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5 Best Windows Dedicated Server Hosting in 2024 (Cheap, Managed)

Timothy Shim
June 19, 2024


The best Windows dedicated web hosts provide exclusive server resources, easy control, and performance that are optimized for Windows operating systems.


In this article, we’ll explore and evaluate 5 leading brands in the industry known for their excellence in Windows-based dedicated hosting. We’ll look at their core strengths, including their suitability with Windows, features, performance and customer support.


We’ll also explain what Windows-based dedicated hosting actually is, and how Windows-based dedicated hosting compares to Linux-based dedicated hosting. Personally, we think Liquid Web is the best contender for this category.

best windows dedicated server hosting

Top 5 Windows Dedicated Server Hosting


  1. Liquid Web
  2. Ultahost
  3. Hostwinds
  4. Accuweb Hosting
  5. GoDaddy Hosting


Hosting Plan

Intel Xeon E3-1230 v6

CPU Cores

Intel Xeon 4-Core 8-Thread

Price (USD)


Key Features

  • 240GB SSD storage (2x)
  • 5TB bandwidth
  • 2TB SATA backup disk

“There is a variety of Windows-based dedicated server plans from Liquid Web that you can choose according to your needs.”


Liquid Web is a highly reputable hosting provider that offers robust and scalable Windows-based dedicated hosting solutions. With a strong focus on delivering high-performance hosting services, Liquid Web’s dedicated servers have enterprise-grade hardware, powerful processors, and use business-grade SSDs.


One of the standout features of Liquid Web’s Windows-based dedicated hosting is its emphasis on security. Liquid Web implements advanced security measures, including multi-level DDoS protection, dedicated IPs, ServerSecure Advanced Security, regular backups, and monitoring systems, to protect you and maintain the integrity of their servers. Liquid Web also offers outstanding customer support, with expert technicians available 24/7 via phone, chat, and email. Find out more in Liquid Web official website!


Pros and cons of Liquid Web Windows dedicated server



  • ✓ Superior and high-performance hardware and infrastructure
  • ✓ Robust security measures
  • ✓ 100% Power and Network Uptime Guarantee
  • ✓ Exceptional and reliable support
  • ✓ Scalable and flexible dedicated plans


  • • Dedicated hosting plans tend to be pricey
  • • The hosting plans can be complex for beginners


Hosting Plan


CPU Cores

Intel® Xeon E3 / Core i7 4-Core 8-Thread

Price (USD)


Key Features

  • 16GB RAM
  • 480 GB SSD
  • 1 IPv4 IP Address
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • DDoS protection

“Ultahost offers flexible, powerful Windows dedicated server solutions ideal for businesses looking to scale and secure their online presence.”


Ultahost specializes in dedicated server hosting with customizable options to meet various business needs. Their ULTA-X1 plan starts at $84/mo and provides industry-leading hardware and managed services. They support a variety of Windows operating systems, including Windows Server 2022, 2019, Windows 10, and Windows 11. This caters to diverse enterprise requirements.


Key benefits of Ultahost’s dedicated hosting include rapid deployment and extensive storage capacities. You also get obust security measures including DDoS protection. Customers also benefit from 24/7 support and built-in security updates. These features guarantee reliable, high-performance hosting environments suitable for a range of Windows-based applications. Find out more about the brand in Ultahost official website.


Pros and cons of Ultahost Windows dedicated server



  • ✓ Competitive pricing with no setup fees
  • ✓ High-performance SSD storage
  • ✓ Comprehensive managed hosting services
  • ✓ Extensive security features, including free SSL and DDoS protection
  • ✓ 24/7/365 customer support and security monitoring


  • • Free domain available for yearly hosting plans only


Hosting Plan

E3-1270 v3

CPU Cores

Intel Xeon 4-Core 8-Thread

Price (USD)


Key Features

  • 8GB RAM
  • 1TB HDD
  • 10TB bandwidth
  • 8 IP addresses

“Reliable performance, competitive pricing and excellent customer support make Hostwinds become one of the best-managed Windows-based dedicated server hosting.”


With a strong focus on performance and customization, Hostwinds’ dedicated servers are equipped with options to customize the hosting you need for the speed, reliability, and performance your Windows-based site needs. Their Windows dedicated hosting starts from $147.00/mo for 1TB Enterprise HDD and their Server 2016 Standard.


The configuration level is high, and you control exactly how you want your Windows-based hosting to be, with choices between various servers over the years – you simply pay more the more advanced you want the server.


With full root access, you fully control your server. This allows for extensive customization, including specific software application installation and server settings. Also, Hostwinds provides a user-friendly control panel to manage and monitor your dedicated servers from where you are. Delve into the specifics of Hostwinds with the official website.


Pros and cons of Hostwinds Windows dedicated server



  • ✓ Flexibility and scalability through various hosting plans
  • ✓ Great customization options
  • ✓ High performance and reliability
  • ✓ Multiple support channels


  • • Pricing on the high side
  • • The learning curve can be steep for newbies


4. Accuweb Hosting
Accuweb Hosting

Hosting Plan


CPU Cores

Intel Xeon 4-Core 8-Thread

Price (USD)


Key Features

  • 32GB DDR4 RAM
  • 1TB HDD
  • 10TB bandwidth
  • IPv4 IP address
  • Full root access

“You can get the highest level of performance and security of Windows-based dedicated server hosting from Accuweb Hosting at an affordable price.”


