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SiteGround is a solid host with impressive features, excellent performance and consistently fast speeds. With 67% introductory price discounts, stellar service and proprietary features, SiteGround is a strong contender! Learn more.


SiteGround Review – The 9 Pros & 2 Cons (Detailed Results from 5 Test Sites across 4 Continents!)


Daren Low
May 26, 2024


Those of you familiar with Bitcatcha may notice that we talk pretty highly of SiteGround, and you know what?


You’re absolutely right.


If you ran as many tests and did as many comparisons for web hosting as us, you’d probably be fans too.



We’ve tested over 40 web hosts since Bitcatcha was formed, and SiteGround has consistently impressed us in terms of speed and value. It’s pretty awesome that they’ve risen to compete with industry giants, considering the company was founded by a few friends working out of their university dorm rooms in Bulgaria during 2004.


siteground website homepage


Today, SiteGround has data centers in 6 countries, services more than 2,800,000 domains worldwide and has over 500 (and growing) people under their employment.


They have amassed many accolades and various sites have sung praises about them, but I would say that their biggest recognition of achievement to date is to be affiliated and endorsed by WordPress. In their WordPress’s own words, SiteGround is “one of the biggest and brightest of the hosting world”.


But web hosting isn’t the only thing the founders of SiteGround are passionate about.


The people on top believe that happy employees lead to happy customers (I can attest to that – they’ve got excellent people handling their live chat), so they’re continuously striving to keep the workplace happy, and it shows – people love working for them, as evidenced by their rave reviews on Glassdoor.


It’s a company that’s equally passionate about their staff, products and customers!


What about the data? What’s the uptime like? How do they compare against the competition?!


Yes, we know what you’re here for – it’s time to get the proverbial ball rolling and talk about why SiteGround is an excellent web host!


9 Reasons Why SiteGround Is An Excellent Web Host!


1. SiteGround can load your site 4x faster!


If you’re new to web hosting, you need to understand this: speed is king.


According to “Google/SOASTA Research” on 2017, you’ll want your site to load under 1 second because the probability of users bouncing when site load speed takes 1 – 3 second is a whopping 32%.


Google has also mentioned that Core Web Vitals will soon be part of their ranking criteria. Basically, your pages will be ranked based on 3 aspects – Visual Stability, Loading, and Interactivity. Out of the 3, the latter 2 are highly dependent on speed!


SiteGround understands this very well and they’ve done their homework, using a slick combination of software and hardware to keep sites light and speedy!


1.1 Cutting edge hardware – SSD & hosted with Google Cloud


First up, SiteGround keeps their user’s web pages speed by using SSDs in all their servers. If you’re unfamiliar with SSDs, they’re basically hard drives that can deliver data really fast – up to 30% faster than regular HDDs.


They also had the foresight to move their PART of their infrastructure to the Google Cloud Platform.


Updated in August 2020: We have received confirmation that ALL their data centers are already on the Google Cloud Platform! This means that ALL of their users old or new will get to reap its benefits, such as:


  • Distributed Storage
    Your website data is stored on Google’s SSD Persistent Storage which has multiple redundancies.
    If the hosting server decides to fail (unlikely, but not impossible), SiteGround will be able to instantly create a virtual machine on another node in the cloud and attach the distributed storage volume to it, without losing time deploying backup restores.
  • Faster Network, Faster Sites
    Google is the benchmark when it comes to site load speed. By leveraging Google Cloud’s infrastructure, sites hosted with SiteGround will be able to load quicker and snappier!


Fun Fact

SiteGround is actually Green Web Hosting, and the employees constantly carrying out activities and looking for ways to keep the planet healthy!


1.2 Enhanced software for speed – Cloudflare, PHP, SuperCacher


SiteGround uses strategic software deployments to ensure that site load speeds stay snappy and quick, all the time at all the places.


Cloudflare is utilized to improve content delivery to users all over the world. They’ve got the largest number of connections (over 100) to internet exchange points worldwide. When a user visits your website, the data is drawn from the closest exchange point to them, resulting in buttery smooth content delivery, and very quick loading speeds!


