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A2 Hosting’s Customer Support – Is It Any Good?

Daren Low
June 16, 2024


Web hosting can live or die by its customer support. When problems inevitably crop up, having the right customer support can mean the difference between smoothly getting your site up and running, or idly wasting away while opportunities pass you by.


If you didn’t already know, A2 Hosting is fast! But is it also smooth? How well will their customer support get you over the virtual bumps on the information superhighway?



Customer Support Vs Customer Service – What’s The Difference?


Before we jump in, let’s have a quick clarification of what we mean between customer support and customer service.


Normally, we pretty much use these two terms interchangeably, but for this article, ‘Customer Support’ will refer more to the technical aspects while ‘Customer Service’ will be more about the quality of life and general pleasant user experience.


We’ve touched on A2’s customer support in our full A2 review – but let’s dive into more details below!



How Does A2 Hosting Support You In Case Of Technical Issues?


There are a number of options you can take when you need support in A2 Hosting. The main ways include:


  1. A ticketing system – to report problems
  2. Live Chat 24/7 – chatting with a human in real time
  3. Knowledge Base – FAQ and step-by-step guides


Using A2 Hosting’s ticketing system


A2 Hosting’s Ticketing System is pretty standard. If you’re experiencing issues, simply click on Open Ticket, to take you to the Client Area.


A2 Hosting interface shows how to open a support ticket

Click Open Ticket.


Click on a topic you need help with, such as Support for technical issues.


A2 Hosting interface shows customer support for technical issues

Click Support.


Choose a category from the drop down menu that best describes the problem you’re facing. That will open up another drop down menu. Fill them all up and then click Next.


A2 Hosting interface showing client ticket category

Choose from the drop down menu.


Now you’re on a page where you can describe the problem in more detail. Upload any files or screen captures if necessary and simply click Submit Ticket to complete the process.


A2 Hosting interface showing support ticket form

Fill in the form and click Submit Ticket.


You’ll get a response within 24 hours.


Straightforward but we’re satisfied so far. Although we have to wonder, was it really necessary to have separate pages for the dropdown menus and written descriptions? It seems like a superfluous extra step.


A2’s live chat – helpful but slow


Maybe you would prefer to communicate with a real person? Well, get in line buddy!


To chat with A2 Hosting’s team, simply click on Support Chat at the top of your browser.


A2 Hosting interface shows starting a support live chat


That will open up a chat box where you choose from some drop down menus and give a description of the issue you’re facing. You’ll also have to provide your Support PIN.


Now, just click on Start Chatting and wait for someone to attend to you… and wait… and wait…


Their Live Chat seems to be pretty short on staff. In a previous chat session, we were number 2 in a queue and had to wait 4-5 minutes for our turn.


A2 Hosting splash screen shows live chat queue

It said 25 minutes but was more like 4-5.


In our most recent chat session, we were number 14 in the queue and waited 22 minutes to be attended to.


A2 Hosting interface shows live chat response time

Took about 21 minutes before the queue reached us.


Once we did get to our turn though, the service was excellent. They went about trying to resolve the issue on the spot.


It’s not bad but there’s definitely room for improvement. Having to fill in your details before requesting for chat also seems like another superfluous extra step, given that the concept of a live chat should be for immediate interaction with a real human being.


A2 Hosting knowledge base – Is it actually helpful?


The A2 Hosting Knowledge Base is basically your FAQ or a user’s manual of sorts. Simply click on Support to get a drop down menu and then click on Knowledgebase. That will take you to a pretty well organized page with various topics of interest.


A2 Hosting web hosting knowledge base

Most popular categories sorted first.


One thing that’s really nice with the Knowledge Base documentation is that aside from breaking down topics into digestible little chunks, they’re presented in a very step-by-step format. This is something that’s sorely missing from the documentation of other services, which don’t cater to a more casual clientele.


Whether you want to set up an SSL certificate or just learn how to keep your site safe – there’s something here to learn.



How Does A2 Hosting Make Life Easy For You?


There are 2 quality of life features provided by A2 Hosting that bears bringing up.


1. A2 Hosting’s headache free web migration


Whether you started with a free service and have decided to take the step by moving onto a web host, or your previous web host could no longer meet your needs, you will want a safe and smooth transition to your new web host so that you’re up and running with all your data, ASAP!


A2 Hosting not only offers the services of their dedicated Migration Specialist Team, but the service is FREE on ALL their packages, whether it be their shared hosting or managed VPS.


2. Learning from the past with customer support logging


One thing we appreciated while testing out the customer support was the logging aspect. Previous tickets are maintained and the transcript for our live chat session could be mailed to our email account for future reference.


Being able to easily refer to previous technical issues can be a real time saver, especially in tackling repeating problems.



What Others Say About A2 Hosting’s Support


Here are a few reviews of A2 Hosting’s customer support over on Trustpilot.


Here was a compliment on their free site migration service


comment on A2 free site migration service

Comment on free site migration.


Here was an issue where the customer was past due on payment, but was still able to retrieve his back-up data after talking to the people at A2 Hosting.


customer with overdue payment compromised with A2 support agent

Customer had overdue payment, but compromise still possible.


Another customer shared his experience.


positive review from a satisfied customer

Satisfied customer.


Nobody’s perfect but on the whole, A2 Hosting enjoy positive reviews.



Wrap Up: A2 Hosting’s Service Is Good


The Customer Service from A2 Hosting is good. They’re result oriented and want to help you fix the issues you’re facing. And they provide you with the documentation you need.


But not gonna lie, that slow response from Live Chat hurts the experience, especially if you’re in a state of urgency.


What we love about A2 Support


  • Attentive personnel who do their best to be prompt and helpful.
  • Some good quality of life features such as free website migration.
  • Good documentation.


What we didn’t love about A2 Support


  • Slow response on Live Chat




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