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6 Cheapest Dedicated Server Hosting in 2024 (Windows, Linux, US and Europe Data Center)

Timothy Shim
June 16, 2024


Cheapest dedicated server hosts refer to the hosting providers that offer affordable yet reliable solutions for businesses in need of high-performance dedicated hosting services. Traditionally, dedicated servers automatically meant high costs, making them less accessible for those on a budget. However, the hosting industry has evolved, and now there are options available that provide cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality.


In this article, we’ll examine the best dedicated server hosts that deliver affordability alongside great performance, features, customization, and customer support. Additionally, we’ll explain what a cheap dedicated server host is, and what technical skills are required to manage a dedicated server.


After running the research, our top pick is TMDHosting.


cheapest dedicated server hosts


Top 6 Affordable Dedicated Server Hosting


  1. TMDHosting – $79.99/mo
  2. InMotion Hosting – $89.99/mo
  3. IONOS – $55.00/mo
  4. HostGator – $89.98/mo
  5. Bluehost – $89.98/mo
  6. MochaHost – $19.95/mo


Hosting Plan


CPU Cores

8 cores

Price (USD)


Key Features

  • 8GB DDR4 RAM
  • 150GB SSD storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • cPanel & WHM
  • Premium caching

“TMDHosting offers fully managed dedicated servers, premium compute resources and a 24/7/365 technical support team that you can host your website worry-free!”


TMDHosting pairs affordability with providing high-performance and reliable dedicated server options. One of the standout features of TMDHosting is its cost-effective pricing structure. They offer dedicated server plans at competitive rates, allowing you to benefit from the power and control of a dedicated server without exceeding your budget. Their plans are fully managed and start from $79.99/mo.


Users can make use of their intuitive control dashboard called TMD Portal whilst their premium 10Gbit network ensures fast access to your website, even during periods of high traffic.


TMDHosting’s dedicated servers come with features and resources to meet different requirements. Their plans typically include ample CPU power, decent RAM, and RAID Level 10 storage space to handle demanding applications and websites. Read more about them in our TMDHosting review.


Pros and cons of TMDHosting dedicated server host



  • ✓ Robust resources at affordable prices
  • ✓ Feature-rich plans with high customization options
  • ✓ Unlimited bandwidth offered
  • ✓ Free Website Transfer
  • ✓ Free Weebly Sitebuilder
  • ✓ Free CloudFlare CDN
  • ✓ Comprehensive security support


  • • No Windows-based dedicated hosting
  • • Occasional complaints about the customer support quality



2. InMotion Hosting
InMotion Hosting

Hosting Plan


CPU Cores

4 cores

Price (USD)


Key Features

  • 16GB DDR3 RAM
  • 1TB SSD storage
  • 10TB bandwidth
  • cPanel
  • Free SSL and DDoS protection

“InMotion dedicated servers are fully managed by cPanel and its server is easy to manage.”


InMotion Hosting is a reputable hosting provider that offers reliable and cost-effective dedicated server hosting solutions. They’re known for their quality services and affordable pricing options, starting from just $69.99 for self-managed dedicated hosting. For this, you’re getting great performance, customization options, and robust features. Their plans come with commendable server resources, including powerful Intel CPUs, ample RAM, and SSD storage.


In addition to their cost-effective pricing, InMotion Hosting offers 24/7/365 tech support via live chat, ticket, and phone. Their support team can help you with server setup, configurations, troubleshooting, and other server-related queries. Learn more in our full review of InMotion Hosting.


Pros and cons of InMotion Hosting dedicated server host



  • ✓ InMotion Hosting emphasizes performance
  • ✓ Multiple support channels via phone, chat, and ticket support
  • ✓ Competitive pricing for their feature-rich plans
  • ✓ Top-notch commercial security
  • ✓ Plans have enterprise-grade scalability
  • ✓ Free website transfer and server setup
  • ✓ High uptime via Smart Routing Technology


  • • Data centers are in the US only
  • • No Windows-based dedicated hosting
  • • No unlimited bandwidth



Hosting Plan

L-16 SSD

CPU Cores

4 cores

Price (USD)


Key Features

  • 480GB SSD storage
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Free Wildcard SSL & emails
  • Advanced firewall

“IONOS is your ideal choice if you want to run websites with high-performance demands, medium-sized eCommerce websites or extend dedicated hardware with cloud functionality.”


IONOS, formerly known as 1&1 IONOS offers dedicated server plans at affordable rates, making them accessible to various budgets. Despite the cost-effectiveness, IONOS ensures its servers are equipped with robust resources, including a choice between Intel and AMD CPUs.


With unlimited traffic and up to 1 Gbit/s connectivity, your websites run faster and provide a better user experience. Additionally, their dedicated server plans come with extended security, advanced firewall, Wildcard SSL certificates, and backup, providing added value for your investment. Find out more in IONOS official website!