Your visitors are happier, and you’ll rank better on Google. A win-win situation for everyone!


They’ve also optimized their caching systems with their very own SuperCacher!


SiteGround SuperCacher


It offers 3 types of caching systems, which are Static Cache, Memcache, and Dynamic Cache, enabling your site to handle up to a freakin’ 100x more hits and boosts its loading speed by up to 4x faster!


What this does is that it stores data in the system’s RAM, allowing them to access the requested information in a quicker way and sending that information to screens using the most efficient route possible.


If the previous paragraph is completely lost on you, don’t worry about it – all you need to know is that this can improve your speed by up to 40%.


Last but not least, they keep all their software up to date.


How does this affect speed?


Outdated software runs the risk of being incompatible with their freshly updated peers, causing unnecessary slowdowns, and issues and premature obsoleteness. By keeping everything updated, SiteGround keeps everything running like clockwork, helping servers run faster!



2. Quick server response times all over the world!


Server response time is literally a measure of how much time a server takes to respond to a request before it starts delivering content to screens. A good server response time should keep up with the aforementioned Web Vital Metrics.


We used our proprietary Server Speed Checker (the one and only speed checker in the world as of this date #shamelessplug) to check our test site’s server response time.


US (W) US (E) London Singapore São Paulo
56 ms 3 ms 98 ms 229 ms 138 ms

Bangalore Sydney Japan Canada Germany
307 ms 222 ms 141 ms 1 ms 103 ms

SiteGround Cloud – US data center
Average Speed: 129.8 ms – See full result


Looking at the chart, it’s very clear that the countries closest to the server’s location (US West, US East, London, São Paulo, Canada, Germany) reaped the most benefits, while Australia and the Asian countries were slightly slower.


With a worldwide average of 129.8 ms, SiteGround Cloud performed well beyond our expectations! Just make sure to pick the datacenter closest to your target market for maximum impact.


How about the speed for their signature shared hosting options?


We’ve got your back.


We’ve created test sites on their Singapore, US, London and Sydney data centers as well, so you can monitor and check out their performances for yourselves.



We’d like to reiterate that the following server speed tests were performed on test sites hosted on SiteGround’s shared hosting plan.


SiteGround Singapore Data Center


US (W) US (E) London Singapore São Paulo
211 ms 215 ms 180 ms 3 ms 351 ms

Bangalore Sydney Japan Canada Germany
66 ms 95 ms 70 ms 240 ms 168 ms

Average Speed: 159.9 ms


This Singapore data center tested very well globally at 159.9 ms, being especially speedy around the Asian region. They’re a little slower in the US (211 ms from the West and 215 ms from the East) but are still considerably fast!


SiteGround US Data Center


US (W) US (E) London Singapore São Paulo
68 ms 33 ms 96 ms 233 ms 181 ms

Bangalore Sydney Japan Canada Germany
243 ms 203 ms 165 ms 29 ms 118 ms

Average Speed: 136.9 ms


Businesses targeting audiences from US and Canada will be more than happy with the US data center’s excellent speeds! 68 ms from US West, 33 ms from US East, and a whiplash inducing 29 ms in Canada. It’s also the fastest data center with a global average of 136.9 ms!


SiteGround London Data Center


US (W) US (E) London Singapore São Paulo
138 ms 86 ms 4 ms 179 ms 212 ms

Bangalore Sydney Japan Canada Germany
292 ms 250 ms 223 ms 87 ms 16 ms

Average Speed: 148.7 ms


Made to cater to European markets, SiteGround’s London data center ain’t no slowpoke with a global average of 148.7ms! They’re obviously fast in London with 4 ms so users around the region will get to enjoy quick loading sites with them.


