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We are pleased to welcome Nedalee Thomas, a business owner with decades of experience creating websites. Nedalee now chooses GoDaddy to host her current company website and here’s why.



Thanks for agreeing to share your hosting experience with GoDaddy. Before we get into that, could you please tell us more about you?


I was a stay-at-home mom for 22 years, but after trying a water ionizer used for my mother- in-law’s lung cancer, I decided it was time to go into business. My former husband felt it was the missing link to all the health stuff that he had studied for many years and I had to agree.


Today Chanson Water is the exclusive importer of Chanson Water ionizers and water filtration systems to the United States and several other countries. I’ve taken it from a barebones startup in 2006 to $2.2 million in sales in only two years and I’ve been helping and educating people about the benefits of alkaline ionized water ever since.


Outside of work I love being involved with my church, helping others, dancing and kayaking.



Great, thanks for sharing! Do you remember why you chose GoDaddy to host your company website?


In the past 10 years, I’ve worked with web developers to create at least six versions of the Chanson website, first starting with FrontPage. We have used Joomla and WordPress platforms and web hosts BlueHost, HostGator and others. Then we went with GoDaddy, first with a shared hosting plan and now with a VPS plan. I can’t particularly remember why I picked GoDaddy, but I do know I have no intentions of changing. Every time I’ve tried another company, I always come back to GoDaddy due to their reliability and outstanding customer service.


"I can’t particularly remember why I picked GoDaddy, but I do know I have no intentions of changing."



You are a loyal customer! Yours is an ecommerce website. What features does GoDaddy provide to make it work efficiently?


Well, for one I have an SSL certificate for an extra charge. We use Magento shopping free version shopping cart and credit card processing, both of which we get outside of GoDaddy, but my plan supports them well.

"We use Magento shopping free version shopping cart and credit card processing…"



I know you’ve mentioned previously that GoDaddy provides great customer service. Can you tell us more about their support department?


We are always able to talk to GoDaddy directly on the phone. Our last experience involved email issues and the tech not fully understanding our need. He tried to direct us to a paid solution. However I explained to him what we were already using, and he explained how to set that up in the system that we were already using. It was just a communication issue. But ultimately they’re always able to help us and we love their customer service.


"…they’re always able to help us and we love their customer service."



Would you recommend GoDaddy to other business owners for their website hosting?


Of course I would recommend them, very highly. Their uptime is great and their customer service is unparalleled. Having been with other hosting companies I know how important it is for a business to get questions answered quickly with a phone call rather than waiting days or hours for an endless circle of emails.


"Of course I would recommend them, very highly."



We appreciate you sharing your unique experience with GoDaddy, Nedalee. Readers, please be sure to check out the Chanson Water website to get more information on the health benefits of ionized water.


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