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6 Best CDN Hosting Services in 2024 (Cloudflare CDN, Hostinger CDN, TrueSpeed CDN and SiteGround Cloud CDN)

CDN hosting services provide dependable hosting plans integrated with Content Delivery Networks (CDNs). This ensures that your website visitors benefit from unmatched speed and superior user experiences.

In a nutshell, a CDN helps supercharge your website content to users no matter where they’re based geographically in the world, allowing them to enjoy a better experience on your site. The best CDN-providing web hosts share common traits like additional speed optimizations in their hardware and software, airtight security, value for money, and great customer support.

After extensive testing and research, we’ve shortlisted the best CDN hosting services for your consideration. The winning web host is Hostinger.

best cdn hosting services

Top 6 Content Delivery Networks Hosting Providers

  1. Hostinger
  2. TMDHosting
  3. GreenGeeks
  1. SiteGround
  2. A2 Hosting
  3. DreamHost
hostinger cdn hosting

Hostinger offers users the option to leverage a free Cloudflare plan for their CDN needs. By utilizing Cloudflare’s global network, visitors can access your website’s content from the server closest to their location, resulting in reduced latency and faster load times.

In addition to the Cloudflare option, Hostinger has also recently introduced its own in-house CDN, currently available in beta mode exclusively for Business Web Hosting plans and above. This in-house CDN, accessible through hPanel, further enhances the delivery of website content to visitors by leveraging Hostinger’s infrastructure.

Whether you choose the Cloudflare option or opt for the in-house CDN, Hostinger provides solutions to optimize the performance and delivery of your website’s content, ensuring an enhanced user experience. Dive deep into our thorough Hostinger review to learn more.

Pros and cons of Hostinger CDN hosting

  • Integrated Cloudflare CDN in all plans
  • Fast and reliable global content delivery
  • Easy setup and management
  • Improves website loading speed
  • No dedicated CDN solution
tmdhosting cdn hosting

TMDHosting enhances your website’s speed and accessibility with its free Cloudflare CDN integration. The CDN boosts your website’s load times by serving your site’s content from the nearest global data center and therefore reducing latency. TMDHosting further optimizes your CDN experience with 3 layers of caching: АPC, OPCache, and Varnish.

They also have a total of 6 data centers in strategic locations worldwide, including major cities across the US, Europe, and Asia. Simply choose the server closest to your website audience to unlock the fastest user experience. Their use of cutting edge CloudLinux servers also improves reliability and uptime.

Dive into our TMDHosting review for more insights.

Pros and cons of TMDHosting CDN hosting

  • Free Cloudflare CDN across all plans
  • 3 layers of caching for faster load times
  • Broad server network enhancing website accessibility
  • HTTP/2 enabled servers
    • 1 year subscription to get cheapest price
    • Higher renewal prices
    greengeeks cdn hosting

    GreenGeeks offers a free CDN through its partnership with Cloudflare. It emphasizes environmental responsibility by matching 300% of the energy used with renewable sources. This initiative is part of their commitment to an eco-friendly web presence and this makes them a more sustainable choice among CDN hosting providers.

    GreenGeeks offers a compelling package that includes free SSL, a domain for the first year, and the peace of mind of contributing to a greener planet. Read our detailed GreenGeeks article for more insights.

    Pros and cons of GreenGeeks CDN hosting

    • 300% renewable energy matching
    • High-speed CDN integration
    • Free domain and SSL in all plans
    • Powerful environmental credentials
    • Expensive renewal rates
    • Limited phone support hours
    siteground cdn hosting

    SiteGround introduced its very own CDN, SiteGround Cloud CDN, in 2022 as part of their commitment to simplifying services for their clients. With SiteGround Cloud CDN, there’s no need for additional setup or configuration with third-party services, providing a hassle-free experience.

    This self-developed CDN is designed exclusively for SiteGround clients and comes with smart defaults and native server performance. Hosted entirely in the cloud, the SiteGround CDN caches and replicates your content across multiple locations, enabling it to be delivered to your website visitors with minimal latency.