SiteGround Sydney Data Center


US (W) US (E) London Singapore São Paulo
158 ms 233 ms 295 ms 94 ms 330 ms

Bangalore Sydney Japan Canada Germany
192 ms 3 ms 135 ms 238 ms 290 ms

Average Speed: 196.8 ms


Last but definitely not least, we’re looking at SiteGround’s newest data center, all the way down south in Sydney. Built to ensure Aussies get their fair share of speed, the servers certainly do their job really well with blink-and-you’ll-miss-it speeds in Australia and the surrounding region – 3 ms in Sydney.


They’re also quite fast in Singapore at 94ms! They’ve got the slowest global speed out of all their data centers averaging at 196.8ms, but that’s still plenty fast!



3. Unfailing Uptime since 2014


With SiteGround, we’re guaranteed a 99.99% uptime.


We’ve been tracking SiteGround’s uptime since 2014 to put that guarantee to the test, using UptimeRobot to check on our test sites every 5 minutes (with self-updating counters, see below). Up till today, SiteGround hasn’t failed us yet!


Uptime since 14 December 2016


* SiteGround Cloud Hosting - US Datacenter


Uptime since 1 June 2020


* SiteGround Shared Hosting - Singapore Datacenter


Uptime since 21 June 2020


* SiteGround Shared Hosting - US Datacenter


Uptime since 12 December 2020


SiteGround Shared Hosting - London Datacenter


Uptime since 13 July 2020


* SiteGround Shared Hosting - Sydney Datacenter


Now, if you don’t want to get into SiteGround’s technical wizardry, you can skip to #4: SiteGround as managed WordPress host. However, If you’re keen on finding out how they’re able to get these sorts of results, here’s what we found out:


SiteGround uses their own technology and handcrafted solutions to predict, avoid and reduce downtimes, such as:


  • Using Linux Containers
    SiteGround built their existing platform using the highly resource efficient Linux Containers Technology (LXC), which is stable as a rock even during unexpected traffic surges.
  • Using their own Pro-Active Server Monitoring system
    The ingenious head honchos at SiteGround had the DevOps team created an in-house server monitoring system, which not only detects and fixes current issues, but has the ability to foresee future complications and take measures to avoid them.
  • Anti-Bot AI
    To tackle brute force attacks by bots, the talented DevOps team created an Artificial Intelligence solution which is so effective, it stops between 500,000 to 2,000,000 brute force attacks per hour across ALL of their servers, just to protect your sites and data.
  • Using Secure Account Isolation Technology
    Where most web hosting companies see impossibility, SiteGround sees opportunity. They found a way to effectively isolate CHROOT accounts on shared servers (something that other web hosts thought was futile), so that each account works only in their instance, increasing server stability.



* SiteGround is fast, secured, and user-friendly!



4. SiteGround Is A Managed WordPress Host

SiteGround recommended by WordPress


As mentioned in the intro, SiteGround is one of WordPress’s highly recommended managed web hosts. This award isn’t easy to come by; they had to get through thousands of support, security, and speed tests to earn that recognition.


With that recognition comes certain privileges that other hosts are not privy to, such as:


  • Exclusive WordPress Support
    SiteGround’s WordPress specialists will assist you with whatever problems you might have. They’ll take care of the technical bits.
  • WP-CLI Enabled
    This allows you to manage your WordPress sites using command prompt. Site upgrades can be performed, backups can be run, new posts can be published and most regular administrative actions can be done with just a set of commands.
  • 1-Click Staging
    Sectioned site updates can seem unprofessional. The ability to completely update the entire site with just 1-click is priceless to us.
  • Git Enabled
    You can use the git platform of your choice, allowing you to work with different coders. The convenience of this feature is the reason why people are looking specifically for Managed WordPress hosts!
  • Auto Updates
    SiteGround automatically updates the software it uses to keep up to date with the latest and greatest in data delivery, so you never have to worry about speed or security issues!



5. Customer Support That Works (24/7 Phone Support Available!)


Great customer support is a testament to a web hosts’ credibility, and SiteGround’s support team certainly exceeds expectations.


