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In order to learn about DreamHost web hosting from a real customer’s point of view, we reached out to Jessica Glendinning, whose website is very different – in a good way! Please read on to learn more about Jessica and her very positive experience using DreamHost.



Hello Jessica! I have to admit I am fascinated by your website. Can you please tell us a bit more about how and why you started it?


I’m a yoga teacher and freelance writer, but the path to this moment has been full of exciting twists and turns, including time in the nonprofit world, as a startup founder, music teacher, and environmental activist (just to mention a few stops along the way). The work style I had cultivated for myself involved burning the candle brightly at both ends, and I ended up burning out a few years ago. Fast forward through a couple of medical diagnoses, and I realized that it was time to figure out how to build a sustainable career in world-changing. Rebel Yogi was born almost exactly two years ago, at a coffee shop in Portland, Oregon – and the rest is history (some yet to be discovered)!


I moved back to the east coast last year to be closer to family, and now live in an awesome little city in the heart of Virginia with my partner and our dog. When I’m not tapping away at the computer keyboard, you can usually find me on my yoga mat (either teaching or enjoying a class) or out and about with my dog.



Good for you that you were able to escape the corporate grind! I understand you’ve hosted multiple websites with DreamHost since 2011 and selected the Happy Hosting plan (now referred to as “Shared Hosting”). Have you found that plan to be sufficient in terms of bandwidth, speed and reliability? Why or why not?


The demands on my sites have been fairly minimal up until the past year or so, and the shared hosting has been more than enough to get me through. There have been a few times where the site was slow, but DreamHost customer support was always super responsive and helpful with getting me back up to speed!


"DreamHost customer support was always super responsive and helpful"



It sounds like you have great plans for growing your website. What will you change in regards to your hosting in order to accommodate that growth?


This past fall, I won a writing competition and had a post shared by a major blog that has somewhere around 80,000 subscribers; my first reaction was to celebrate, and it was very closely followed by the second – to reach out to DreamHost to make sure I was ready for the onslaught! I had a (very) late night conversation with their support team, and decided to upgrade to a VPS, so that I would be ready for whatever visitor spike came with the announcement. Since my plans are to continue to grow the business and the blog, I decided that the VPS would be a good long-term investment to make sure that I can get where I need to go in the near future.



That sounds like an excellent decision, and congratulations! I’m wondering if you noticed any excessive downtime or bandwidth throttling prior to your going with a VPS plan?


I use Pingdom tracking for my sites, and I get notified very infrequently about site downtime – and it’s usually only for a couple of minutes at a time, if that. I had an issue a couple of years ago with site code eating up a lot of bandwidth, and the support team helped me identify the issue and get it fixed.


"I use Pingdom tracking for my sites, and I get notified very infrequently about site downtime"


So, it sounds like DreamHost’s customer support is top-notch. Is that what you would consider one of the best features of your hosting plan?


Yes, it’s hands down their support. Their team is amazing – so helpful and quick to respond! I find myself regularly giving them Twitter love after they’ve helped me solve some mystery (usually of my own creating) or fix a site issue. I LOVE their support!!


"Their team is amazing – so helpful and quick to respond!"


Anything else you’d like to share about your hosting experience with DreamHost? Any negatives in your experience?

I have to say that I’ve honestly never had a bad experience with them. Any of the major issues I’ve had can be directly traced back to some poor decision that I made, and they’ve always been awesome about helping me fix things (even if they had nothing to do with it in the first place).


"I have to say that I’ve honestly never had a bad experience with them."



For the business owner who is just getting started with a website, would you recommend DreamHost hosting in terms of value, service, features, etc.? Why or why not?


Absolutely! Their service is amazing, they have some seriously comprehensive documentation (want to learn how to do something? You can usually find it in the wiki!), and they have a wide range of hosting plans available for wherever you are in your business – plus, they make it really easy to increase the level of hosting, when the time comes!


"they have a wide range of hosting plans available for wherever you are in your business"



Well, it sounds like you love your web host, Jessica! Thanks for taking time away from your yoga mat to share your experience with DreamHost.


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