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Rebecca Gill is the owner of Web Savvy Marketing, a digital marketing business that keeps her quite busy! We are fortunate that she took a few minutes from her hectic schedule to answer our questions about web host WP Engine, a favorite of many web design professionals, especially for hosting WordPress sites.



Hello Rebecca and welcome! Could you please give us a little background about yourself and your business?


I am a wife, mom, and business owner. I founded Web Savvy Marketing back in 2009 after working a number of years in sales and marketing. WSM is a digital marketing agency that provides custom WordPress design, development, and SEO to organizations worldwide. We provide development, stock Genesis themes, and SEO services to small businesses and large organizations.



For years, you recommended your clients use WP Engine as host for the sites you developed for them. Earlier this year you decided it would be in your agency’s own best interests to purchase a hosting package from WP Engine for the development and demo websites your agency creates. Do you remember what made you recommend and then choose this hosting service over others?


While we have had dedicated hosting servers for years, we only recently moved to WP Engine in the spring of 2015. We selected WP Engine because of their offerings and great reputation, although I’ll be honest and say their continued presence in our WordPress community was what really drew me to them. They are consistently supporting WordPress via events and content marketing, which has significant influence with me.



What was the best part of deciding to go with WP Engine’s dedicated server hosting package for your business needs?


Their sales team was very responsive when providing me with pricing and went above and beyond to provide us with a solution perfect for our needs. This was followed up by superb performance and speed that is always backed by excellent technical support. I am very happy with them and I know my clients who host there are just as happy.


"…superb performance and speed that is always backed by excellent technical support"



As you suggested, WP Engine is known for its powerful hosting packages which are designed specifically for WordPress sites. What do you feel is the best feature provided by WP Engine in regards to WordPress hosting?


Their staging area and ease of migration is their biggest differentiator. It is what sets them apart from other hosting companies and it is a major reason why I steer clients to them for hosting. It makes go-lives and ongoing maintenance much easier then other hosting companies and for us design firms, this is very important.


"Their staging area and ease of migration is their biggest differentiator."



Most customers will have to use a web host’s support department at some time or another. Have you had occasion to contact WP Engine’s support department recently? How was the experience?


We have contacted WP Engine for support and each experience has been exceptional. We had an issue that our old host could not resolve within WordPress, but WP Engine fixed it promptly once we moved over to them. The technical support team worked on it for two weeks and would continue to investigate on their own until they found resolution. They have excellent technical support and I’ve been nothing but happy with their customer service.


"We had an issue that our old host could not resolve within WordPress, but WP Engine fixed it promptly…"



That is high praise, indeed! You obviously have an enterprise-level hosting plan due to your company’s size and client needs. But for smaller web design firms or personal hosting, would you still recommend WP Engine?


Absolutely. I recommend them openly on our website and to our custom design clients. They provide an exceptional hosting solution for all size businesses and websites.


"They provide an exceptional hosting solution for all size businesses and websites."



Do you feel that WP Engine takes the proper steps to ensure the data you store on your server is relatively safe?


Yes. I’ve never questioned this and don’t see a need to question in the future.



Rebecca has certainly provided a glowing recommendation for WP Engine web hosting, particularly for enterprise-level and WordPress sites. Sounds like it’s hard to beat their reliability, support and features specifically for the WordPress CMS.


To learn more about Rebecca Gill’s service, do visit her site at Web Savvy Marketing. To learn more about the host, see our editor’s WP Engine review.


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