The team is extremely capable and very well prepared to handle even the most complex issues. They’re required to undergo a training boot camp, and they’re given frequent feedback and evaluation on their work in order to keep them on top of their game.


Let’s have a look at what their customer service has to offer.


  • 24/7 Live Chat, Phone Support, and Tickets
    The live chat feature is what we use the most. Anytime we encounter a problem, we check with their live chat team first. The wait is never long, and our problems are usually resolved very quickly.
    They’re trained to be as friendly as possible, to resolve 90% of issues upon first contact, and they aim for 100% customer satisfaction rate.


    siteground has excellent live chat support


    If live chat doesn’t work or if you just prefer to talk over the phone, just give em a call. You’ll never have to wait longer than 5 minutes to connect to someone, and then you’ll get a reply within 10 minutes of issuing a ticket.

  • 30 Day Priority Support
    With SiteGround’s GrowBig plan and above, you get access to their 30-day priority support, where their speedy Priority Support team helps sort out whatever issues you may have. Tickets will get replied within minutes (as opposed to hours).


    If you give them permission, they can even access your system and help you remotely!

  • Knowledge Based Articles
    To help assist you with any issues you may encounter, SiteGround’s excellent support team has written thousands of knowledge based articles. You can access these articles at their knowledge base.


Our experience with SiteGround’s customer support has always been pleasant and effective. We have never finished a live chat session unhappy or with a problem unsolved!



6. FREE Daily Backup (30 Days Shared / 7 Days Cloud)


SiteGround’s Cloud and shared hosting options come with daily backup, so you won’t have to worry about starting from scratch due to loss of data.


The daily backups are done automatically, so we can go along our business without having to spend time backing up the data ourselves.


siteground offers free daily backup with easy restoration


With their shared hosting, you’ll enjoy data backup for the past 30 days. If you want to revert to a change you made 23 days ago, you can easily do so within a few minutes via Site Tools.


Backing up data from a cloud hosting account is considerably more difficult, with many web hosts completely foregoing the service. SiteGround bravely offers account-rewind up to 7 days. To us, that’s pretty damn impressive!


The daily backups can be used as an option for disaster recovery as well, and the restoring process is absolutely free of charge!


If you submit a ticket, they’ll help you sort things out and your site should be restored within 15 minutes if there are no drastic complications.



7. User-Friendly Custom Dashboard – Site Tools!


We don’t like change.


As a matter of fact, I find that most people don’t deal well with change.


So when we heard that SiteGround was getting rid of cPanel and replacing it with their own custom Site Tools, we freaked out a little, not gonna lie.


Turns out, we freaked out for nothing because it so happens that we LOVE Site Tools.


One of the biggest problems when it comes to interface design is that more features create more confusion, which defeats the purpose of creating these tools in the first place.


Site Tools solves this problem by designing the interface with efficiency in mind – they wanted to make it faster to find and do whatever you need.


Right off the bat, you’ll see that Site Tools implements the commonly used side panel on the left. This allows users to easily access and navigate all the features that Site Tools has to offer (as opposed to cPanel where you actually need to know what you’re doing).


siteground has custom control panel site tools


Installing WordPress is a breeze with this interface. Head on to DashBoard, WordPress, Install and Manage, then follow the on screen instructions.


siteground site tool made wordpress installation easy


Other important features like setting up email accounts are easily done too with Site Tools. Head on over to the email tab and you’ll find everything you need to set up a new email, no fuss no trouble.


siteground site tool allows email account setup in a few clicks


Users that already know what they’re doing and know exactly what they’re looking for will appreciate the ability to pin certain functions at the top of Site Tools for quick access. This makes it even faster and easier for you to do what you want to do, without the hassle in navigating through menus!


siteground site tool allows pinning frequent used functions


The team at SiteGround has designed their interface so that you can do whatever you need to do in 3 clicks or less. They’ve also made sure that most things that can be done in cPanel can be more efficiently achieved in Site Tools.


Honestly, after using Site Tools, I find myself not missing cPanel at all!



