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If you are interested in a hosting service that was created specifically for an e-commerce site using Magento like yours, then MageMojo is definitely one worth researching. Luckily, we found Ali Ahmed, owner of Imagination Media, to tell us why he chose Mage Mojo to host his own business website – and why he can’t imagine ever using any other web hosting company again.



Hello Ali and welcome to Bitcatcha! Why don’t you start by telling us a little bit about you and your business background?


I founded Imagination Media about a decade ago to provide various managed IT services for Microsoft Server products. One of our best clients was in search of an ecommerce platform to be able to retail their products. They asked us to assist them in finding a platform which would allow them to build a very specific customer experience along with the flexibility to grow. After doing some research we came across a new software at the time called Magento and I decided to give it a try for this client’s ecommerce site. After a lot of learning along with trial and error, we deemed this first project using Magento a huge success. I instantly fell in love with not only Magento but with ecommerce as a whole, and have never looked back.



Then it sounds like MageMojo is a perfect fit! But how did you first find out about this company which offers Magento-specific hosting? What made you decide to give them a try?


I found out about MageMojo from our lead developer. We had been hosting some of our customers ourselves utilizing Digital Ocean. It turned into a huge pain for us in terms of maintenance, tuning, configuration and support. It was costing Imagination Media more money to maintain these cloud environments than we were actually making.


I began doing research on other cloud-based Magento providers and our lead developer recommended MageMojo. I decided to roll the dice at the time and give them a shot. It quickly became very clear to us that MageMojo provided significantly better performance and eased the burden of maintaining cloud hosting packages as we had with Digital Ocean. It was also apparent that the level of service and support included with their hosting package made MageMojo an even better value. So, less than six months after going with them, we migrated every Digital Ocean environment to MageMojo.


"…MageMojo provided significantly better performance and eased the burden of maintaining cloud hosting packages…"


Which dedicated server hosting plan do you use? Have you needed to upgrade your plan or does it provide sufficient bandwidth, space, etc.?


We have several plans with Mage Mojo from the Mojo Advanced to Mojo Enterprise. The plan we choose for each client depends on their individual needs. Some clients utilize more bandwidth and have much heavier traffic than others. With Mage Mojo it’s very easy to scale up and down depending on your needs. But what always impresses us, as well as our customers, is their 100 percent uptime guarantee and the lowest latency path.


"…what always impresses us, is their 100 percent uptime guarantee and the lowest latency path."


We currently utilize the Mojo Turbo package for our demo sites, staging environments, and other internal projects that we have going.


Note: Mojo Turbo is designed for a larger-sized business; it includes 4 CPUs and a dedicated server with a healthy amount of disk space and bandwidth. Read more about MageMojo’s plans in our review.



MageMojo guarantees the fastest Magento hosting as compared to other hosting services. Have you noticed this to be true?


Yes, in fact they are quite fast! We have had customers hosted at other Magento hosting providers that we migrated to MageMojo for free so they could see the difference for themselves. In every case we have presented thus far we have seen significant performance and speed increases. In fact, they have one of the fastest “time to first byte” we have ever seen.


"…they have one of the fastest “time to first byte” we have ever seen."


According to our research, not all customers are a fan of MageMojo’s customer support department. What about you, Ali? What has your experience been?


Our experience with their support department has been nothing but positive. They provide very quick response times and their staff is extremely knowledgeable about Magento itself as a platform as well as its requirements. Everyone I have communicated with has been eager to help and very friendly.


"They provide very quick response times and their staff is extremely knowledgeable about Magento…"


One of our more recent interactions with Mage Mojo was a merchant we just migrated to MageMojo. The site had issues while under a heavy load at certain times due to email marketing blasts, viral social media posts, etc. MageMojo proactively worked with us to monitor the site during these instances and determine the cause of the performance-related issues.


This is how it went:


The client scheduled an email blast and we notified MageMojo. The techs assigned to our case took time from their schedule to be on hand when the email blast went out. They were able to pinpoint various checkout-related performance issues which, in turn, allowed us to quickly and efficiently correct the problems for the merchant. They went above and beyond to provide excellent service.


"They were able to pinpoint various checkout-related performance issues…"


Obviously MageMojo is a good host to consider for an ecommerce site using Magento. But are there other types of businesses for which you would recommend this host?


We are an ecommerce agency that builds primarily Magento-based solutions. However, we do have a few WordPress sites hosted at Mage Mojo and they perform awesome, so yes, I would recommend MageMojo to other ecommerce concerns as well.



Have you ever experienced any issues that made you question the security of your dedicated server?


No I haven’t come across a scenario in which I questioned the security of any of our servers at MageMojo. In fact, MageMojo is very proactive when it comes to security. They provide a weekly security report of our servers and also regularly scan all file systems.



Well, I’m sure not hearing anything negative about this web host. But perhaps there is something else you’d like to tell us about MageMojo before we close the interview?


The level of service and commitment to security, stability and speed is unlike anything I have seen from any other hosting provider. They are proactive and involved even when not asking them for help. MageMojo will sometimes randomly do a performance test on sites hosted by them and then notify you about any bottlenecks they find and where various performance issues may lie and even take the time to suggest procedures to help you address and fix the issue.


"MageMojo will sometimes randomly do a performance test on sites hosted by them and then notify you about any bottlenecks…"


MageMojo isn’t just any run of the mill host. These guys are LEGIT. They are committed to the art of hosting Magento and I haven’t seen that level of service from any other Magento host or cloud hosting provider, ever. It’s almost impossible to believe how good they are until you actually try them out for yourself.



That is impressive, Ali. It’s been great finding out about MageMojo and all the things they do right. Thanks for taking time from your busy schedule and helping our visitors make an informed decision about this top-notch Magento website hosting service.


To learn more about MageMojo, read our editor’s MageMojo review.


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