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Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?


I am a native Chicagoan, but moved to Los Angeles in 2001. I am a stay-at-home mom with a very successful writing career developing and creating company and personal website blogs, newsletters, website content and development, marketing and strategy business plans, as well as copywriting, social media and any form of writing campaign needs for my clients.



What type of hosting platform do you utilize, and how did you choose it?


I use GoDaddy hosting for my personal business and company business websites. I used to use another hosting site many years ago, but it was complicated and not very user friendly to people like me who had little experience developing a site. Back then, to build a website one had to hire outside designers that were well versed in code, and who had experience in actually creating a website. I wasn’t able to actually do the work myself and had to hire someone else to build the website. It was also inconvenient because I often needed to make changes – and that would always cost more money.


I chose GoDaddy because I first heard about it through ads on television, but then one day about 18 months ago a friend was visiting and she told me all about GoDaddy and showed me how easy it was to start and set up a website in just a few hours. It was easy to navigate and make changes, and my changes were published instantly.



How do you use your hosting platform, and how many websites do you have with them?


I use GoDaddy for my personal writing business (, and two other businesses that I am launching. So, in total I have three different sites with GoDaddy that I have been building over the past 18 months. They all include blogs so they are connected with WordPress, which was a big plus for me since I am a writer.



What feature attracts you the most about your hosting platform?


I love that it is fairly seamless to make changes and that the changes become instantly published with just a click of a button.


"I love that it is fairly seamless to make changes"



What is one feature that your hosting platform could improve upon?


One function of my websites is that I include a blog. The connection between and my website sometimes doesn’t work properly. For instance, right now I am not sure why when I write a new blog and I publish it on, it does not publish onto my website page like it used to. I need to figure that out, so in the meantime I have to add it manually. So, what I ended up doing we just creating a link from my webpage to the blog page, but that takes people off my main website page and I don’t like for traffic to move off my main page. So they could make it a bit easier to understand the connection between the blogging platform and the website platform.



Does your site have security measures for your page? Do you know what happens if there is a breakdown in the site – is your information backed up?


That’s a great question! I actually never really thought about it, and I haven’t looked it up. I basically write most of my content in word documents that I have stored on my computer, which I back up to an external drive in case of a computer crash. So, if my content was lost on the GoDaddy website platform, I would still have a backup of all my content. I would just need to copy and paste it in the event of lost information – that would take some time, but it would only be a minor inconvenience for me.



Do you often experience any “downtime” with your site? If so, how does your host remedy this problem?


I haven’t actually noticed any downtime with my site. I am able to make quick changes, and they publish instantly with a click of a button. I have never noticed my site being down, or not being able to access it. I don’t even recall ever getting notices that the site will be down for maintenance, but I’m sure it is. If they do maintenance, it is in the hours that I am not working on my site – most likely between midnight and 6am on weekends.


"I haven’t actually noticed any downtime with my site."



Is this a good hosting platform to recommend to others? Why, or why not?


I would recommend this hosting platform to others. Especially if they have little to no experience with building a website. There are many features that make getting started easy like video tutorials, and the help desk is free and available 24/7. I have called many times over to receive help on design, implementation, and publishing issues. Customer service is very helpful, and always polite and courteous.


"There are many features that make getting started easy like video tutorials, and the help desk is free and available 24/7."



Is there anything else you think readers would like to know about your hosting platform?


I think there are many hosting options out there, and one should always do their due diligence to make sure they utilize what is right for them. I would highly recommend GoDaddy for new beginners and people who do not have that much experience in website design. I don’t really know much about the competition, and since I don’t have a website designer, Godaddy was a perfect fit for me with available help 24/7 to answer all my questions and walk me through my troubleshooting. However, I will say that if someone does had funding it would be best to hire a professional to get the most out of your website host – I’m sure there are many things that I am missing on my site because I am just unaware of the ability.



Thank you DeAnna.


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