8. 6 Datacenters in 4 Continents


SiteGround has 6 state-of-the-art datacenters around the world, namely in Iowa (US), London (UK), Eemshaven (NL), Frankfurt (DE), Singapore (SG), and Sydney (AU).


Naturally, countries that are closer to the datacenters get to enjoy SiteGround’s speed in all its glory.


You can check out which datacenter is closest to your target customers over here.


siteground has 6 data centers in 4 continents


However, what if your target demographic is situated in a country without any data centers, such as India or Canada?


Theoretically, your customers would have a less than ideal experience, dealing with slow response times, which isn’t good for business.


But, don’t fret.


SiteGround is still extremely fast in countries without data centers, as proven in our detailed server speed test results.


For example, look up point #2 earlier in this article and check out the response time from Canada – a rocking 29 ms with the server located all the way in the USA!


Results pinged from countries like India (66 ms) and Japan (70 ms) also tested well, proving that SiteGround’s speed is consistently quick across the globe. In other words, SiteGround is fast EVERYWHERE.


All you have to do is select the server closest to your region, and let SiteGround do its job.


Remember, that they’ve got 6 excellent data centers spread across 4 continents.


Just make sure to pick a data center that is nearest to your target customers!



9. SiteGround’s Introductory Price @ 73% Off


SiteGround is a web host that takes pride in their service and quality, and they are known for many things… However, discounts and price cuts aren’t one of them.


Even during Black Friday, SiteGround doesn’t offer much in terms of discounts.


This is why we think that their introductory price with 73% off is an amazing deal, considering the services you’ll enjoy.


siteground web hosting pricing with 73% discount


If you’re serious about hosting your website with SiteGround, we recommend subscribing for 3 years to optimize their introductory price, maximizing your savings.


After all, if you’re not happy with their service for any reason whatsoever, you’re allowed to cancel your subscription and get your money back within 30 days, so it’s totally risk free!



* Price includes free SSL and free Cloudflare.


Now that’ve we’ve gone through that comprehensive list of SiteGround’s pro’s, I think it’s only fair that we have a look at…



SiteGround Disadvantages


1. Limited Resources


As amazing as SiteGround’s features and services are, the web host isn’t without its drawbacks. For example, their shared hosting options are limited so you’ll only get a certain amount of SSD space for the plan you signed up for, such as:


  • 10GB for StartUp plan
  • 20GB for GrowBig plan
  • 40GB for GoGeek plan


If you require more resources, you have no choice but to upgrade to the next tier.



2. Higher Price for Renewal


You may get to enjoy 73% off the price tag as a new user but once your subscription ends, you’re going to have to fork out the full price (Starting from $19.99 to $44.99 per month) to renew your contract, which obviously offends most people.


Furthermore, SiteGround made the unpopular decision to raise their prices recently after moving to the Google Cloud Platform, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad thing.


It shows that SiteGround is dedicated to delivering good value and experiences to their customers, but unfortunately, speed and resources don’t come free.


As web builders ourselves, we feel that it’s really quite unfortunate that SiteGround increased their prices so much. We felt that their prices were slightly on the high side before, but with this price revision they’ve put themselves in the premium category!


However, as purveyors of web hosting services, we have to say that this price increase is a necessary move. SiteGround is just doing what any self-respecting company should be doing – looking for ways to constantly improve themselves.


If the cost of improvement is price, then so be it. At least they’re providing the kind of value they WANT to provide for their customers.


If you want to enjoy more savings, it’s advisable to max out the subscription term as a new user, so you won’t have to pay the renewal prices so soon!



SiteGround’s Plans & Features


SiteGround has plans to cater for all users, from small businesses to enterprise clients. Let’s have a look at what they have.


1. Shared Hosting



Disk Space

No. of Site

Suitable for
10k Visits
100k Visits
400k Visits

Price /mo*

* Get upto 73% discount by signing up for their 36-month plans.