Pros and cons of IONOS dedicated server host



  • ✓ Value-for-money dedicated hosting plans
  • ✓ ISO 27001 certification data centers
  • ✓ API and cloud integration for website extendibility
  • ✓ Unlimited traffic transfer
  • ✓ Unlimited email accounts


  • • Mixed reviews on customer support
  • • No DDoS protection



Hosting Plan

Value Server

CPU Cores

4 cores

Price (USD)


Key Features

  • 8GB RAM
  • 1TB HDD
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • cPanel/WHM/Plesk
  • Full root access

“HostGator offers affordable fully-managed dedicated servers with the best 24/7/365 support team to you.”


HostGator have gained popularity for their competitive pricing and reliable services. HostGator’s dedicated server plans are designed to provide cost-effective options for accessing dedicated resources. They offer potent processors and HDD/SSD storage space, with plans starting from $89.98/mo. You also get access to some sweet security features, including DDoS protection, an IP-based firewall and and data center level protection to help keep your stuff safe.


Additionally, HostGator offers several user-friendly control panels and easy scalability options, allowing users to manage their dedicated servers efficiently and accommodate their growing needs. Plus, their customer service team have over 20 years of experience! Get the complete picture of HostGator through our in-depth review.


Pros and cons of HostGator dedicated server host



  • ✓ Network uptime guarantee
  • ✓ Multiple support channels via phone/live chat/Twitter
  • ✓ Pricing plans are easily scalable
  • ✓ Strong security measures


  • • Data centers are in the US only
  • • No unlimited bandwidth



Hosting Plan


CPU Cores

4 cores

Price (USD)


Key Features

  • 8GB RAM
  • 1TB HDD storage
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • cPanel

“RAID1 storage configurations, unmetered bandwidth and extreme speed of the server make Bluehost become one of the good choices for dedicated servers!”


While Bluehost is widely recognized for its shared hosting plans, it also provides affordable options if you’re looking for dedicated server hosting solutions. Dedicated server plans start from $89.98/mo – pretty competitive if you look at what you’re getting.


Bluehost’s dedicated servers are powered by cutting-edge core technology and feature high-performance hardware, including RAID1 storage configurations, unmetered bandwidth, Intel Xeon-D CPU and generous RAM. Bluehost has a team of dedicated hosting experts available 24/7 to assist you with any technical issues or inquiries. That said – we do wish they were a little faster at responding. Uncover the details of Bluehost with our extensive review.


Pros and cons of Bluehost dedicated server host



  • ✓ Plans are easy to scale up or down
  • ✓ Dedicated support via phone/live chat
  • ✓ Improved cPanel to manage your websites easily
  • ✓ Uses RAID1 for better security and protection


  • • No Windows-based dedicated server
  • • Mixed reviews on customer support



Hosting Plan


CPU Cores

1 core

Price (USD)


Key Features

  • 2GB RAM
  • 50GB SSD storage
  • 400GB traffic
  • Unlimited free SSL certificate
  • Free migration assistance

“You can customize your dedicated cloud servers according to your needs with MochaHost! And you can get 24/7 access to the same award-winning support team to take care of your website.”


MochaHost offers very affordable dedicated server hosting solutions and comes with a range of notable features and generous offerings. Their dedicated server plans ride on the cloud. They come with powerful CPUs, abundant RAM, and generous SSD storage space, enabling efficient performance for resource-intensive applications or websites.


MochaHost offers Lightning Fast Guarantee and Website Performance Guarantee in your dedicated hosting environment, ensuring your business always gives a positive user experience for higher conversions. Discover everything you need to know about MochaHost in our comprehensive review!


Pros and cons of MochaHost dedicated server host



  • ✓ Unlimited Free 256-bit SSL Certificates / Let’s Encrypt Support
  • ✓ Never Reboot Protection
  • ✓ Lightning Fast Guarantee
  • ✓ Useful VPN support
  • ✓ Multiple scalable dedicated server plans


  • • Additional costs for add-ons
  • • No unlimited traffic



What Is Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting?


Cheap dedicated server hosting is a hosting service that provides a dedicated server environment for a monthly price of $100 or lower. This type of hosting at this price point includes a CPU with 6 cores and 12 threads. It also provides at least 16GB of RAM and advanced storage options such as SSD or NVMe. Each package comes with one dedicated IP address for enhanced security and control. These services provide managed support and technical maintenance. This allows clients to concentrate on their core business activities.


What makes cheap dedicated hosting plans affordable?


Cheap dedicated hosting plans are made affordable by using low to mid-range hardware. They include CPUs like Intel Xeon E series or older AMD EPYC and Ryzen models. These servers use DDR3 memory which is an older generation of RAM and costs less than newer types. Some cheap dedicated hosting plans also offer only HDD storage instead of expensive SSDs to keep prices low. The backup capacity in these plans is also limited and this contributes to the low price. Unmanaged services also reduce provider costs since it transfers server management responsibilities to the user. See our cheap web hosting guide for our recommendations of different web hosts with plans that cater to small budgets.


What makes dedicated server hosting expensive?


