordPress environment.


Kinsta’s data centers


Yes, and not just near, Kinsta might as well be your next-door neighbor! Kinsta showcases an incredible presence in the region, boasting data centers in Hong Kong and Taiwan—both practically within arm’s reach of the Philippines, even closer than Singapore. But Kinsta doesn’t stop there; it takes the cake with an unmatchable global spread of an eye-popping 35 data center locations to pick from worldwide.


And, here’s the icing on the cake: Kinsta’s entire infrastructure is built solely on the Premium Tier of Google’s very own cloud platform. This strategic move enables them to harness Google’s constantly improving tech and server locations, setting Kinsta up with the potential to outrun all others as the fastest web host around.


Kinsta’s features


Kinsta has built its reputation on a wealth of features designed to deliver an unparalleled WordPress hosting experience. Right out of the gate, their Starter plan is generously loaded with 25,000 visits, 10GB of SSD storage, and an impressive 100GB CDN. Plus, they throw in premium perks like one free migration, daily backups, and a 14-day backup retention period.


But their unique strength lies in MyKinsta, their custom dashboard. This user-friendly platform makes managing your hosting and website a walk in the park—even for newbies. And, thanks to their robust cloud infrastructure, Kinsta ensures optimal scalability and reliability for any site size.


On top of that, Kinsta offers a fully managed solution. With services like automated updates and proactive security monitoring, you’re free to focus on managing your WordPress site while they handle the technical details. All in all, Kinsta is an ideal choice for a feature-rich, hassle-free WordPress hosting experience.


Kinsta’s value for money


Features Starter Pro Business
Price /mo ₱1653.46 ₱3306.92 ₱5432.80
SSD storage 10 GB 20 GB 30 GB
Free CDN 100 GB 200 GB 400 GB
Monthly visits ~ 25,000 ~ 50,000 ~ 100,000
Multisite support No Yes Yes
See all features

* *All plans come with a 30-day money back guarantee.


Kinsta positions itself in the high-end range of web hosting providers, which reflects a heftier price tag. Their entry-level plan begins at a substantial ₱1653.46 per month, which may stretch beyond many budgets.


However, when it comes to the value proposition, Kinsta genuinely pulls its weight. Considering the top-notch tech support, a genuinely managed WordPress solution, access to the elite tier of Google Cloud infrastructure, and all the perks that come with cloud hosting, Kinsta’s value is unquestionable.


So while their pricing might initially seem steep, the premium services and exceptional features you get in return make Kinsta a worthwhile investment for anyone seeking a high-performance, reliable WordPress hosting solution.


Check out our comprehensive Kinsta review for all details.



World Speed Score




Price (PHP)


Key Features

  • 100 GB SSD
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • CloudLinux-based servers
  • Cloudflare free CDN

“Affordable, environmentally responsible hosting tailored to the needs of small businesses.”


Say hello to HostPapa, a Canadian-based web hosting provider that’s become a favorite among small online businesses, thanks to its unlimited features and robust performance. Since its establishment in 2006, HostPapa has honed its services to perfectly cater to the needs of companies of all sizes, all the while maintaining a strong commitment to environmentally-friendly hosting.


HostPapa’s data centers


Well, truth be told, HostPapa hasn’t set foot in the Asia region with their data centers just yet. Their three data centers are primarily located across the US, Canada, and Europe. So, you might be asking, why are they included in our list?


Well, HostPapa has earned their spot due to their outstanding global average response time. While they might not be the go-to choice for an Asian audience, HostPapa truly shines when catering to a Western audience. If your website’s visitors are primarily from the West, HostPapa can deliver snappy load times that will surely impress.


HostPapa’s features


HostPapa sets itself apart with a host of features designed for businesses aspiring to strengthen their online presence. One of their most compelling offerings is their “Unlimited Everything” policy for their Pro plan. From bandwidth and disk space to email accounts, HostPapa enables businesses to grow and evolve without the fear of bumping into service limits or dealing with surprise costs down the line.