    It works seamlessly with SiteGround’s Centralized DNS and high-speed Anycast routing technology to direct your site’s visitor requests to the closest SiteGround CDN location, thus ensuring near-native server performance​. Delve into the specifics of SiteGround with our detailed review.

    Pros and cons of SiteGround CDN hosting

    • Own cloud-based CDN solution
    • Easy one-click setup
    • Supports static and dynamic caching
    • Free during the beta period
    • High-speed global server network
    • Available for primary domain names only
    a2hosting cdn hosting

    Like Hostinger, A2 Hosting has also partnered with Cloudflare to provide a powerful CDN integration. Taking advantage of this partnership allows you access to a comprehensive suite of features designed to enhance content delivery and reduce load times.

    One of the standout advantages of A2 Hosting’s Cloudflare CDN integration is the ability to leverage Cloudflare’s caching technology. This feature intelligently stores frequently accessed content on Cloudflare’s servers, reducing the load on your origin server.

    What’s more, Cloudflare’s integration with A2 Hosting brings the benefits of Cloudflare’s advanced security measures. This includes protection against DDoS attacks, SSL/TLS encryption, and a web application firewall (WAF). These robust security features safeguard your website and contribute to improved performance and reliability. Learn more in our full review of A2 Hosting.

    Pros and cons of A2 Hosting CDN hosting

    • Free Cloudflare CDN integration
    • Boosts website speed and performance
    • Global network for content delivery
    • Supports HTTPS and HTTP/2
    • Protection against DDoS attacks
    • Advanced features require upgrade
    • Not as straightforward to set up
    dreamhost cdn hosting

    DreamHost, a reputable name in the web hosting industry, once offered a robust CDN service, DreamSpeed, in partnership with Fastly. However, as of now, DreamSpeed is no longer operational. But don’t let this deter you; DreamHost still has a lot to offer.

    DreamHost recommends utilizing Cloudflare’s CDN services, which can be easily integrated with any DreamHost plan. This partnership ensures that DreamHost users can still benefit from a quality CDN service, even if DreamHost itself does not directly provide it. This straightforward setup process can be activated from within your DreamHost control panel. Plus, the basic Cloudflare plan is free, which is excellent news for those on a budget. Explore our detailed review of DreamHost and gain valuable insights.

    Pros and cons of DreamHost CDN hosting

    • Enhances site performance and speed
    • DDoS protection included
    • Easy to set up and use
    • Vast global server network
    • Limited control and customization
    • Advanced features are paid

    What Are The Advantages Of CDN Hosting?

    There are 6 advantages of CDN hosting and these are:

    1. Faster global content delivery CDNs offer faster global content delivery thanks to a network of servers distributed worldwide. This allows them to deliver content to users across different geographic regions efficiently. They minimize the physical distance data must travel and ensure faster content delivery. This results in quicker page load times and a smoother browsing experience. Regardless of where your users are located, a CDN ensures that your website’s content is delivered from nearby servers, reducing delays and optimizing user experiences globally.
    2. Scalability and handling traffic spikes CDNs employ load-balancing techniques to distribute traffic across multiple servers. This ensures that your website can handle high volumes of traffic without experiencing performance issues or server overloads. CDNs also offer scalable solutions that enable your website to accommodate increased traffic demands as your business grows.
    3. Reducing bandwidth costs CDNs reduce bandwidth costs by caching content on edge servers. CDNs serve subsequent requests for the same content directly from the edge server and this reduces the need to retrieve it from the origin server. This saves bandwidth and lowers data transfer costs, particularly for websites with large files or high traffic volumes.
    4. Enhanced user experience Website users are more likely to stay engaged and explore your website when they encounter minimal wait times. This can lead to increased user satisfaction, longer visit durations, and higher conversion rates.
    5. Security and DDoS protection Many CDNs offer built-in security measures to protect websites against DDoS attacks and other cyber threats. They can help mitigate the impact of malicious traffic, safeguard your website’s availability, and ensure the protection of sensitive user data.
    6. SEO benefits CDNs can improve your website’s loading times, bounce rates and enhance user engagement. This can positively impact your search engine rankings, leading to increased visibility and organic traffic.