Dedicated server hosting plans are expensive in general because they cater to businesses that need extremely reliable and high-availability hosting. These plans require high-grade hardware to deliver better performance. They use advanced CPUs like Intel Scalable or the latest AMD EPYC, which have two CPUs for more power. Memory is newer (using DDR4 or DDR5) for faster and more efficient operation. Most dedicated server hosting also relies on fast SSD NVMe instead of regular HDDs. This makes this type of hosting more costly than shared or VPS hosting.


What are the limitations of cheap dedicated server hosting?


There are three limitations of cheap dedicated server hosting:


  1. Slower server hardware
    Cheap dedicated servers use low to mid-range CPU and RAM. This results in slower performance compared to premium servers. They employ HDD or SATA SSD for storage which is significantly slower than NVMe SSDs.
  2. Limited server resources
    These hosting plans come with restricted storage, bandwidth, vCPU/CPU cores, CPU clock speed, and RAM. This eventually leads to performance bottlenecks for growing websites.
  3. Additional cost for technical support
    Providers offer only basic support in cheap dedicated hosting. Users need to pay extra for comprehensive technical support.


Do I Get SSD with Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting?


Yes, you do get SSD on cheap dedicated server hosting plans. These storage options come with capacities ranging from 50 GB to 1 TB SSD to provide ample space for various hosting needs. They are also optimized for speed and security by using RAID configurations and Storage Area Networks (SAN). These enhance data protection and performance.


Do I Get Root Access with Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting?


Yes, you get root access with cheap dedicated server hosting in most cases. You always get full root access with unmanaged dedicated server plans. Some providers do not provide root access on managed dedicated server plans or restrict the amount of control you have.


Is Managed or Unmanaged Dedicated Server Hosting Cheaper?


Unmanaged dedicated server hosting is cheaper than managed hosting. This is because unmanaged plans do not include an operating system and control panel. Users are also responsible for managing the entire server, which includes tasks like setup, monitoring, security, and maintenance. This do-it-yourself approach reduces costs but requires more technical expertise from the user.


Do I Save More with Cheap Monthly or Yearly Dedicated Hosting Plans?


You save more with cheap yearly dedicated hosting plans compared to monthly dedicated hosting plans. Many dedicated server providers offer significant introductory discounts of up to 65% for commitments of 12 months or longer. Make sure to only commit to a yearly plan after confirming that the provider meets your specific requirements.


Do I Save More with Cheap Intel or AMD Dedicated Hosting Plans?


You save more with cheap AMD dedicated hosting plans over Intel-based plans. AMD-based dedicated hosting plans are 25% cheaper than those using Intel processors when comparing servers with similar specifications.


What Makes the Best Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting for the USA?


The best cheap dedicated server hosting for the USA costs only $100 or lower per month. They ensure optimal service for this demographic by operating data centers in all major US regions, including the East, West, and Central areas. The best US hosting providers also have the advantage of US-based technical support teams. This ensures timely and effective local assistance for US-based clients.


What Makes the Best Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting for Europe?


The best cheap dedicated server hosting for Europe offers plans costing less than $150 per month to cater to a wide customer base. These providers also ensure consistent performance by having data centers located in key EU regions, such as Spain, France, Germany, and the Netherlands.


What Is the Best Cheap Dedicated Linux Server Hosting?


The best cheap dedicated Linux server hosting costs $100 or lower per month. It also comes with a wide range of Linux distributions for selection, such as Ubuntu, CentOS and Debian.


What Is the Best Cheap Dedicated Windows Server Hosting?


The best cheap dedicated Windows server hosting costs $100 or lower per month. These hosting plans provide the latest versions of Windows Server Standard or Windows Server Datacenter.


Which Is the Best Affordable Dedicated Server Hosting Provider?


The best affordable dedicated server hosting provider delivers reliable performance, substantial features, and excellent value for money.


Here’s a recap of the top 6 providers for cheap dedicated servers:


Specifications TMDHosting InMotion Hosting IONOS HostGator Bluehost MochaHost
Plan name Starter Aspire L-16 SSD Value Server Standard Altura-3
Processor Intel Intel Intel Intel Intel Intel
RAM 8 GB 16 GB 16 GB 8 GB 8 GB 2 GB
Storage 150 GB SSD 1 TB SSD 480 GB SSD 512 GB SSD 1 TB HDD 50 GB SSD
Bandwidth Unlimited Unmetered Unlimited Unmetered Unmetered 4 TB
Free dedicated IP 1 1 1 3 1 1
Server management Managed Managed, unmanaged Managed Managed, semi-managed Managed Managed, unmanaged
Free domain name Yes No No No Yes No
Free SSL Unlimited Yes Wildcard No Yes Unlimited
Uptime guarantee 99.9% No 99.99% No No 99.9%
Money-back guarantee 30-day 30-day No No 30-day 7-day
Price /mo $79.99 $69.99 $55.00 $89.98 $89.98 $19.95
Cost per CPU core $9.99 $17.50 $13.75 $22.50 $22.50 $19.95
See all features


TMDHosting is our #1 choice for affordable dedicated server hosting based on the mentioned criteria.




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