But the allure of HostPapa extends beyond just limitless resources. They have an unwavering commitment to security, providing free Let’s Encrypt SSL to safeguard your site’s data, along with a suite of protective tools such as Panda Cloud antispam, server firewall, continuous monitoring, and intrusion detection to keep your website securely insulated from potential threats.


Last but not least, HostPapa stands tall as a green web hosting provider. They actively offset their carbon footprint by investing in renewable energy credits, making them an appealing choice for environmentally conscious businesses.


HostPapa’s value for money


Features Start Plus Pro Ultra
Price /mo ₱133.79 ₱269.84 ₱269.84 ₱587.31
SSD storage 100 GB 100 GB Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unmetered Unmetered Unmetered Unmetered
Websites 1 100 Unlimited Unlimited
See all features

* Special introductory price for 36 months plan.


Undeniably, HostPapa brings excellent value to the table. The unlimited resources they offer – an enticing feature of their Pro plan that starts at ₱269.84/month (which is just a minor leap from their Start plan at ₱133.79/month) – serves as a financial safety net for growing businesses. It means you won’t be blindsided by additional costs when your website traffic increases or your business expands.


Beyond that, HostPapa ensures your website’s security, provides an intuitive control panel for effortless management, commits to eco-friendly hosting practices, and offers 24/7 customer support. When you consider these offerings, the price of HostPapa’s plans is more than justified. For small businesses eager to grow without breaking the bank, HostPapa offers a harmonious blend of affordability and high-quality features.


Explore our detailed HostPapa review for additional insights.



World Speed Score




Price (PHP)


Key Features

  • 20 GB SSD
  • Unmetered traffic
  • 100,000 visits
  • Unlimited databases
  • SuperCacher

“Exceptional premium web hosting, perfectly suited for businesses, offering blazing-fast speeds and ironclad server security.”


Let’s turn our attention to SiteGround, a Bulgarian web hosting giant established in 2004. Known for its exceptional services and a keen eye for quality, SiteGround positions itself as a premium choice for those who won’t compromise on performance. Its vast array of services, with a special emphasis on WordPress hosting, are meticulously designed to offer a top-tier experience, incorporating innovative speed technologies and stringent security measures. The result? Quick, secure, and reliable hosting that keeps your website performing at its peak.


SiteGround’s data centers


Indeed, SiteGround has its presence felt quite near to the Philippines, thanks to their Singapore-based data center. This close geographical proximity assures faster loading times and reduced latency, resulting in a smoother and more engaging user experience for your local audience.


But it’s not just the Philippines that SiteGround caters to. They boast an impressive network of 11 data centers spread across four continents. So matter where your audience is, SiteGround is likely to have a data center nearby, contributing to an excellent web experience for your site visitors.


SiteGround’s features


SiteGround delivers a truly premium experience with its very extensive suite of features, all of which are present across their hosting plans. Their popular GrowBig plan showcases SiteGround’s commitment to robust services, providing unmetered traffic and 20GB of storage, along with free SSL and email.


SiteGround’s jam-packed offerings also include an email migrator, out-of-the-box caching, and unlimited databases. Their SuperCacher technology deserves special mention too, capable of boosting site load speed up to four times quicker. This advantage ensures that your website loads at a blistering speed, improving user experience and potentially boosting your site’s SEO rankings.


And, you also get peace of mind with daily backups, free priority support, and free restores, guaranteeing that your data is safe and help is always available when you need it.


What’s more, SiteGround has recently transitioned from the traditional cPanel to their own ‘Site Tools’ for their control panel. This offers a more modern, intuitive alternative, making the management of your website an effortless task.


SiteGround’s value for money


Features StartUp GrowBig GoGeek
Price /mo ₱226.19 ₱379.26 ₱606.01
Renews at ₱1019.85/mo ₱1700.13/mo ₱2550.48/mo
SSD storage 10 GB 20 GB 40 GB
Traffic Unmetered Unmetered Unmetered
Monthly visits ~ 10,000 ~ 100,000 ~ 400,000
Free CDN Yes Yes Yes
See all features

* *All plans come with a 30-day money back guarantee.


