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7 Best Reseller Hosting Providers in 2024 (Cheap, Linux and Windows Reseller)

The best reseller web hosting providers offer users the opportunity to venture into the web hosting industry, or manage multiple websites with ease. This model enables you to acquire hosting resources from a provider, then redistribute or allocate them to your clients as required.

Among the various reseller hosting providers available, some stand out as the best in features, affordability, flexibility, scalability, white-label options, and client account handling. This article will share our top picks, and we’ll also explain what reseller hosting is, how to choose the best reseller hosting, and who reseller hosting is for.

We’ve spent years testing dozens of web hosts and writing reviews. After extensive testing and evaluation, TMDHosting emerged as our top pick.

best reseller hosting providers
tmdhosting web hosting reseller services

TMDHosting is a great choice for those venturing into the hosting reseller business. Your clients benefit from their high-performing CloudLinux servers, which ensure high availability and rapid content delivery for their websites. TMDHosting’s 6 data centers are spread across 4 continents and aid in delivering consistently high service quality across different geographies. Their SSD storage is provisioned with 6 layers of cache.

TMDHosting provides you with a WHM access where you can create, manage, and specify the cPanel resource use of each of your client accounts. TMDHosting also provides white-label hosting. This is an essential feature for resellers who prioritize building and maintaining their brand identity in the competitive web hosting market. Dive in our TMDHosting writeup for more insights on the brand.

Pros and Cons of TMDHosting Reseller Hosting

  • Generous storage and bandwidth
  • Supports an unlimited number of websites
  • Robust global infrastructure guarantees high performance
  • Provides a white-label option to enhance brand presence
  • 3 year subscription to unlock cheapest price
  • Significant price jump upon renewal
greengeeks web hosting reseller services

GreenGeeks is an eco-friendly web hosting provider that offers a compelling reseller hosting solution. With its commitment to sustainability, reliable performance, and reseller-focused features, GreenGeeks offers something a little different and combines environmental responsibility with business success.

GreenGeeks is a recognized leader in environmentally conscious hosting, as they offset three times the energy they consume through renewable energy credits.

But beyond that, resellers can easily manage your multiple clients’ accounts through GreenGeeks’ user-friendly control panel, with the necessary tools for account creation, resource allocation, and billing management. GreenGeeks also offers white-label options.

GreenGeeks is also known for its reliable performance. With a focus on speed and uptime, GreenGeeks utilizes cutting-edge technologies like SSD storage, advanced caching mechanisms, PHP8, caching, CDN, and a global network of data centers to deliver fast website loading speeds and optimal uptime. Get more information through our GreenGeeks review.

Pros and cons of GreenGeeks reseller hosting

  • Eco-friendly web hosting
  • Reseller-feature-rich hosting plans
  • Advanced security and reliability
  • High performance and fast speeds
  • Plans are comparatively pricey
  • Renews at the regular rate (a significant price hike)
a2hosting web hosting reseller services

A2 Hosting is a highly reputable hosting provider with a focus on performance, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Resellers get access to a comprehensive set of features and resources for you to build and manage their hosting businesses successfully.

One of the strengths of A2 Hosting in the context of reseller hosting is its exceptional performance. A2 Hosting utilizes advanced technologies such as SSD storage, high-performance servers, and a global network of data centers to deliver lightning-fast website loading speeds and optimal uptime.

Also, A2 Hosting offers a range of reseller-specific features, making it an ideal choice for anyone entering the hosting business. Resellers can create and manage multiple hosting accounts using A2 Hosting’s user-friendly control panel.

What’s more, A2 Hosting offers white-label options, allowing resellers to customize the hosting environment with their branding and company information. You’re also getting access to a knowledgeable and responsive support team available 24/7 via live chat, phone, and ticket system. Head over to our complete A2 Hosting review to learn more!

Pros and cons of A2 Hosting reseller hosting

  • Blazing speeds and high-performance infrastructure
  • Excellent customer support from A2 Hosting’s Guru Crew
  • Scalable reseller hosting plans
  • Automated billing software (WHMCS or Blesta)
  • Automated onsite backups
  • No unlimited storage in all plans
  • No unlimited data transfer in all plans
  • Comparatively pricier plans
liquid web web hosting reseller services

We think Liquid Web provides a powerful platform to grow your hosting business – with enterprise-grade infrastructure, state-of-the-art data centers, and reseller-focused features. Plus – it’s fantastically flexible.

You can easily manage your reseller business via Liquid Web’s user-friendly control panel. Additionally, Liquid Web offers flexible hosting types as part of its reseller program. Liquid Web allows you to create fully customizable packages, services, and add-ons, generate professional invoices, and even provide comprehensive customer support. Uncover the details of Liquid Web with the official website.

Pros and cons of Liquid Web reseller hosting

  • Premium and feature-rich reseller hosting plans
  • Reseller hosting plans cover varying hosting types
  • Advanced security and reliability
  • Excellent customer support
  • Limited data center locations (none in Asia)
  • Plans are comparatively pricey
siteground web hosting reseller services

SiteGround offers a comprehensive reseller hosting solution. With its solid reputation, exceptional performance, and reseller-focused features, you’re getting the important tools you need to succeed in the hosting business.