Accuweb Hosting is another stellar choice for businesses with specific Windows hosting needs. One of the standout features of Accuweb Hosting is its specialization in Windows-based hosting services, which ensures a deep understanding of the platform’s requirements and optimal server configurations.


All this means you get exceptional performance, reliability, and compatibility for any Windows-based apps or websites. There’s also a wide range of dedicated server plans, ensuring you have both scalability and flexibility at your fingertips – you can even choose between unmanaged or managed dedicated plans. Plus – Accuweb Hosting’s support team is available 24/7/365 through the helpdesk and live chat. Learn more in Accuweb Hosting’s official website!


Pros and cons of Accuweb Hosting Windows dedicated server



  • ✓ Impressive range of hosting plans
  • ✓ 100% Network and Power Uptime SLA
  • ✓ Excellent customer support
  • ✓ Worldwide distributed data center locations
  • ✓ Windows-specific expertise
  • ✓ Free site migration


  • • Add-ons come with extra costs
  • • Comparatively pricier plans


5. GoDaddy Hosting

Hosting Plan


CPU Cores

Intel Xeon 4-Core 8-Thread

Price (USD)


Key Features

  • 32GB DDR4 RAM
  • 500GB SSD storage (2x)
  • DDoS protection
  • Free SSL certificate

“GoDaddy offers an easy-to-use control panel and 99.9% uptime guarantee. If they do not uphold the guarantee, you may get a discount on your purchase.”


With its reputation and extensive experience in the industry, GoDaddy stands out as a viable option for those seeking the best Windows-based dedicated hosting. Their dedicated servers are designed to provide high performance and reliability for Windows applications and websites.


One big plus is how user-friendly it is, and the control panel they provide. Their intuitive interface makes it easy for users to set up, manage, and monitor their dedicated servers.


GoDaddy also offers standard hosting support for all plans. Their customer support team is known to be knowledgeable to assist you with prompt solutions related to your Windows-based dedicated hosting. Additionally, GoDaddy provides a wide range of other services, such as domain registration and email and marketing tools. Find out what makes GoDaddy stand out in our thorough review.


Pros and cons of GoDaddy Windows dedicated server



  • ✓ A global network of data centers
  • ✓ User-friendly and intuitive control panel
  • ✓ Scalable and reliable plans
  • ✓ Additional services (domain registration, email, marketing)
  • ✓ Overall competitive pricing
  • ✓ No long-term contracts


  • • Occasional issues with customer support
  • • Pricing is relatively higher


What Is Windows Dedicated Server Hosting?


Windows dedicated server hosting is a service where an entire server is exclusively allocated for hosting Windows-specific applications and websites. This type of hosting is ideal for businesses deeply integrated with the Microsoft ecosystem. It provides truly dedicated resources like CPU, RAM, storage, and bandwidth for each client. This gives users maximum performance, heightened security, and extensive customization options for their Windows apps.


Windows dedicated server hosting is a premium subset of Windows hosting that’s tailored to large-scale Microsoft-based operations such as ASP.NET development. It’s also advantageous for those using Microsoft SQL Server databases, and enterprise applications like ERP and CRM software that are optimized for Windows environments.


What Services Benefit from Windows Dedicated Server Hosting?


There are 4 services that benefit from Windows dedicated server hosting:


  1. Microsoft SQL Server (Database Hosting)
    Windows dedicated servers are ideal for complex database management. They offer high transaction rates and support demanding query loads, which ensures strong performance for large database operations.
  2. Microsoft Exchange Server (Email Hosting)
    Dedicated servers offer a reliable infrastructure for enterprise-level email hosting. This is crucial for businesses with extensive email requirements.
  3. Microsoft SharePoint (Cloud Storage)
    Dedicated servers ensure high-level performance in managing SharePoint’s cloud-based storage and collaboration tools. They can handle large data volumes and multiple user accesses simultaneously, which makes them well-suited for enterprise collaboration needs.
  4. Internet Information Services (IIS) (Website/Application Hosting)
    Dedicated servers provide the necessary resources for hosting websites and applications that rely on IIS. This includes handling high traffic loads and supporting complex applications, with the added benefit of customizable security and configuration options.


What Is the Cost of Windows Dedicated Server Hosting?


The cost of Windows dedicated server hosting ranges from $90 to $220 per month. These plan prices include a CPU with 4 cores and 8 threads, up to 32 GB DDR4 RAM, and up to 1 TB NVMe SSD storage. They also offer unmetered bandwidth which enables significant data transfer without additional charges. Note that these costs do not include the Windows licenses in most cases since they’re normally an additional expense. Licensing fees start at $500 to over $1000 depending on the Windows version purchased and features included.


Is there a setup fee for Windows dedicated server hosting?