SiteGround’s plans begin at a reasonable ₱226.19/month (they usually have huge introductory discounts that you can take advantage of); it’s not the lowest in the market, but the value they deliver justifies the price tag. Though, it’s worth noting that renewal prices do experience a significant hike, so it’s important to factor that into your budgeting considerations.


Given its position as a premium provider, SiteGround is particularly suited to websites with more resources at their disposal, such as business websites. Though they do offer a variety of plans to cater to a wide spectrum of users, from high traffic blogs to enterprise-level sites.


So, if your focus is on quality and you’re willing to invest a bit more for top-tier service, SiteGround is a hosting provider worth considering.


For a closer look, read our full SiteGround review.



World Speed Score



Choice Plus

Price (PHP)


Key Features

  • 40 GB SSD
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Automatic WordPress installation
  • Malware scanning

“Endorsed by WordPress, amazing value, paired with fast speeds - Bluehost is best for personal blogs!”


Shining bright on our list is Bluehost, a seasoned player in the web hosting arena. Established in 2003 and hailing from the United States, Bluehost has carved out a special niche for itself as the go-to hosting provider for personal blogs and first-time website owners. Its user-friendly interface and rich set of features make it a perfect starting point for beginners, while its seamless WordPress integration makes it an appealing choice for both novice and seasoned bloggers.


Bluehost’s data centers


While Bluehost doesn’t have a data center in or near the Philippines, it holds its own when it comes to speed. With just one main data center in the US, they still manage to deliver pretty fast speeds both globally and locally – right up there with the others on this list.


What’s more, they’ve got a neat little trick up their sleeve. Built directly into your account is a Content Delivery Network, or CDN for short. Need a speed boost? Just flick it on. So even if Bluehost’s data center isn’t in your backyard, you can still count on them for reliable and speedy service for your website, wherever your audience may be.


BlueHost’s features


Bluehost doesn’t just promise the moon, they deliver it – even to first-time website owners! With their hosting plans, you’re looking at generous bandwidth and a sweet 10GB of SSD storage for their most basic plan.


And if your budget has a little leg room, their Choice Plus plan comes with some neat extras. We’re talking a free SSL certificate to amp up your site’s security, and a free domain for the first year – a nice little bonus to help you get off the ground.


But that’s not all. Bluehost brings you built-in SEO services to boost your site’s visibility and a ready-to-use CDN for super-fast content delivery.


To top it all off, Bluehost’s unique Resource Protection feature is like having a bouncer for your site. It spots any websites hogging resources and temporarily moves them to a separate system. This ensures your site (and all others hosted with Bluehost) keeps performing at its best.


BlueHost’s value for money


Features Basic Choice Plus Online Store Pro
Price /mo ₱167.24 ₱308.96 ₱564.07 ₱790.83
Renews at ₱679.71/mo ₱1246.61/mo ₱1530.06/mo ₱1643.44/mo
SSD storage 10 GB 40 GB 40 GB 100 GB
Bandwidth Unmetered Unmetered Unmetered Unmetered
Websites 1 3 3 5
See all features

* *All plans come with a 30-day money back guarantee.


Think of it this way – for less than the price of your favorite frappe each month (we’re talking just P165.08!), you’re getting a fantastic deal with Bluehost. Especially if you’re just starting out with your blog or small online business, the bang for your buck here is pretty darn good.


Sure, the storage space they give might not be as roomy as what some other hosts might offer. And yes, when it’s time to renew, you’ll see the price do a bit of a jump. But remember, with all the freebies and features they toss in, Bluehost is definitely giving you some serious value. So, if you’re looking for a solid, affordable host for your WordPress site, Bluehost should be on your radar.


Browse through our articles for a comprehensive Bluehost review.



World Speed Score




Price (PHP)


Key Features

  • 30 GB SSD
  • 100 GB bandwidth
  • 50 email accounts
  • 10 subdomains
  • 10 mailing lists

“One of the best Philipino web host and ideal for individuals, small businesses and established companies as well.”


