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It’s not always easy to find someone with a lot of experience in regards to a particular web host – especially one like HostGator, which doesn’t always generate customer loyalty. Luckily, we managed to get in touch with Kevin Adkins, owner of Luxe Translation Services, and he agreed to tell us what he has encountered when using this popular web host for the past couple years. Here’s what Kevin had to say.



Welcome, Kevin! You have a very interesting website and business. Can you tell our readers how you got into this profession?


Really, it all started as a love for language. I started as a freelance translator then opened my own business, Luxe Translation Services. Within five years I have expanded it to an internationally recognized company. Today my staff and I translate 220 live languages and provide interpretation services all over the world. In my spare time I enjoy learning new languages, flipping through the dictionary, and learning computer programming.



HostGator offers a lot of different hosting plans – everything from shared, single domain to WordPress hosting to Dedicated Server packages. Which one do you use and why did you choose it?


We use the Baby shared hosting plan because we wanted to be able to host multiple domains. It’s been working great. We have not experienced any problems.



Do you remember why you chose HostGator over other companies?


I did my research beforehand and joined forum discussions about web hosting. HostGator was recommended by several users on one of those forums, all of whom gave it great reviews.


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That was before Bitcatcha was around to offer unbiased reviews and help you select the best host! Have you ever had to contact HostGator’s customer support department?


Luckily, I have never needed to contact technical support. I did have a problem with a bill that needed to be adjusted once and they were quick to do that without any hassles.



You are very lucky! So, besides that good experience with customer service, what do you consider one of the best features of the Baby website hosting plan?


Fast loading times. I have tried many other hosting companies and my websites load the fastest from HostGator’s servers.


"Fast loading times."


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Of course, every web host has its issues. What do you consider the worst feature of HostGator hosting?


It’s not cheap. There are less expensive options out there, but there are two reasons we are hesitant to transfer: 1) We are afraid something will break; and 2) we are afraid the page loading times will not be as good.


I can understand your reluctance to move your website files to a new server. Overall, would you recommend HostGator to other business owners?


Yes, if you don’t mind the price. The price is not the most expensive we have seen, but it’s also not the cheapest. Loading time is fast and we have never noticed down times, so it is a good and reliable hosting service for an online business.


"…it is a good and reliable hosting service for an online business."



Thank you Kevin! To learn more on Hostgator, check out our Hostgator review with uptime and performance data presented.


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