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Daniel has an e-commerce site for his graphic arts business and his wife, Michele, runs a blog about home and gardening design in the Southeastern U.S. With over 4 years’ experience hosting both personal and professional sites with Inmotion Hosting, we felt Daniel and Michele were the perfect couple to tell us more about this company and its services. Without further ado, we present our interview with this very creative and fascinating Inmotion Hosting customer, Daniel Sumerlin.



Hello, Daniel! Can you please introduce yourself and tell us about your background?


I went to a school for Fine Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design, however I have been illustrating and painting since before I can remember. My mom has boxes of sketches if you don’t believe me!


At the current moment, my main focus is on graphic-oriented illustration on USGS topography maps of the mid Atlantic region for local art shows but also commissioned works of homes, pets and portraits.

My wife’s site is a home and garden blog highlighting southern living during the more temperate seasons and New England during the hot summer months.



What do you do with your web hosting? How many sites you are hosting with Inmotion Hosting?


Currently, I have two sites with Inmotion Hosting: mine and my wife’s. We also used their design team for the bulk of the development and SEO.



Are your website set up for e-commerce?


My personal artist site is set up for e-commerce, with various prints for sale. We hope to be adding e-commerce capabilities to my wife’s here in the next few months.


"My personal artist site is set up for e-commerce, with various prints for sale."


Which Inmotion Hosting plan do you use and how long have you been hosted with Inmotion Hosting?


I have basic shared hosting. It’s more than sufficient enough for all my emailing needs and online sales.


Note: Inmotion Hosting shared plan starts at only $3.49 per month using Bitcatcha’s affiliate link and includes a free domain name, unlimited space, bandwidth and email)



Daniel, can you tell us why you chose Inmotion Hosting in the first place?


Inmotion Hosting had very comparable and affordable pricing. I never felt that I would be getting in over my head. Plus the 24/7 U.S.-based tech support gave me added comfort if something were to happen. Most e-commerce website owners rely on their site for main income. We can’t afford to lose our online presence. Plus, I have access to the design team as well. It’s not a case of their team just building my site but also assisting in the ongoing updates and maintenance.



Please tell us more about their design service.


I can imagine that I may have been more difficult than other business owners. I have a fine arts and graphic design background but know little about website development. This meant I had an exact idea about how my site should look and feel but no means to do it on my own. My designer was amazing. She followed my lead and built the site exactly the way I envisioned. Same with my wife’s site. I know firsthand how difficult it can be to work with clients during commissioned work and Inmotion Hosting’s design team made me feel at ease. I felt extremely confident my design would deliver a site of my liking – and it did.


"She followed my lead and built the site exactly the way I envisioned."



Was the price fair for the design services rendered?


When I do my work, whether painting or illustration, I usually charge based on time rendered. Their design team charged over a 12-month payment plan. When you are a small business owner, you can’t always pay a huge chunk out your pocket so this option allowed me to slowly pay off the design fee and still achieve a professional look and feel.



Not everyone wants to continue paying for design services after the initial work is completed. Are you able to make design changes yourself?


I do not feel comfortable with HTML so I usually do a mock-up in CS5 and send updates by email to the design team for ongoing edits and additions to my gallery. I do, however, fully manage my inventory in my shopping cart. This is all done through the use of OpenCart, which is installed on the back end of the site.

My wife’s site is designed in WordPress and she updates her site through the backend CMS, which is very user friendly.



How was WordPress installation? Was it easy?


The designer integrated WordPress for my wife and then did a walk-through to show her how to manage, edit and update the site. There was a small learning curve but she has the hang of it now.



How do you find Inmotion Hosting in terms of uptime reliability?


My website was down one day due to some knucklehead in Pakistan hacking index files but it was back up in less than 24 hrs, thanks to Inmotion Hosting’s tech team.



It sounds like Inmotion Hosting is a great service provider. Would you recommend Inmotion Hosting to others? What type of customer would best benefit from their services?


I would absolutely recommend them. They handled my site and my wife’s with personal care. I would assume that other sites for local businesses would have an even easier time accomplishing the goals online.

The design team was great. The company is very personable and easy to work with. My wife says the same.


"I would absolutely recommend them. They handled my site and my wife’s with personal care."



Any website hosting shopping advice for a small business owner like yourself?


There are a lot of options out there. Do your research. I feel that the more you see hosting companies on TV shows means they are spending money on advertising and not customer service or updating their data centers. I only found Inmotion Hosting online through review sites and always saw positive feedback.



Thank you, Daniel, for taking the time to let our readers know all about your experience with Inmotion Hosting! We feel very comfortable recommending it as a top pick in website hosting services, both for small business owners and bloggers.


To learn more about Daniel and see some of his fantastic artwork and his wife’s design ideas, please visit them online:

Daniel Sumerlin Design Studio:
Home, Garden, Art and Travel Ideas:

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