Wrapping up our list is a homegrown favorite, dotPH. As the official domain registry of the Philippines, dotPH offers a unique advantage for local businesses and websites targeting the Filipino audience. Founded in 1989, they have a deep understanding of the local market, its challenges, and its opportunities.


With a strong footing in our digital landscape, dotPH is indeed the optimal choice for businesses seeking a truly Pinoy hosting experience.


DotPH’s data centers


As a homegrown service, DotPH maintains its data centers right here in the Philippines. This allows them to provide faster loading times and lower latency for websites that primarily serve Filipino audiences. So if your target audience is primarily based in the Philippines, hosting your website with a service that has local data centers, like dotPH, can provide you with a distinct performance advantage.


DotPH’s features


DotPH impresses with its starter plan that packs in a punch. For just ₱363.74 a month, you get 30GB of disk space, up to 100GB bandwidth, 50 email accounts, 10 subdomains, and the ability to manage up to 10 mailing lists – all essential features that come together to create a perfect launching pad for your online venture.


And if your business needs more resources, fear not. DotPH also offers a Professional plan tailored for growing companies, and a Deluxe plan, geared towards established businesses with greater web hosting needs. Whichever stage you’re at, dotPH has a hosting solution that will serve you well.


The only complaint we have is that a free SSL is only offered in their Deluxe plan, which is quite a shame (especially since the other contenders on this list provide free SSLs in all their plans).


On a brighter note, dotPH does sell different kinds of SSL certificates on their website, and they give discounts depending on how long you’ll want them to manage your SSL for you. So, while the lack of free SSL in the lower-tier plans is disappointing, there are still options for securing your site with them.


DotPH’s value for money


Features Starter Professional Deluxe
Price /mo ₱368.49 ₱850.356 ₱1984.15
SSD storage 30 GB 60 GB 120 GB
Bandwidth 100 GB 200 GB 500 GB
Free SSL certificate No No Yes
Subdomains & Mailing lists 10 15 25
See all features

* *All plans come with a 30-day money back guarantee.


Alright, let’s be real here. DotPH might have you digging a bit deeper into your pockets compared to other options out there, especially if we’re pitting it against the likes of Hostinger. But, before you write it off, let’s remember what you’re getting in return.


The features? They’re more than just decent. They have tailored their services to serve a range of users, from beginners to established companies, with a focus on providing quality and value. They’ve got you covered from multiple email accounts, significant disk space, sufficient bandwidth, to subdomains and mailing lists.


In short, yes, dotPH does ask for a bit more of your budget. But they’re definitely not just taking your money and running. They’re delivering some good value with a feature set that can genuinely support your online needs.


Now, whether it’s the best value for you, that’s a decision you’ll have to make considering your specific needs and budget.


Visit dotPH official website for all the details.



What Are Data Centers and Why Do Their Locations Matter?


Data centers house servers that power websites, and their location directly impacts your site’s speed and performance.


When a data center is near your audience, data only needs to travel a short distance, so your website loads faster and interactions are smoother. This close proximity also ensures real-time services like video streaming work efficiently.


Data privacy is another factor, since different countries have different privacy laws. A data center in a country with stringent data privacy policies better protects your data. So in summary, the location of your data center affects your website’s speed, performance, and security.



Should I use a Filipino web host?


Whether or not you should use a Filipino web host depends on several factors:


  1. Location of your audience
    A local host will offer faster load times if most visitors to your site are from the Philippines or nearby. But for a global audience, an international host with multiple data center locations ensures quick load times worldwide.
  2. Customer support
    Filipino hosting providers can give support in the local language and can better understand the digital needs specific to the Philippines.
  3. Payment option
    A Filipino web host provides payment options more suited to local businesses, making transactions smoother while saving on conversion fees.
  4. Cost
    Local providers usually have higher prices due to the scale of operation. With that said, it’s essential to weigh the benefits against the costs.
  5. Features and quality
    Lastly, assess the features and service quality of the Filipino host as you would any other, considering factors like speed, reliability, security, and customer support.



What Features Are Important for Web Hosting Philippines?