2. Cloud Hosting


SiteGround’s Cloud hosting option is an ultra-fast fully managed service that comes with 24/7 VIP support. If you’re in the market for cloud hosting, their plans range from $100 – $400 a month.



3. Dedicated, Reseller & Enterprise Hosting


Updated in August 2020: SiteGround has stopped offering dedicated hosting.


You’ll also get to enjoy reseller hosting or enterprise hosting if those are more up your alley. The plans don’t come cheap but it comes with exclusive benefits you can’t get anywhere else. Basically, you get what you pay for!


Although SiteGround offers a wide range of hosting options for different purposes, we personally feel that their shared hosting option is good enough for 85% of the websites.



* Price includes free SSL and free Cloudflare.
** 30-day money back guarantee.



How Does SiteGround Hold Up Against The Competitions?


SiteGround VS Hostinger


hostinger homepage


We were quite curious to find out how SiteGround would fare against Hostinger when it comes to server response times, so we pitted their test sites from US, Europe and Singapore against each other.


Check out the results below.


SiteGround GrowBig
Hostinger Premium

Server Location

US (W)
68 ms
75 ms

US (E)
33 ms
21 ms

96 ms
92 ms

233 ms
244 ms

São Paulo
181 ms
136 ms

243 ms
211 ms

203 ms
265 ms

165 ms
172 ms

29 ms
37 ms

118 ms
107 ms

Worldwide Average
136.9 ms
136 ms

* SiteGround GrowBig VS Hostinger Premium Shared (Both websites hosted in the US)


Look at that beautiful comparison. SiteGround and Hostinger’s response times from their US data center are neck and neck, with SiteGround gaining a slight advantage from some countries, resulting in an global average of 136.9 ms.


However, we’ve got to note that at 136 ms, Hostinger’s US data centers are nothing to scoff at!


SiteGround GoGeek
Hostinger Premium

Server Location

US (W)
138 ms
143 ms

US (E)
86 ms
83 ms

4 ms
9 ms

179 ms
239 ms

São Paulo
212 ms
194 ms

292 ms
118 ms

250 ms
267 ms

223 ms
262 ms

87 ms
88 ms

16 ms
10 ms

Worldwide Average
148.7 ms
141.3 ms

* SiteGround GoGeek VS Hostinger Premium Shared (both websites hosted in Europe)


SiteGround takes the lead with their London data center, besting Hostinger in most countries except for Germany, Bangalore and São Paulo. With a global average of 148.7 ms vs Hostinger’s 141.3 ms, SiteGround’s London data center wins with a slight margin here.


SiteGround GrowBig
Hostinger Premium

Server Location

US (W)
211 ms
179 ms

US (E)
215 ms
250 ms

180 ms
216 ms

3 ms
3 ms

São Paulo
351 ms
347 ms

66 ms
58 ms

95 ms
93 ms

70 ms
78 ms

240 ms
248 ms

168 ms
117 ms

Worldwide Average
159.9 ms
168.9 ms

* SiteGround GrowBig VS Hostinger Premium Shared (both websites hosted in Singapore)


Looking at their Singapore data centers, SiteGround seems to perform better in most countries as well, except for Germany, Bangalore, São Paulo and US West. Hostinger failed to catch up to them with a global average of 168.9 ms vs SiteGround’s 159.9 ms.


From all the tests performed, it’s quite clear that SiteGround consistently came out on top, although not by much.


This is probably due to SiteGround’s implementation of their SuperCacher, speed enhancing software, unique server setups, and hosting their infrastructure with Google Cloud. However, we’ll need to keep in mind that Hostinger put up quite a fair fight, trailing just slightly behind at a much lower introductory price.


With both companies providing exceptional value in different ways, the biggest factor between these 2 giants would be their support, and even then, they’re both equally good in their own ways.



SiteGround VS Kinsta as Managed WordPress Hosting


kinsta homepage


We’re pitting SiteGround against Kinsta because the latter are Managed WordPress specialists, yet the former is one of the WordPress recommended hosts. Interesting innit?


Let’s find out why.


