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We welcome Tom Watts, web designer and SEO specialist. Tom has long recommended Web Hosting Hub to his clients based on this web host’s speedy hosting and the value it represents. Here is his experience with Web Hosting Hub.



How about a little background about yourself?


Hi, I’m Tom and I’m a web designer and SEO specialist from Calgary (Canada). I’m originally from England but moved to Calgary a couple of years ago. I was an accountant, but two years ago decided to take up web design and SEO. I’m a self-confessed nerd, but I love it. I started my own company, Bambu SEO Services, almost a year ago and have never looked back.



Good for you! Now, tell us about your website and how you use Web Hosting Hub for hosting.


I have about 30 of my own websites across various hosting services. This specific hosting provider is the one I recommend to my clients and I leave the responsibility and control over it in their hands. I don’t like my clients feeling like they’re not in control, nor do I want to hold them ransom if something goes wrong or they want a change. I feel that there’s a negative stigma around web service providers and I want my clients to know I’m not going to screw them over.



I’m sure a lot of your clients use WordPress as the CMS for their sites and Web Hosting Hub maintains that you can install it in one click. So, just how easy is it to set up a WordPress site using Web Hosting Hub?


Extremely easy, just a few clicks to get your WordPress site up and running – so easy in fact that I could get my clients to do it for me.


"Extremely easy, just a few clicks to get your WordPress site up and running…"



It’s good to know that anyone can get their own WordPress site created – but the design part is harder, and that’s what they have you for! Outside of being easy-to-use, what are Web Hosting Hub’s best features?


The host has very fast servers with good uptimes. Like I said, I’ve used a lot of other providers and haven’t found any others that can provide the same speed and stability.



Security is a big issue these days. What are Web Hosting Hub’s backup (or security) features?


All of the sites I design are built on WordPress, and I use WordPress plugins for backing the sites up as well as providing security. I feel like a lot of hosts upsell security and backup services like they are an absolute necessity to buy through them, when in fact there are just as good free services available through WordPress itself. I find a lot of website hosts spam your email offering these kinds of services, but I don’t remember specifically seeing any from Web Hosting Hub.



Going along with these concerns is the focus on data breaches. Do you feel that the data you store on Web Hosting Hub’s servers for your clients is relatively safe?


I do. I have had security issues with other providers. Not necessarily attacks on my site but on the host’s servers as a whole. I have never experienced this with Web Hosting Hub.



How is Web Hosting Hub’s uptime and speed?


I’ve never had an issue with downtime; I’m very happy with their uptime rates.


As far as speed, Web Hosting Hub provides SSD servers with all their hosting plans. This means that the drives read and write at faster speeds than hard drives on traditional servers. That also means that a website’s content is delivered to the user more quickly.


"…the drives read and write at faster speeds than hard drives on traditional servers."



What about the price? Web Hosting Hub is not considered cheap nor expensive hosting, but somewhere in the middle of the road. Is it worth the price?


There are definitely cheaper hosting services out there, but Web Hosting Hub is still a good value for the money, especially when you use it for a commercial website that needs good uptime, reliability and page loading speed.


"…Web Hosting Hub is still a good value for the money"



Would you recommend this host to other web designers? Why or why not?


I definitely would. A lot of web hosts offer very similar services, but I feel Web Hosting Hub combines the best performance, uptime and price for my clients.


"…Web Hosting Hub combines the best performance, uptime and price for my clients."


They offer a full 90-day satisfaction guarantee but I’ve never had a client take them on up that. All of my clients have been extremely satisfied with the hosting from Web Hosting Hub.



Thank you, Tom, for letting us know how much you count on Web Hosting Hub to provide reliable and speedy hosting for your clients’ websites.


To learn more about the host, please read our editor’s Web Hosting Hub review.


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