The most important features for web hosting include:


  • Speed and performance
    Your website needs to be fast and dependable. Opt for a host that provides quick server speeds and consistent uptime to satisfy your visitors.
  • Storage and bandwidth
    Your website requires adequate storage for its content and enough bandwidth to accommodate visitor traffic smoothly.
  • Customer Support
    Accessible and efficient support is vital to ensure minimal downtime. Choose a host with 24/7 expert assistance.
  • Security
    Protecting your site is crucial. Your host should offer security measures like SSL certificates, firewalls, DDoS protection, and regular backups.
  • Scalability
    As your website expands, your hosting should too. Seek a host that allows for straightforward plan upgrades.
  • Ease of use
    Managing your hosting should be simple. A host with an intuitive control panel helps streamline website tasks.



What features are important for WordPress sites?


Crucial features for a WordPress site include:


  • One-click install
    This allows for quick and easy WordPress setup on your hosting, eliminating complex processes.
  • WordPress optimization
    To enhance your site’s speed and security, choose a host that offers SSD storage, CDN integration, and WordPress-centric caching.
  • Managed WordPress hosting
    This is specialized hosting for WordPress, where the provider handles technical aspects like updates, security, and backups for you.
  • WordPress expert support
    A dedicated support team with deep knowledge of WordPress ensures quicker problem resolution tailored to the platform.
  • Pre-installed themes and plugins
    Some hosts offer ready-to-use WordPress themes and plugins to jumpstart the design process.
  • Staging environment
    A space where you can safely test changes to your site without affecting the live version, ideal for trying out new themes or plugins.
  • Migration services
    If you’re moving your WordPress site to a new host, this service streamlines the process, ensuring a smooth transition.



Should I Use Cheap Web Hosting for My Websites?


The decision to use cheap web hosting for your website varies based on your specific needs.


For sites like personal blogs or new small websites, an affordable web host can be suitable. These hosts typically provide fundamental services such as storage, bandwidth, and security at a budget-friendly cost. However, it’s essential to ensure that a lower price doesn’t compromise the quality. Aim for hosts that offer a good balance between affordability and quality service.


On the other hand, growing websites or online businesses with high traffic would benefit from a more expensive premium host. These providers deliver advanced features like managed services, dedicated support, and enhanced performance, crucial for the success of larger sites.


In summary, the right web host should align with your needs and budget, ensuring optimal performance for your website’s specific requirements.


Which web host offers the best value for its price?


Hostinger offers the best value for its price in web hosting. Despite its affordable plans, Hostinger doesn’t compromise on essential features. They ensure fast loading speeds, reliable uptime, and data centers worldwide for a consistent user experience.


Their basic offerings come with must-haves like SSL certificates, email accounts, and ample bandwidth, paired with an intuitive control panel. Hostinger also offers 24/7 support and easy migration, catering to both newcomers and experienced users. Their support is particularly tailored to Filipino customers, simplifying any troubleshooting.


In a nutshell, Hostinger combines top-tier services with budget-friendly rates, making it a standout choice for value.



Web Host Philippines Suits Your Website Needs


Features Hostinger DreamHost Kinsta HostPapa SiteGround Bluehost dotPH
Hosting plan Premium Shared Starter Starter Start GrowBig Choice Plus Starter
SSD storage 100 GB 50 GB 10 GB 100 GB 20 GB 40 GB 30 GB
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unmetered Unmetered Unmetered Unmetered 100 GB
Free SSL Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Money-back guarantee 30 days 97 days 30 days 30 days 30 days 30 days 30 days
Starting price /mo ₱109 ₱146.83 ₱1653.46 ₱133.79 ₱379.26 ₱308.96 ₱368.49
See all features


Web hosting requires balancing speed and value. So while supporting local hosts is great, data center closeness to your audience and fast server response are key.


Non-negotiable website features include enough bandwidth, storage, affordable domains, and an easy control panel like cPanel.


Remember to get good value for your pesos too, considering both price and quality of services. Evaluate your options carefully to find the right fit for your requirements.




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