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We were fortunate to have Mark Beiley, owner of a software company, take a few minutes out of his busy schedule to tell us about his experience with website host Arvixe – and explain what he likes best about them.



Greeting, Mark. Give us a little background about yourself.


I am an electrical engineer turned software developer. I work full time on my software business in Chandler, AZ. I am married, with kids. My favorite hobby is playing racquetball.



How do you use Arvixe hosting?


I host a handful of websites to market/ sell my various software products, which are,,, and

I do not have a reseller account. I use their shared hosting, I think the bottom plan, which seems to suffice for my needs. I do have a dedicated IP address through them.



What are best features of your Arvixe account?


Reliability and cost are the two best. I have had very good reliability. This is the most important factor for me. I use a third party monitoring service, so I know when it goes down. It has gone down a few times, but usually for very short periods. The cost is quite low, and probably fairly comparable to other offerings out there for shared hosting.


"Reliability and cost are the two best. I have had very good reliability."



Your customers are able to download software directly from your site. Have you experienced any download speed issues, as reported by your customers?


No. I haven’t had any customer complaints about download speed. Most of my site is not very download-intensive, other than when they download my software products, but even those aren’t very big files.



Have you ever had to contact Arvixe’s tech support/customer service department? How did they handle your issues?


Yes, several times. I did have some reliability issues when I first signed up. I complained a couple times, and then they moved me to a different server, which has so far resolved the issue. I’ve also asked them to install an SSL certificate, which they did in a timely manner. Once they did some server update that broke my SSL certificate setup. It was hard to get hold of someone to fix that issue quickly. I think it took about 24 to 36 hours to fix. That was the worst experience I had, but they were apologetic, and did get it fixed.


"It was hard to get hold of someone to fix that issue quickly. I think it took about 24 to 36 hours…"


Would you consider Arvixe’s servers safe for data storage?


It depends on the data. Personally, I don’t think any server is safe for unencrypted sensitive data, like credit cards or personal information. Someone always has access to the server, so if you’re very concerned about protecting the data, I wouldn’t put unencrypted data on any server. I don’t think Arvixe’s servers are any better/worse for this than any other hosting company.



Would you recommend Arvixe to others?


Yes. Overall they have been reliable, and I have had good service in general. I’m comparing my experiences to IXwebhosting, which I used for many years until switching to Arvixe in February, 2014. Arvixe has been much better in my experience.


"Overall they have been reliable, and I have had good service…"



This has been an enlightening interview and we want to thank Mark once again for his time in answering all our questions about Arvixe web hosting.


To learn more about host, read our editor’s Arvixe review. Don’t forget to check out Mark’s software products too.


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