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Brent Riggs has extensive experience with websites and he knows what he is looking for in a host. As he explained to us, this interview of Arvixe almost sounds as if they are paying him to promote the company, but he just likes them so much he felt obligated to take a few minutes of his time and provide a glowing review.



Welcome, Brent! Please give us a little background about yourself.


I am a pastor of a small Christian church who is happily married and the father of eight children, four who are adopted and four who are my biological kids. I have a successful blog ( with over 100,000 readers and I’ve also authored several books as well published various magazines. I’ve been a teacher, speaker, preacher and trainer for over 25 years. In addition, I contract as a business and personal mentor/advisor and feed my creative side through oil painting and other artistic media.



Tell us about your Arvixe hosting accounts.


Arvixe hosts my own sites and projects, which include, and with an email marketing account.


I also use Arvixe to host my client sites (I’m a .NET developer):,, (a huge private job management system/site). I have three clients with bona fide mission-critical sites hosted at Arvixe, as well as a pretty big one of my own that provides a big chunk of my income.


I use both Linux and Windows hosting with WordPress, .NET, SQL as well as shared hosting, virtual servers and dedicated servers. I’ve used Arvixe for about seven years for both my own sites, and recommend all my clients to them.



What are best features of Arvixe, in your opinion?


The control panels are easy to use. Their customer service is always the best. In addition, Arvixe’s uptime and performance have been reliable and steady.


"The control panels are easy to use. Their customer service is always the best."



What is the worst feature of your hosting plan?


The billing/domain interface is a little clunky but gets the job done.



Have you experienced any speed or downtime issues? How was the issue handled by Arvixe?


As with all hosting, there are occasional issues and downtime; across the board I would put it at a small fraction of 1 percent of the time, maybe even .01 percent, which is extremely minimal.


Arvixe has always responded with urgency and intensity when anything is wrong with the hosting or site availability. The worst I’ve experienced was a true crashed drive on a dedicated server and even that was fixed within a matter of hours. Over the course of several years, and many accounts/packages I purchased for me and my clients, that’s the worst issue I’ve faced, and Arvixe handled it quickly and graciously.


"Arvixe has always responded with urgency and intensity…"



What is your experience with Arvixe’s tech support/customer service department?


I have had to contact them many many times, occasionally for problems but more often for favors or questions; I’ve always had quick, helpful and accurate responses. They have gone well beyond expectations many times, and helped with advice, tasks or service. The support and service is fast, personal and professional.



Do you think Arvixe’s servers are safe for data storage?


I’ve stored multiple millions of files, images and records on Arvixe servers, both my own stuff, and that of my clients/subscribers. A few years ago, there was one instance where a few hundred images (out of several million) were lost because of a crashed drive, but even that was shared fault, as I had not invested in the redundancy and backups that mission-critical files merit. Arvixe handled the situation professionally, and even upgraded my service to a new RAID system without charge to make sure it didn’t happen again.


"Arvixe handled the situation professionally, and even upgraded my service to a new RAID system without charge…"



Would you recommend this host to others?


Absolutely. I recommend all my clients use them because I know that Arvixe will not embarrass me or let my clients down. I don’t have to worry about looking bad to my clients because of downtime, bad service or “passing the buck” if an issue does occur.


Arvixe substantially reflects on my own professionalism when I’m telling my clients to invest in Arvixe hosting, so I cannot afford to recommend any hosting service that is going to let me down.



That is a glowing recommendation for Arvixe! Thank you, Brent.


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