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Tim Sherfy has been taking advantage of Web Hosting Hub’s unlimited websites plan for over three years. As he has hosted a couple of sites for several years with them, as well as spinning up and taking down various other sites over that time period, we felt he’d be an excellent source to tell us about his experience with this host.



Hi Tim! Tell us a little about yourself and your background.


I’ve spent over twenty-five years in management and leadership positions in both the retail and information technology sectors. I left the corporate world a year and a half ago to start my own career coaching business and to pursue my writing passion. My favorite aspect of management was developing other people which led me to start the coaching business, and I’ve been writing since before I can remember but had never taken the time to see where I could take that aspect of my career.


Coaching is very rewarding because I get to help other people clarify and pursue their dreams. Writing is a tremendous outlet for me to share the personal development, leadership, and life lessons I have learned over the years.


My wife and I live in the Indianapolis area with our two furry and four legged kids – twin Shetland Sheepdogs who are nine years old.



How long have you been with Web Hosting Hub, and what types of sites do you host with them?


I have been with Web Hosting Hub for almost three years, and currently host two sites with them; they are both on a shared server. I run my coaching site at storiedinteractions.com, and a personal blog at evenifiwalkalone.com. All the sites are built on WordPress, as I find it very powerful to extend via plugins, as well as being simple for clients to update their content even if they don’t have a technical background.


"…currently host two sites with them; they are both on a shared server."



How did you learn about Web Hosting Hub, and why did you ultimately decide to host with them?


My previous host had become unreliable and didn’t possess much knowledge around WordPress. As I searched for new hosts that specialized in WordPress, I came across a couple of glowing reviews for Web Hosting Hub. They also offered unlimited websites for one low price which was appealing to me since I’m always spinning up new ideas. One thing that really impressed me was what I read about the customer support at Web Hosting Hub. When I contacted their pre-sales department, they were very quick to respond to the chat, friendly, and laid back. They also took the time to explain their different hosting plans and to answer all my questions.


"They also offered unlimited websites for one low price…"



Talk about an aspect where you think Web Hosting Hub could do better.


When I first began hosting with them and logged on to chat with support, there was virtually no waiting. I was stunned at how quickly they responded and how it seemed like I was getting one on one service, as opposed to the call center feel that is prevalent across the web. Over the past year, I’ve noticed the chat support has been queueing more and wait times have increased. I also get the feeling the agents are juggling multiple clients at once.



How about backups and overall security? Do you feel like your sites and data are well protected?


Automated backups cost an additional $1 every month. They keep the two most recent backups on hand in case of disaster. Their servers include suPHP encryption, custom APF Firewalls, and multiple virus and malware prevention suites. I feel their servers are very secure and none of the sites I’ve hosted have been hacked.


"I feel their servers are very secure and none of the sites I’ve hosted have been hacked."



Tell us about any downtime you’ve experienced; how often does it happen and what has been the response of Web Hosting Hub?


In my three years of hosting with Web Hosting Hub, I have only been down three times. Two of the three times, the time my site was offline was less than a minute. The site was actually back online by the time I submitted the support ticket. The third time was about fifteen minutes of down time, but it felt like fifteen hours! When I contacted the support team, they were already aware of the issue and working on it. They are extremely pro-active, which I love.



Would you recommend Web Hosting Hub to our readers? Tell us why.


I would absolutely recommend them to other web site creators, especially if they deal primarily with WordPress, as they have great expertise there. The support staff is friendly and willing to explain things on the rare occasion something goes wrong. They’ve also bailed me out more than once when I’ve inadvertently mucked up my WordPress installation!


"I would absolutely recommend them to other web site creators…"



Is there anything else you’d like our readers to know about Web Hosting Hub?


I was fortunate to get in when they offered a plan which allows me to create unlimited web sites on their lowest pricing tier. While that plan isn’t available any longer, I still believe they offer great value for their unlimited hosting plans, which can still be had for less than $10/month.



Thanks for taking the time to share your experience with our readers, Tim. Best of luck with your coaching and writing!


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