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Hello, Joy! Can you please introduce yourself and tell us about your background?


I went to school for Communications and Public Relations, but my work experience always gravitated toward marketing and doing things on the computer. I remember getting my first computer, an Apple IIc, when I was in elementary school. My love for computers began and then when a dial-up modem was later introduced, wow, I was excited. That was back in the days of and “You’ve Got Mail.”


Back in 2006, I began my business, Joy Design Online, supporting small businesses as a Virtual Assistant. I spent so much time consulting in website design and social media marketing that I abandoned the virtual assistant work to give my full attention to the online marketing that I enjoy the most. I live in the beautiful mountains of Virginia and enjoy spending time with my family in the great outdoors.



What do you do with your website hosting? How many sites are you hosting with HostMonster?


I have been hosting with HostMonster since 2012. I currently use HostMonster’s Plus Plan for my websites. I like the unlimited options available with this plan. Right now I have two websites with HostMonster. Both are WordPress websites. One is my business website at and the other is my mommy blog at In the past my business website was built on Drupal but I transitioned to WordPress last year.


"I like the unlimited options available with this plan."



What made you choose HostMonster?


The first thing that stood out to me was their customer service. I still like to have the option to call someone on the phone if I have a problem in website hosting. I had a terrible time with my client’s hosts because they did not have a phone number and if they did their customer service was outsourced to other countries and it was difficult to understand the people I spoke with on the phone. When I started looking for hosting, finding one that was based in the USA was my primary goal. I signed up with HostMonster and was assigned an account manager that I could email or call any time if I ever had any problems. That is “above and beyond” customer service.


"When I started looking for hosting, finding one that was based in the USA was my primary goal."


Secondly, the pricing is good. I may pay a little more than I would for some of the other hosts, but I know I am getting wonderful customer service if I have any problems. And I have had hardly any – my site has never been down to my knowledge and the only times I have had to contact my account manager was to ask a few account questions.



Name one feature that HostMonster should improve.


Honestly, HostMonster has met all my expectations. They have great packages and lots of marketing offers and extras. I prefer to use them and recommend them to all my clients.

"Honestly, HostMonster has met all my expectations."



What are their backup and security options? Do you feel safe with data stored on their servers?


They do have a way to back up your website, and also you can upgrade to a Backup Pro for just under $2 a month. This will give you automatic online backups with restore options. You can also add Sitelock Security for basic spam monitoring, verifications, malware monitoring and more.



How often do you experience downtime, and how does your host respond to this problem?


I have never experienced downtime with HostMonster in the three years that I have been with them.



Would you recommend HostMonster to others?


Absolutely. I recommend them to all my clients because my own experience has been so good. Not to mention if my client needed to call in to customer service for assistance, they would have the best experience.


"I recommend them to all my clients because my own experience has been so good."



Any extra thing you want to say about HostMonster or website hosting in general?


Sometimes it is worth paying a little bit more for good customer service. HostMonster really is not that much more. I have worked with several of the popular hosts out there because clients had already started hosting with them prior to hiring me and just went for the cheapest hosting that they could find. I see a huge difference in quality of service and product with the super low fee hosting.


"…it is worth paying a little bit more for good customer service."



Thank you Joy for your time. Readers, if you need a digital marketer to handle your online marketing campaign, do pay Joy a visit at her website.


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