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Thanks for joining us today, Lisa. Please tell us about yourself and your background.


My name is Lisa Nguyen and I’m a designer and illustrator from Louisiana, USA. I have been creating art since I was in elementary school. I grew up with a strong interest in comic books and have been creating them for the past several years.


I started creating websites when I was in high school. My interest in design led to a degree in Graphic Communications, while also learning Web Development. I still enjoy illustrating, creating comics, and working on design projects.



How long have you been using the web hosting services provided by Site5? What hosting plan do you use?


I signed up with Site5 in January of 2014. I have the HostPro plan, which is their mid-tier plan between HostBasic and HostPro+Turbo. I decided on HostPro because it offered unlimited domain names. All of the hosting packages allow you to choose your server location, and I choose one close to my state.



How many websites do you currently host with Site5? How do you use the hosting services?


I currently have three websites through Site5: Solaire Design is my online portfolio, Ambitious Love Boutique is an e-commerce website for crafts and In Love & Justice is a webcomic.



With so many hosting providers currently available, what made Site5 stand out to you?


When I was researching new hosting providers, I was looking for a company with minimal downtime. Site5 has a 99.9% uptime guarantee.


I was also very attracted to their free website migration. It can be stressful to transfer so many websites from one hosting company to another. The migration to Site5 was very easy.


"I was also very attracted to their free website migration."


I spoke with a representative before signing up. The representative was really friendly and helpful. Even when I mentioned Site5 on social media, they would promptly reply. Their customer support and sales department is open 24/7, so if anything goes wrong, they’re available to help.


Site5 also has a 30 day free trial. But, after using their services for a week, I decided to stick with them. Even after the trial is up, their web hosting plans are very reasonable for the amount of services you receive.


"Even after the trial is up, their web hosting plans are very reasonable…"



I noticed that your websites are using WordPress. Were you able to easily install this yourself?


All three of my websites use WordPress. Ambitious Love Boutique uses WordPress with the Ecwid e-commerce plugin. It was very easy to install WordPress from Site5’s “Web Apps”. It was a very simple, one-click install.



What is the best feature that Site5 offers you?


Besides from the 99.9% uptime guarantee, the best feature for me is Site5’s one click installs. Site5 covers a very extensive list of scripts. It’s been a huge time saver.


"Site5 covers a very extensive list of scripts."



Site5 sounds like a great service provider. Is there anything you feel that Site5 should improve on in the future?


As much as I like Site5, I would like them to improve on their communication and be more active on social media. Lately, they only create one or two posts a month. I would love to read more information on what their company is doing and is planning for the future.


But, Site5 is very prompt in responding to any direct mentions on Twitter. If someone is having issues with their service, Site5 quickly responds.



Privacy and security is important. How comfortable do you feel storing your data on Site5’s servers?


I feel very comfortable using Site5’s servers. Site5 has a security section on their blog to announce any script vulnerabilities users may have installed on their websites. Site5 will also send out an e-mail to you if there’s a script or plug-in vulnerability on your website. It feels great to have a hosting provider be proactive in your website’s security.


"Site5 will also send out an e-mail to you if there’s a script or plug-in vulnerability on your website"



Do you feel that Site5 is a reliable website hosting provider? How does Site5 communicate with you if downtime occurs?


In my time with Site5, I only remember one instance of unannounced downtime. I feel that they are a very reliable hosting provider. Any scheduled downtime for maintenance is usually announced through both e-mail and the Backstage Client Dashboard. It’s usually very brief and completed in the early morning.



Would you recommend Site5 to others, specifically to small business owners like yourself?


I have recommended Site5 to others and will continue to do so. Site5 offers a wide variety of services. Their customer support is very knowledgeable and quickly handles any issues. Their 99.9% uptime guarantee is also very comforting.


"I have recommended Site5 to others and will continue to do so."



Would you like to share some advice for those searching for a website hosting company?


With so many options out there, I’d suggest looking for host providers with little downtime and great customer service. It helps to do your research before deciding on one company.


Thanks so much, Lisa, for sharing your experiences with Site5 Hosting. We feel that Site5 is a great choice in website hosting services and highly recommend it for casual bloggers to small business owners. To learn more about Lisa and view her incredible graphic design and illustrations, please visit her online.


To learn more about the host, please read our editor’s Site5 Review.


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