    What Are The Different Types Of CDN Hosting?

    There are 6 different types of CDN hosting and these are:

    1. Shared hosting Shared CDN hosting places several websites on a single server, dividing its CPU, memory, and storage among them. This cost-effective solution is best for personal blogs or small businesses with limited traffic.
    2. WordPress hosting WordPress CDN hosting is specifically optimized for WordPress. It offers server configurations that boost the speed, security, and reliability of websites built on the WordPress CMS and ensures that themes and plugins run smoothly.
    3. VPS hosting Virtual Private Server (VPS) CDN hosting allocates a specific portion of a server’s resources exclusively to a single user. It gives users increased control, customization, and isolated environments.
    4. Cloud hosting Cloud CDN hosting uses a network of interconnected servers to store and distribute a website’s resources. It’s a reliable form of hosting that allows for easy scaling up.
    5. Dedicated hosting Dedicated CDN hosting assigns all resources of a single server to one website exclusively. This ensures maximum speed, security, and administrative control. It’s ideal for high-traffic or resource-intensive sites.
    6. Reseller hosting Reseller CDN hosting lets clients buy hosting in bulk and then redistribute it to others. It is typically used by agencies or entrepreneurs. It includes tools for billing, management, and support for third-party customers.

    Do I Need CDN Hosting?

    Yes, you need CDN hosting if you want your website to load quickly for visitors all around the world. CDN hosting will ensure your website visitors in Tokyo will experience similar fast loading times as your website visitors in New York. This makes CDN hosting especially useful for website owners who are targeting audiences that are located in multiple geographical regions.

    If you are relying on local hosting rather than CDN hosting, your website may only load quickly for visitors who are geographically close to your web host’s data center.

    What’s the difference between CDN hosting and local hosting?

    The difference between CDN hosting and local hosting is that CDN hosting gives you superior global reach. CDN hosting combines web hosting and CDN services to ensure that your website content is no longer tied to a single location. With “CDN hosting” your website’s content is served from the CDN’s data centers spread across the world. This speeds up loading times and is ideal for targeting international visitors in multiple locations.

    With “local hosting”, your website content is served from the web host’s server which is based in one fixed location. This is ideal if you’re targeting audiences that are based in regions close to your web host’s data centers. However, it can result in slower loading times for those further away because of latency.

    Is cheap CDN hosting reliable?

    Yes, cheap CDN hosting is reliable if the web host is using an industry-proven CDN such as Cloudflare. Cloudflare is a leading CDN that leading web hosts offer in their CDN hosting plans. Cloudflare connects to over 12,500 servers around the world. Its network can reach around 95% of the world’s population within approximately 50 ms. Cheap CDN hosting typically includes the free tier plan of Cloudflare. If you wish to have access to more features and higher performance, it’s possible to upgrade when the need arises.

    How Does CDN Hosting Speed Up My Website Performance?

    CDN hosting speeds up your website performance by distributing its content across a network of data centers located globally. When a user accesses your site, the content is delivered from the nearest data center, hence reducing the distance the data has to travel.

    Additionally, CDNs can handle high traffic loads and mitigate potential server overloads. This means that your website remains accessible and performs optimally even during traffic spikes. CDNs also enhance the speed and efficiency of content transfer by caching static content and optimizing delivery. This leads to a consistently fast user experience regardless of the visitor’s geographic location.

    Which Is The Best CDN Hosting?

    The best CDN hosting offers a combination of speed-optimized hardware and software to make sure your website loads quickly to visitors all around the world. The best hosts also offer strong security, scalability, and resources. Here is a recap of our top 6 brands:

    FeaturesHostingerA2 HostingDreamHostHostPapaBluehostSiteGround
    Shared Unlimited
    Choice Plus
    SiteGround Cloud
    200 GB NVMe
    100 GB SSD
    40 GB SSD
    10 GB SSD
    Uptime guarantee
    See all features

    Our top CDN hosting provider is Hostinger, based on performance, coverage, and value. However, keep in mind that the final choice should always be dependent on your unique requirements and website goals.

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