To do this properly, we first need to select the plans with similar price ranges so that we’ll be making a fair comparison. We’ll be looking at SiteGround’s GrowBig plan, which is regularly priced at $24.99/mo, against Kinsta’s Starter plan, priced at $35/mo, as they’re the closest to each other.


  • Resource & Feature
    Kinsta offers 10GB of storage space with only 1 WordPress install, while SiteGround offers DOUBLE that with 20GB storage and unlimited installs. They both offer CDN plans but while SiteGround uses Cloudflare’s free plan (which is quite decent), Kinsta ups the ante with premium KeyCDN (which is much better) with free site migrations and 2 PHP workers per site – while SiteGround doesn’t disclose how many they have.
  • Data Center
    SiteGround has 6 data centers across 4 continents, while Kinsta has a whopping 24 over 5 continents. Obviously, Kinsta has the upper hand here, but as proven earlier, SiteGround is fast pretty much everywhere.
  • Free Email Accounts
    SiteGround is an all-in-one provider, which means they’ll obviously be providing you with free email account accounts – unlimited ones at that. Kinsta however, chooses to let paid professional email services like G-Suite or Office 365 handle their client’s email needs.
  • Support Availability
    We love that Kinsta provides excellent support from their outstanding team of WordPress experts, but SiteGround’s support team is also quite impressive and they provide something Kinsta doesn’t – phone support.
  • Pricing & Value
    You might experience better value with SiteGround as their introductory prices will only set you back $9.99 a month (at a renewal of $24.99 a month) while Kinsta’s prices are a fixed $35 a month.
    Do keep in mind though, that Kinsta doesn’t come with free emails so you’re gonna need to be prepared to fork out more for those services.


Both are fantastic providers, and they each have their fair share of pros & cons.


Kinsta is made to cater for specialised needs, such as high performance WordPress sites or massive e-commerce businesses running WooCommerce.


SiteGround is tailored for professional micro-businesses to enterprise level behemoths, with all sorts of functionalities available, while being an amazing WordPress host!



Verdict: SiteGround Is Highly Recommended!


When you’ve done as much testing as we have – it’s clear that SiteGround is definitely one of the strongest web hosts on the market.


Speed is the most important thing to us because it directly correlates to sales, and SiteGround has done nothing but impress.


They’ve created tools and optimised their servers to increase server response times and decrease loading speed.


Thanks to their features like the Supercacher (which can increase loading speeds by 40%), PHP7 implementation and moving their infrastructure to the Google Cloud Platform, they’re able to efficiently deliver data to screens across the globe.


Their support team is top of its class, and they work very well with WordPress as a managed WordPress host.


In, SiteGround ranks highly in our long list of reviewed hosts, and is one of the better hosts across several countries like India, Singapore, and Australia, to name a few.


You won’t have to worry about a thing when you host with SiteGround. Just pick a hosting location closest to your target market, and let them handle the rest.


With our substantial experience with SiteGround (5 test sites, remember?) and numerous interactions with their support, we can confidently say that you can’t go wrong hosting with SiteGround. We highly recommend them, especially for those of you serious about your website!


Key Features

  • ✓ Excellent Speed
  • ✓ Sufficient Resources
  • ✓ 99.9% Uptime Guar.
  • ✓ cPanel & SSH Access
  • ✓ Free Daily Backup
  • ✓ Git & 1-click Staging
  • ✓ Server In 4 Continents
  • ✓ Premium Support

Recommended For

  • • WooCommerce
  • • Magento, PrestaShop
  • • WordPress
  • • Joomla, Drupal
  • • Small-large Website
  • • Business Website



* Price includes free SSL and free Cloudflare.
** 30-day money back guarantee.





Overall Uptime


Overall Rating

rated 5 out of 5rated 5 out of 5rated 5 out of 5rated 5 out of 5rated 5 out of 5

Response Time

US (W) London Japan
56 ms 98 ms 141 ms

View Full Speed Report





  • • Extremely fast
  • • Google Cloud Platform

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