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Steve Davis from DavisRopeandCable.com


iPage is a popular and very inexpensive option, with annual plans starting at only $1.99 per month! If you are looking for a feature-rich website hosting service for your small website, iPage may be a good choice – especially if you ask Steve Davis, a small business owner who has used iPage to host his business website for over two years.



Hi Steve! Thanks for agreeing to be interviewed. Please start by introducing yourself and telling us a bit about your background.


I’m a cable design engineer and owner of Davis Rope and Cable Assembly (www.DavisRopeandCable.com). My business sells various types of specialty and hybrid rope used for hauling, structural support and first responder needs. If you’d like more information about the company and what we do, please feel free to visit the website or send an email to contactus at DavisRopeandCable dot com.



Would you mind sharing which iPage hosting plan you use?


I have the basic plan with Shopsite and Weebly website builder.


"… basic plan with Shopsite and Weebly website builder."



There are lots of website hosting companies out there with very inexpensive hosting plans, why did you choose iPage?


Actually, I chose it based on a review from Bitcatcha.com. It was easy to order and find the plan that suited my needs.



Are there any special features or highlights you particularly like about iPage’s hosting plan?


There are many, but the most important is the flexibility to put in comments on pages such as the “Order” and “Check Out” page where there is often a need for special comments.


For example, reiteration of shipping procedures is necessary on these pages rather than depending on these instructions to be located elsewhere on your website. Some of our products need to have freight calculated offline, by us, so we point out in both the “Shipping Info” page, and the “Check Out” page, that these costs will be the lowest possible, added to the bill, or ask customers to contact us if they need exact costs prior to shipment. iPage makes customizing my online store for my specific needs easy.



Steve, you told us when you started out with your website you were a pretty basic user. How easy is it for you to manage and update your website?


Quite easy for a person who is “computer savvy”. I‘d rate it a 4 out of 5 if you feel you are not so computer savvy, as is the case with me (at least when I never had done anything like this before).


"Ease of Use: 4 out of 5 if you feel you are not so computer savvy."



How about customer support? Have you had to contact iPage’s support department?


Yes, and their support is generally good to excellent. Occasionally you may get a bad rep who tells you to go to the online support, which I have already done before calling them – so that’s the last thing I want to hear! If they can’t resolve your question in the call to them, they will create a resolution ticket which usually gets an answer in 24-48 hours. It ordinarily only takes one such communication to resolve the issue. The number of tickets I have initiated is minimal as I usually get the answer during my initial phone call with them (no charge for the telephone help).



Steve, can you list the advantages and disadvantages of choosing iPage for website hosting?


Advantages: high efficiency and value for the amount paid.


"…high efficiency and value for the amount paid."


Disadvantages: It can take an average of five seconds for each upload (price change, adding a product, making any changes or additions) to the online store. This is a key point, at least for me because I often do additions or edits and 12 of these costs me over one minute of time. Each such change has to be done separately, you can’t batch them.


I spoke with iPage about this and they did not have a solution, nor did they try to blame anything on my end, or my interface speed with them (never an issue of delay on my accessing other websites or uploading). This tells me that they know about this issue and cannot or will not solve it. This upload delay occurs all the time, same delay time, regardless of time of day or night. This would not be an issue to a user who didn’t have a lot of edits to do, they would only experience a delay when first programming the site.



Steve, I want to thank you for your time sharing your experience with iPage. Do you have any final words of advice to small business owners looking to get their company online.


Use Bitcatcha to check out which is best for you and then utilize the free trial to figure out if that company is best for you.



Is iPage the right website hosting service for your needs? While not as quick for online store updates as it could be, iPage might be a good and inexpensive solution for personal or very small commercial websites. As Steve recommended, take the company for a trial spin and test it out for yourself.


To learn more about iPage, read our iPage review.


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