One of the standout features of SiteGround’s reseller hosting is its emphasis on reliability and performance. We’re talking advanced technologies like SSD storage, HTTP/2, SuperCacher, and even free CDN to deliver blazing-fast website loading speeds and optimal uptime. Not to mention – they make use of Google Cloud infrastructure.

SiteGround’s reseller hosting plans come with a host of reseller-specific features. You can easily manage multiple client accounts from a single dashboard for account creation, management, and resource allocation. They also provide white-label options; which means you can customize the hosting environment with your branding and logo, giving your hosting business a professional and personalized touch. Find out more in our in-depth SiteGround review!

Pros and cons of SiteGround reseller hosting

  • Reseller-friendly-feature plans
  • Top-notch customer support
  • Affordable reseller plans
  • Unlimited websites for all plans
  • Enhanced security features
  • No unlimited storage in all plans
  • The cheapest plan has no white-label feature
hostgator web hosting reseller services

With its comprehensive features, solid performance, and reseller-friendly tools, HostGator provides plenty of resources to help successfully manage and grow your hosting businesses.

We’re big fans of their user-friendly control panel to create and manage multiple client accounts. HostGator also provides customizable packages, allowing you to tailor your hosting plans according to your client’s needs.

In addition, HostGator offers white-label branding options, so resellers can customize the hosting environment with their company logo and branding. HostGator’s infrastructure is designed to ensure high availability and fast loading speeds for resellers’ websites and your clients. Learn more in our full review of HostGator.

Pros and cons of HostGator reseller hosting

  • Multiple support channels via phone/live chat/Twitter
  • Pricing plans are easily scalable
  • Resource and feature-rich plans
  • Free billing software (WHMCS)
  • Data centers are in the US only
  • Mixed reviews on customer support
inmotion hosting web hosting reseller services

InMotion Hosting offers very comprehensive reseller hosting solutions. From our first-hand experience, they’ve impressed us with their reliable performance, reseller-specific features, and feature-rich plans.

All users get access to their high-performance servers, SSD storage, and advanced tech stacks. Plus, you’re getting a range of reseller-specific features. You can easily manage your reseller account through InMotion Hosting’s user-friendly control panel and also make use of their white-label options. They even have an Easy Resell Domains feature to help you maximize your profits.

Customer support is another area where InMotion Hosting excels – offering 24/7/365 help via phone, chat, email, and more. Read more in our in-depth InMotion Hosting review!

Pros and cons of InMotion Hosting reseller hosting

  • Performance-oriented reseller hosting plans
  • Multiple support channels through phone, chat, email, and others
  • Competitive pricing for their feature-rich plans
  • High-grade commercial security
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Data centers are in the US only
  • US-based support only

What Is Reseller Web Hosting?

Reseller web hosting is a service where individuals or businesses purchase hosting resources from a provider to resell them to their own clients. The reseller serves as the intermediary that links the hosting provider with the end users. This type of web hosting is ideal for anyone looking to start their own web hosting business or add hosting services to their existing portfolio of products.

What Are The Types Of Reseller Web Hosting Available On The Market?

There are 4 types of reseller web hosting available on the market that business owners can choose from:

  1. Shared reseller hosting Shared reseller hosting involves the resale of hosting resources (such as disk space and bandwidth) from a shared server environment. This is a common and cost-effective form of reseller hosting that allows resellers to target customers with smaller budgets.
  2. VPS (Virtual private server) reseller hosting VPS reseller hosting involves the resale of a part of a VPS service wherein a single physical server is divided into multiple virtual servers through virtualization technology such as VMware or Hyper-V. Each virtual server operates independently. This allows resellers to target customers who require greater resources and reliability.
  3. Dedicated reseller hosting Dedicated Reseller Hosting involves the resale of the resources (CPU, RAM, bandwidth) of a dedicated server. This allows resellers to resell plans that provide the highest level of control and resources. It’s ideal for resellers targeting enterprise clients with large traffic.
  4. Cloud reseller hosting Cloud Reseller Hosting involves the resale of hosting plans that are built on a network of interconnected virtual servers known as the cloud. This is ideal for resellers targeting high traffic enterprise clients who require scalable hosting solutions.

What Reseller Hosting Features Do I Look Out For?

There are 3 reseller hosting features you need to look out for: 1) cPanel and WHM control panels (or equivalent); 2) WHMCS; and 3) White-label branding. These 3 features are important for easily managing multiple client accounts and keeping track of billing and payments. They also ensure you can build your reseller hosting brand over time. 

What Is the cPanel and WHM in Reseller Hosting?

cPanel and WHM (Web Host Manager) are two different control panel tools. cPanel is a user-friendly control panel for individual account holders to manage their websites, emails, and files. WHM is a separate powerful control panel designed for resellers and server administrators. It allows you to create and manage client accounts, customize hosting plans, allocate server resources, and set pricing tiers. cPanel caters to end-users for their account management. WHM gives you the ability to oversee and control multiple cPanel accounts and broader server settings. 

