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Hi, Ashley! Can you please introduce yourself and tell us about your background?


I am a Florida-based food and travel writer, recipe developer, freelancer, photographer and adventurer. I started my site Spoonful Of Flavor in 2013 as a creative outlet from my day job working in finance and budgeting. My site was originally a place to share my favorite recipes and has grown in to a popular lifestyle blog focused on food and travel. I share my favorite recipes and travel destinations. I also work with major brands such as KitchenAid and Discover America and have a loyal following of readers.


I am currently working on growing my business and am developing resources to help other bloggers and creative entrepreneurs turn their blog into a business.



How do you use the hosting?


My blog is hosted on Bluehost so my blog is stored on their server. I also run my website content management tool, WordPress, on the Bluehost server.



So you use WordPress, how easy was WordPress installation with Bluehost?


WordPress installation with Bluehost is quick and simple. You can login to your Bluehost dashboard and use the website builder to install WordPress. Within minutes WordPress is installed and you can publish your first blog post.


"WordPress installation with Bluehost is quick and simple."



What Bluehost plan do you use and how long have you been hosted with Bluehost?


I started with a plus shared hosting plan and still host my site on the same plan two and a half years later. My traffic has significantly increased in the past two years and the Bluehost plus shared hosting plan has always met my traffic needs.



Ashley, can you tell us why you chose Bluehost in the first place?


Bluehost offers a great plan at an affordable price. I love that it was so easy to set up my site with them. The hosting service is easy and hassle free. They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. I love that you can chose a plan that meets your needs and move to a Bluehost virtual private server or dedicated server down the road, if needed. I haven’t needed to move to a different server, but I like that the option is available.


My number one concern when choosing host is good customer service. Professional and quick service is very important. If my site goes down, I want to know why it is down and how long it will be down. Bluehost has a reliable and professional customer service team. When I have a question or concern about my site, I send them a tweet via Twitter @bluehostsupport and they respond to my concern very quickly. They always provide details on when the issue will be resolved. You can also contact them via chat on their site, email them or call and speak directly with a customer service representative.


"I send them a tweet via Twitter @bluehostsupport and they respond to my concern very quickly"



What are their backup and security options? Do you feel safe with data stored on their servers?


Bluehost automatically creates daily, weekly and monthly backups of my entire account. They have a quick restore option that enables you to replace current files with the backed up versions. You can also download a backup of your files to your own computer. I like this option because it provides an extra layer of protection and I can keep my own backup of my site. While I have never needed to restore data, I trust that Bluehost has safeguarded my site with adequate backups and security features.



Have you ever experienced downtime with Bluehost? How quickly did they respond?


I remember one or two times when my site was down temporarily due to an issue with the server. I contacted Bluehost via Twitter and then responded promptly. Both times, my site was back up within 30 minutes of contacting them. Bluehost even handles large spikes in my traffic and have never experienced downtime due to spikes in traffic. This is very important to me because I often experience spikes in traffic when my recipes or articles are featured on prominent national websites.


"…have never experienced downtime due to spikes in traffic."



It sounds like you are very happy with Bluehost. Would you recommend Bluehost to others? What type of customer would best benefit from their services?


Yes, I highly recommend Bluehost to anyone looking for a great host at a reasonable price. The customer service is excellent and I don’t ever worry about site downtime.


"I highly recommend Bluehost to anyone looking for a great host at a reasonable price."


Bluehost is a great option for someone looking to find an easy, reliable, affordable and worry-free option for hosting. With Bluehost’s low cost options for shared hosting, you really can’t beat the value for the price. It is a great option for someone who is just starting a site and wants to grow without having to change hosts. Bloggers will love the easy site setup and WordPress installation. With over two and a half years of experience with Bluehost, I am more than happy with the hosting service.


To learn more about Ashley and see some of her favorite recipes and travel destinations, please visit her online at


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