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We are pleased today to welcome Vinny Paskiewicz, owner of Vinny has agreed to share his experience with popular website hosting company, HostGator, so you may determine if this is the right choice for your needs.



Hi Vinny! Can you tell us a bit about yourself and what you do?


As far as the Internet, I run a gaming forum and perform my own site maintenance. Although I’m retired now, I used to be a LAN Specialist and Accounting Manager.



I understand you have had HostGator’s Business plan for over four years now. Can you tell us more about what you do with your web hosting?


Right now I host just one site with HostGator. My Gaming Forum site features an arcade as the main feature. We have over 25,000 games with no duplicates. I’m not making a living from it; I originally created it so my nieces had a safe place to game on the Internet, it just took off from there.


"We have over 25,000 games with no duplicates."


At the moment there are 480 active registered user. This number is true as we remove stale members on a monthly basis.



Can you tell us what made you choose HostGator in the first place?


I wasn’t happy with my previous host, so I did research in finding a highly rated host to transfer my site to. It was extremely easy to do the transfer and the propagating time was much lower than expected.



So often companies offer a low price to get customer signed up, then their service lags. Does HostGator live up to the expectations they set when you first purchased your hosting package?


Yes, they are really impressive. The uptime and customer service are second to none.


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HostGator offers “unlimited” hosting. With your gaming forum and lots of users, you might be pushing the limits of unlimited bandwidth and disk space. Have you ever reached the limit and been asked to upgrade your plan?


At one point I was ‘hogging’ bandwidth inadvertently…I was not asked to upgrade my plan, instead was asked to optimize. HostGator sent me an e-mail with easy optimization instructions.


That’s refreshing to know there’s a company that doesn’t just automatically charge your account for excessive usage.


"…doesn’t just automatically charge your account for excessive usage."



A website hosting company is only as good as its support system. Vinny, have you had occasion to contact customer support?


Yes, once when I received a database error while in my ACP. It was resolved immediately as they ran a database update that cleared the issue. The support rep was knowledgeable and professional.


"The support rep was knowledgeable and professional."



Your answers are very insightful, Vinny, and a big help to others who might be considering using HostGator for their websites. Do you have any words of advice to others seeking a new website hosting company?


HostGator is a very reliable inexpensive host for transferring or starting a new website. Using them as a host is easy and fast. Uptime and customer service are fantastic.



Thank you for taking the time to share your HostGator experience with us. We wish the greatest success with Gaming Forum and any other sites you create in the future. Readers – if you are gaming enthusiasts, you may want to check out and tell your friends to join you there!


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