Be Our Guest & Tell Us About Your Web Hosting


We comb the world to get in touch with web hosting users so that we can talk to them directly. We are curios how is any web hosting treating their customers. Are they treating you good? Is their service reliable? Deep inside we believe only by talking to real user we get to know the real face of any web hosting service.


If you are currently hosting your website with any hosting company here is the good news. Come talk to us and if you agree for interview, you will get these in return:


  1. Exposure to our readers. We will feature your interview in a dedicated page with your picture and social media account, like this one.
  2. Compensation in form of free product, service or PayPal token. It depends on the availability though. (Ask us in your message)
  3. Uptime monitor to your website. If you agree we will track the uptime of your website and notify you of your website downtime.


Because every web hosting plan is different, we craft the questions separately and uniquely. Generally the interview requires you to answer 10 questions including introduction to yourself and your website. We will send you the doc with questions and you will answer them. We will then finish up the writing and only publish the interview after your final consent. It shouldn’t take more than 1 hour of your time.


Lastly, please drop us a message and let us know your interest. Please also let us know your website URL, website hosting as well as the period you have been with them. Do feel free to ask us any questions too.


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