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We discuss web hosting with Eagle Gamma, who uses iPage for his professional site, Eaglegamma.com. Topics we cover include pros and cons, performance and security, and overall hosting options.



Welcome, Eagle! Can you please tell us a little bit about yourself?


Sure. I am a riding writer. Or a writing rider. I have been traveling for over two years, mostly by bicycle, through North America. While riding, I have also been writing, about technology and science and other topics. After I continue riding through more of North America, I plan to continue to the other continents. Meanwhile, my writing includes some exciting new projects!



Could you tell us a little bit about how you use iPage? Which of their packages did you choose?


Currently I have a professional page up on a simple shared plan. I’m also starting another set of websites, also with a shared plan, which will presumably grow to a VPS or more advanced setup. My professional site, http://eaglegamma.com/, runs WordPress. I use WordPress as a site platform rather than for blogging. It is simple and attractive, like me!


My site is hosted on iPage, where it has been since I created it, over a year ago.


"I have a professional page up on a simple shared plan."



So, what made you pick iPage over other web hosting providers?


When I was setting up my site, I looked at a number of different service providers. iPage came out as having the best offer for my needs at the time. I was at an astronomical observatory on top of a mountain in Mexico, for a story I was writing. I wanted something simple and complete. iPage had a deal that covered what I was looking for, so I went with them. It included the domain, web hosting, e-mail, and was affordable.


"iPage came out as having the best offer for my needs…"



On the other hand, can you tell me about something you wish iPage’d improve?


For me, the big one is the use of some limited control panel and other software, rather than more standard software. Often I find that some feature is hard to find or non-existent, when it would be straightforward with a more common software stack.


Also, the e-mail offerings seem limited. For example, iPage does not offer the choice of webmail clients that many hosting services have. And they have small built-in limits on the size of mailbox, which can be annoying.


"…the e-mail offerings seem limited"


Beyond these, there are a few other areas with shortcomings.



How are their backup and security options? Do you feel safe with data stored on their servers?


I can’t tell you all of their backup and security options. For backup, I primarily rely on a WordPress plugin to send regular copies to DropBox, and downloads. And I only have a few public pages up there, so data safety isn’t very sensitive.


I have no reason to think they have any major issues, although I would look more carefully at their options before setting up a more sensitive project.



How often do you experience downtime, and how does your host respond to this problem?


I experience downtime maybe once a month or so. Usually the site is back up before anything else happens. When the site is up, it can sometimes be a bit slow to load initially. Generally it is available, though.



Based on your experience, would you recommend iPage to others?


I would recommend this host to someone who is looking for a quick, simple setup. For that, at least for the initial duration of their deal, it can be a great deal. However, it does have limitations, so if someone is looking for a more advanced setup, I would probably recommend looking elsewhere. For a basic site, I would recommend at least comparing their offering.


"I would recommend this host to someone who is looking for a quick, simple setup."



Eagle, thanks so much for sharing your experience with iPage. What final advice would you give to people who are looking for a good web hosting company?


iPage is part of a big network of web hosting services. They’re somewhat different than the run-of-the-mill, which has its strengths and drawbacks. I’m glad I got eaglegamma.com set up there to start. Again, for different projects you may have different needs. Anyway, it’s basic candidate!


Thank you Eagle! We wish you all the best with your riding.


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