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Hi! I’m the editor here at Bitcatcha and today I get to interview our founder, Daren, about his experience with Inmotion Hosting.


I’ve written a review about Inmotion Hosting and found it to be a very reliable hosting service with tons of great features and lots of ways to help your business grow. But I wanted to hear it straight from someone who uses Inmotion Hosting in a robust manner. So, let’s get to it!



Daren, thank you very much for taking time out of your busy schedule and agreeing to this interview. I’m sure our readers are interested in learning about your experience with Inmotion Hosting. How about if you provide a brief introduction of yourself?


My name is Daren and I’ve been webmaster & developer of quite a few sites in the last decade. I currently run multiple websites, including this one, and use 12 hosting companies.


"I currently run multiple websites, including this one, and use 12 hosting companies."


Of course, this interview will focus on Inmotion Hosting and I have a lot of information to share regarding my experience over the past several years with them.



I’m sure our readers will enjoy getting to know the man behind Bitcatcha! So, when did you first start with Inmotion?


Back in October 2009, I came across Inmotion Hosting while researching a new hosting company and decided to give it a try. So I signed up for their Power Plan, which is a shared business hosting plan. Now it is 6 years later and I’ve also added the VPS 2000S plan, which gives me my own virtual private server with SSD, cPanel license and unlimited everything (databases, websites, FTP accounts, email accounts).



Can you briefly tell us what you do with Inmotion Hosting?


I host 2 websites and some testing nodes with Inmotion Hosting. One is a foreclosure-listing site and the other one is about webmastering. My foreclosure-listing site is a static HTML site with a minimum level of PHP used; while my second site is a WordPress blog. Both of these websites are affiliate sites that earn revenue for me.



Can I ask what made you choose Inmotion Hosting all those years ago?


As mentioned above, I use Inmotion Hosting as my business host. Therefore I had a couple of concerns: 1) cost; and 2) quality. I wanted to achieve a balance between these 2 factors which would result in a good value.


I wanted a package that included cPanel since it’s an established control panel and I already had experience using it. Also I needed the hosting to be stable and have excellent uptime of at least 99.9 percent. Speed was my concern, too. I wanted my websites to load quickly. The Max Speed Zone feature of Inmotion Hosting definitely got my attention. With this feature I can choose the location of my datacenter to better serve my visitors.


"The Max Speed Zone feature of Inmotion Hosting definitely got my attention."


So I eventually decided to try out Inmotion Hosting due to its quality and the fact that it provides the features I wanted most. And I know I made the right move because I have been very satisfied and am still with them 6 years later.



Inmotion Hosting uses a VPS-optimized version of cPanel. Do you find it user-friendly?


I find it very handy. I can easily complete any task in a few clicks. Of course, this is what user-friendly means, right? The instructions are clear too.


From the cPanel on my VPS server, I can access SSH, my databases, root access and easily manage my account, such as adding new domains or seeing how much bandwidth I’m using. It’s really convenient to have access to all that through a single portal.



How’s the uptime performance of Inmotion Hosting?


Superb! There is really nothing much to say about this. There are months they achieved 100 percent uptime while others 99.98 – 99.99 percent. I know this because I track my website’s uptime.


"There are months they achieved 100 percent uptime while others 99.98 – 99.99 percent."



After 6 years what are the disadvantages you see in Inmotion Hosting?


Honestly the answer depends on how you use the hosting. In my case, I did not come across any disadvantages using Inmotion for my hosting. I really can’t think of anything about them that is not up to my standards.


The only disadvantage (if it’s even considered one) is their pricing. I renewed my plan recently and of course the price went up. It is a reasonable cost but it would be nice if they offered a discount for loyal customers. :)


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Outside of the Max Speed Zones, what is your favorite feature of Inmotion Hosting?


Both the Power plan and the VPS 2000S plan use SSD servers. This makes their servers up to 20 times faster than those that use spinning drives. SSD, along with the Max Speed Zone feature, really make all my websites load much faster.



Do you ever think about switching hosts?


Not at all. Well, let’s put it this way: I will switch if the host gets unreliable with a lot of downtime, which is something I simply can’t have happen with my websites. So far, Inmotion Hosting meets all my expectations and since I’ve been with them for 6 years, I really don’t expect that to change.



Last but not least, do you have any advice for people who are looking for a hosting plan?


Look no further, go with Inmotion Hosting! I’m absolutely biased. :)



Thank you very much for your time, Daren! I’m sure the interview will be beneficial to our readers.


Thank you too. It’s been fun being on the other side of the interview process for once!


Learn more about Inmotion Hosting in our full review.


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