What Is the WHMCS in Reseller Hosting?

WHMCS (Web Host Manager Complete Solution) is an all-in-one client management, billing, and support solution for reseller hosting. It automates and streamlines the operations of a hosting business. This includes setting up and managing customer accounts and handling payment processes. It supports multiple currencies and payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, and Authorize.Net. WHMCS can automatically generate and send invoices, track payments, provide support ticketing, and manage customer communications. This frees you from time-consuming tasks so you can focus more on business development and customer care. 

What Is White-Labeling in Reseller Hosting?

White-labeling in reseller hosting allows you to brand the services you resell with your own logo and branding instead of using the original hosting provider’s branding. This approach lets resellers establish their own brand reputation. All services appear to come directly from them. This feature is an important part of establishing a unique presence in the hosting market which currently consists of over 126 million hosts according to NetValley. 

Is End User Customer Support Offered in Reseller Hosting?

No, end user customer support is not offered in reseller hosting. Reseller hosting providers offer customer support only to the resellers themselves and not to the end users of the reseller’s services. This arrangement means that you can rely on the hosting provider for support with backend issues but the responsibility of assisting your own customers falls entirely on you. 

Are There Reseller Hosting Plans That Offer Unlimited Perks?

Yes, there are reseller hosting plans that offer unlimited perks. These include unlimited client accounts, website migration, hosted domains, subdomains, SSL certificates, bandwidth, and databases. These features are ideal for resellers looking to offer expansive services without constraints. 

What Is The Cost Of The Best Reseller Web Hosting?

The cost of the best reseller hosting ranges from $20 to $100 per month, with options for shared, VPS, and cloud reseller hosting available within this price range. These come with essential features such as cPanel and WHM (or equivalent control panels), web hosting management and billing software like WHMCS or Blesta, white-label capabilities, SSD or NVMe disk space, and a domain names reseller account. 

Is Cheap Reseller Hosting Viable For Resellers?

Yes, cheap reseller hosting is viable for resellers, especially for those just starting out. Cheap reseller hosting refers to plans below $20 per month. These plans include essential features such as cPanel and WHM, WHMCS or Blesta, and white-label capabilities. Check our cheap reseller hosting shortlist for our brand recommendations. 

Can I Set My Own Prices With Reseller Web Hosting?

Yes, you can set your own prices with reseller web hosting. Most reseller hosting providers give you the freedom to make your own resale prices, so you can create a pricing strategy that aligns with your business goals and current market conditions. Some reseller hosting providers also let you customize hosting plans through the WHM panel. For instance, you can modify the allocated disk space and bandwidth and offer cheap packages with basic plans (5GB storage, 100GB bandwidth) for cost-conscious small businesses. You can also vary the number of hosted domains, email accounts, and database sizes to create tiered pricing structures 

What Is the Profit Margin for Reseller Hosting?

The profit margin for reseller hosting ranges from 15% to 50%. This margin varies based on factors such as the pricing strategy you adopt, the cost of the plans you purchase, and the value-added services you offer. Consider bundling additional website services with your hosting packages to increase your profit margin. These services can include website development, design, and marketing. 

What Makes The Best WordPress Reseller Hosting?

The best WordPress reseller hosting provides WordPress-specific features for optimal site performance and management. This includes WP acceleration via caching and optimized web servers. You also get WP staging for safe testing and updates and WP-CLI for efficient command-line site management. 

What Is Linux Reseller Hosting?

Linux reseller hosting is a type of reseller hosting plan that uses a Linux-based web server. This hosting model is popular for its stability and efficiency and includes features like cPanel for easy account management. It also includes Apache or Nginx as reliable web servers, MySQL or MariaDB for database management, and dependable PHP support. 

What Is Windows Reseller Hosting?

Windows reseller hosting is a type of reseller hosting plan that operates on a Windows-based web server. This hosting model is tailored for compatibility with various Windows-specific applications and features. Common features in the Windows hosting environment include the Plesk control panel, Internet Information Services (IIS) as the web server, and Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL) for database management. 

What Is The Difference Between Reseller Hosting And Shared Hosting?

The difference between reseller hosting and shared hosting lies in the type of customer intent they are targeting. Reseller hosting is targeted at businesses who wish to get into the web hosting industry by outsourcing their server infrastructure to third-party web hosts and reselling their plans. Reseller hosting therefore provides unique features like web hosting billing software and white-labeling capabilities. Shared hosting is instead targeted at individual website owners who simply want a cost-effective web host to get their site online. Shared hosting does not provide reselling or white-labeling features. 

Which Is The Best Reseller Web Hosting Provider?

The best reseller web hosting provider offers comprehensive features, user-friendly management tools, and reliable performance. TMDHosting is our #1 recommendation for reseller web hosting based on these criteria.

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