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Philip Marklew, web designer, agreed to speak with us regarding his experience with popular shared hosting provider, JustHost. JustHost is a brand of the Endurance International Group positioned as a budget-friendly but feature-rich hosting service that provides everything necessary to create a small business website or WordPress blog that loads quickly and reliably.



Welcome, Philip! Let’s get to know you a bit better first. Give us a little background about yourself and your website design company, A Tiny Village.


After struggling for years to figure out what I wanted to do with my life I decided to start teaching myself web design and development. It turns out I picked it all up quite quickly and really enjoy doing it.


When I left college, I applied for loads of web design jobs and started working for a small startup agency. This job taught me a lot about what NOT to do when running an agency and this business shut down as quickly as it started. I then moved to work as an in-house web designer/developer for a few years before moving onto working for one of the UK’s largest marketing agencies. That is where I learned what it really takes to run a successful agency.


At that point, I realized I was not content working for someone else and decided to go freelance. I managed to pick up a few clients within the first year, which was great. The next year I decided to make everything official and started my Ltd business called A Tiny Village.



I understand you use JustHost to host your business website. How long have you hosted with them?


I have hosted with JustHost since 2010 starting with a personal website to display my web design work, then for various other projects and now I use them solely for the A Tiny Village website.


"I have hosted with JustHost since 2010…"



JustHost offers a shared hosting plan for a budget price as their flagship product. Have you found it sufficient for the needs of your business?


For just over £100 a month, they do offer dedicated server packages but for now, I doubt I need that.


I don’t think I’ve ever had a problem with the hosting aspect of JustHost’s service. I cannot even recall if any of my websites have gone offline, ever. I did once have an issue with their email hosting but it was resolved within a few hours.



Although JustHost’s shared hosting plans includes tons of great features, support for all the popular website scripts and multimedia file types as well as ecommerce features, is there anything you would like to see them add?


Off the top of my head there really isn’t anything I’ve wanted to see added because JustHost includes so much as part of their service. The features of JustHost’s shared hosting plan suit my needs perfectly but I’m aware the choice is limited to a degree.


They use cPanel as the backend, which I think is really great.


"They use cPanel as the backend, which I think is really great. "


I opted for their “Plus” pricing package, which has everything I need, but as I grow, I can move onto higher price points for additional features. You get everything you need depending on which price point you opt for.


Editor note: the Plus plan allows users to host an unlimited number of websites with unmetered space, Global CDN, unlimited email accounts, spam prevention and extra marketing credits.



Have you experienced any speed or downtime issues due to JustHost’s servers? If so, please share details about how their support team handled the issue.


I did experience some speed issues at the beginning of this year so I contacted their support who ran some diagnostics on my site and offered up a list of solutions. One of the solutions was to move my site onto a content delivery system, which they provided me free and this made a big improvement to my site speed.


"…I contacted their support who ran some diagnostics on my site and offered up a list of solutions."


I have friends who tell me they’ve had some issues with uptime, but I’ve never experienced that personally.



What is your experience with their tech support/customer service department?


Back in 2010 when I first started using JustHost their support was amazing, I could write them a quick email and have a response within a few hours. I even wrote to them on a Sunday at one point expecting to hear back on Monday but instead got a reply the same day!


These days things are a bit slower, I imagine because they are growing so quickly. As a business, they are struggling a bit more to keep up with customer demand. Problems are always resolved but not always in a timely manner. They have never failed to resolve any of my issues, though.


"Problems are always resolved but not always in a timely manner."



As with most other hosting services, JustHost adjusts the price of your plan after the low introductory rate they offer at signup. What do you think about the price of your shared hosting plan?


They are a little pricey for some but you do get a lot for that money.



Would you recommend this host to other business owners? Why or why not?


Yes, I would and I regularly do, even though they cost a little extra over some of the other hosting services available. They offer so many features as standard it takes the hassle out of everything to do with my website.


"They offer so many features as standard it takes the hassle out…"



Our thanks to Philip Marklew for taking time out of his busy schedule as a web designer at A Tiny Village to answer our questions about JustHost. And if you are located in the UK, you can rest assured that JustHost provides good speed and reliability for your website, which you just may want to have it designed by Philip!


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