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DevKinsta: Everything About Kinsta’s Free Local WordPress Development Suite

Daren Low
May 25, 2024


It’s no secret we’re fans of Kinsta as a managed WordPress hosting brand.


So when rumours stirred that Kinsta was working on a new tool to help developers – we were naturally curious. After all, these guys know WordPress like the back of their hand.


Today we’re looking at the freshly launched DevKinsta – a local development suite for WordPress sites. This tool allows anyone to create, manage and experiment with sites locally, i.e. without internet connectivity.


Even better, it’s free for everyone to download and use! Let’s whizz through to see what’s the hype about, and exactly who should be excited about it.



What is DevKinsta all about?


In a nutshell, DevKinsta is a suite of tools that exist to make local site creation and development quick and easy.


Why is local development useful? Well, it lets you build, edit and test code without an internet connection. It essentially lets you work from anywhere as well as easily debug themes and plugins within different environments.


In short, it’s a great way to streamline your workflow!


With DevKinsta, users are able to design, develop, and deploy WordPress sites (single and multisite) from their local machine.


When you’re ready to go live, you’ll be able to push your site directly to Kinsta. More on this in a bit.



Who will DevKinsta be useful for?


The beauty of DevKinsta is that it’s free and available for anyone to use! You don’t need to be an existing Kinsta customer.


Given its technicalities, it’s obviously not a tool for your average internet user. Instead, it’s built with developers in mind.


Kinsta’s identified 4 groups of web professionals that might find the tool useful:


  • Developers: DevKinsta offers developers a local environment for developing and debugging code. You can test WordPress plugins and themes across multiple and isolated instances.
  • Agencies: DevKinsta lets you test plugin and theme updates for your clients locally. This should help avoid site-breaking changes in production.
  • Designers: DevKinsta offers a local, secure, and fast environment for designing your sites, templates, themes. You can debug HTML, CSS, and JavaScript through your local browser.
  • Freelancers: DevKinsta lets you create, edit and duplicate WordPress local installs fast and intuitively. You’ll be able to troubleshoot client sites offline and then push work directly to a Kinsta staging environment.


The DevKinsta tool will be available in 10 different languages. Great news for the global dev community!



DevKinsta’s Key Features


DevKinsta’s armed with lots of handy tools, including:


  • One-click WordPress site creation
    Create WordPress sites/multisites with a single click. Every DevKinsta site is powered by a modern hosting stack plus the latest version of WordPress Core.
  • WordPress error logging
    Debug your site’s PHP errors with their powerful built-in WP_DEBUG toggle.
  • PHP 7.x and 8.x support
    Lets you test your site with the latest version of PHP in a safe environment. Supports PHP 7.2 – 8.0 and lets you switch between versions with ease.
  • Local email management
    DevKinsta has a handy email inbox with a powerful SMTP server and email testing tool. You can catch and inspect outgoing emails to debug contact forms, marketing automations, site notifications, and more.
  • Built-in database manager
    Comes with Adminer, a database management tool that’s both lightweight and open source. You can use it to edit WordPress database tables, run SQL queries, import/export backups and more!



* Hassle-free local WordPress Development!
** Learn more about Kinsta in our full review.



How DevKinsta plays to Kinsta’s strengths


What do we mean here?


Well, Kinsta as a brand has a great track record. In our full review of Kinsta’s WordPress hosting, we’ve tipped our hat before to their great interface and their knowledgeable team of WordPress experts.


1. Great Interface


Whilst many host providers rely on trusty cPanel or Plesk, Kinsta’s hosting solutions rely on their own custom dashboard called MyKinsta. It’s eye-catching and a breeze to use. Similarly, their DevKinsta tool also offers a nice clean UX.


It’s simple to navigate and just… heckin’ nice on the eyes.


devkinsta dashboard with clean interface

The DevKinsta starting screen that greets you.


Sure, DevKinsta isn’t the only tool of its kind. But it’s refreshing to see such a simple interface.


2. WordPress Specialist Knowledge


As we’ve said, WordPress is Kinsta’s bread and butter. Everyone in their support team has expert knowledge in the intricacies of the platform. This gives us high hopes for DevKinsta and where it can go from here.


It’s still in its early days of roll-out, so we’d expect some bugs and hiccups. However, they already have a useful knowledge base and a community forum dedicated to DevKinsta.


devkinsta community is already active just after launch

The DevKinsta community forum (1 day after launch).


If you decide to use DevKinsta, consider joining the forum to give your 2 cents and (their words) ‘contribute to shaping the future of DevKinsta’.


It sounds like marketing speak but Kinsta seems to be walking the talk. We can already see their engineers in active dialogue with real-time users.


3. MyKinsta integration makes it great for Kinsta customers


Lastly, whilst you don’t need to be a Kinsta customer to use DevKinsta, it does come with nifty integrations if you ARE a Kinsta customer.


These include:


  • Being able to easily pull a live Kinsta site as a local copy.
  • Work on it offline, and push it back to your MyKinsta staging environment in a click.


All this should mean that DevKinsta should slot easily into your current workflow and make life just that little bit easier.



How do I download DevKinsta?


DevKinsta is currently available for macOS and Windows. If you’re looking to download it, head to the download section on the DevKinsta website.


Since it’s just been launched, you may need to fill in a contact form first to get the link sent to you.


devkinsta requires sign up to download


Once installed, you can kick things off in 1 of 3 ways:


  1. Create a new WordPress site from scratch.
  2. Import an existing WordPress site hosted on Kinsta.
  3. Create a new WordPress site with a custom configuration.



Verdict: DevKinsta is worth checking out!


DevKinsta certainly looks like a promising tool.


Given these are the brains behind a premium managed WordPress hosting – it’s pretty exciting to see the Kinsta team offering a free solution to make developers’ lives easier.


If you’re looking for a tool to create and manage WordPress sites locally, DevKinsta is definitely worth checking out.



* Free forever – also available for macOS and Windows.
** Learn more about Kinsta in our full review.




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