No, most Windows dedicated server hosting providers do not charge a setup fee. However, some providers require a minimum commitment period to waive the setup fee. It’s advisable to check the terms and conditions of the hosting provider before signing up for a plan.


Are Cheap Windows Dedicated Servers Viable?


Yes, cheap Windows dedicated servers are viable, especially for non-critical operations. Cheap Windows dedicated servers are priced below $100 per month. These servers occasionally use non-server-grade CPUs and older CPU models. This makes them a cost-effective solution for businesses or individuals with smaller requirements in terms of processing power and speed. Even more affordable options can be found at server auctions, where older or used servers are sold at lower prices. It’s important to assess the specific needs of your operation first to ensure that these cheaper servers will meet your requirements.


What Is the Minimum Hardware Requirement for Windows Dedicated Servers?


The minimum hardware requirement for Windows dedicated servers running Windows Server is a 1.4 GHz CPU, 2 GB of RAM, and 32 GB of storage. These specifications are the baseline for running the Windows operating system effectively. Note that additional server resources will be necessary for actual server operations, especially those involving web hosting, databases, or application development. The specific requirements will depend on the intended usage of the dedicated server. More demanding tasks will require more powerful hardware configurations.


Is Intel Xeon or AMD EPYC better for Windows dedicated servers?


AMD EPYC is better than Intel Xeon for Windows dedicated servers. The current AMD EPYC lineup offers superior multi-threaded performance at a lower price point compared to Intel Xeon. This makes AMD EPYC a more cost-effective choice, especially for dedicated servers running web servers, gaming servers, and applications that involve complex computing tasks. The enhanced performance capabilities of AMD EPYC provides better handling of simultaneous processes and heavier workloads in these server environments.


Should I use SSD or NVMe storage for Windows dedicated servers?


Yes, you should use SSD for Windows Dedicated Servers, especially NVMe storage. SSDs and NVMe drives significantly enhance data access and transfer rates. This results in faster server responses, quicker load times, and overall improved performance for applications and websites. Many customers of Windows dedicated hosting are enterprises for whom these benefits are crucial. This is because speed and performance are non-negotiable for efficiently managing resource-intensive applications or large-scale data processing.


The only instances where SSDs and NVMe drives aren’t necessary are if the dedicated servers are intended solely for cold storage or archival purposes. This is because high-speed access isn’t a priority in these cases. Traditional HDDs are a more cost-effective choice as they offer larger storage capacities at lower prices.


Which Windows OS Should I Use for Windows Dedicated Servers?


You should use Windows Server as the OS for a Windows dedicated server. Windows Server is purpose-built for hosting services such as websites, databases, file, and network services. It comes in 3 editions: Windows Server Essentials, Windows Server Standard, and Windows Server Datacenter. The specific edition of Windows Server you choose (Essentials, Standard or Datacentre) depends on the number of users and the number of devices that will connect to the server.


Should I Use Managed Windows Dedicated Server?


You should use a managed Windows dedicated server if you don’t possess the technical know-how or resources to manage and run the dedicated servers yourself. Managed dedicated server services include extra routine tasks such as server setup, maintenance, security updates, and technical support. They’re ideal for businesses or individuals who are limited on time or just prefer to focus on their core activities without worrying about complex server management.


Note that providers normally charge an additional cost of $50 to $100 per month for managed Windows dedicated servers . This extra expense of managed vs unmanaged hosting covers the convenience and expertise provided by the provider in maintaining the server for you.


What Are the Alternatives to Windows Dedicated Server Hosting?


The alternatives to Windows dedicated server hosting are Windows VPS (Virtual Private Server) and Windows cloud hosting. Windows VPS is a hosting solution where you receive a partitioned segment of a physical server. It provides virtually-partitioned dedicated resources like CPU, RAM, and storage at a lower cost than dedicated servers. Windows VPS hosting is suitable for businesses that need more control and resources than shared hosting but aren’t ready for a full dedicated server.


Windows cloud hosting involves hosting services that utilize a network of interconnected virtual servers. This allows resources to be scaled up or down more easily than dedicated servers. Windows cloud hosting is recommended for businesses with fluctuating workloads or those in growth phases.


Which Is the Best Windows Dedicated Server Provider?


The best Windows dedicated server provider offers high-performance servers, robust security features and highly customizable settings.


Here is a recap of our top brands:


Specifications Liquid Web Ultahost Hostwinds AccuWeb Hosting GoDaddy
Plan Intel Xeon E3-1230 v6 ULTA-X1 E3-1270 v3 Classic-14 DS-32
CPU cores / threads 4 core / 8 thread 4 core / 8 thread 4 core / 8 thread 4 core / 8 thread 4 core / 8 thread
RAM 16 GB 16 GB 8 GB 32 GB 32 GB
Storage 4 TB SSD 480 GB SSD 1 TB SSD 1TB HDD 1 TB NVMe SSD
Bandwidth 5 TB Unlimited 10 TB 10 TB Unmetered
Starting price /mo $217 $84.00 $147 $140 $189.99
See all features


Liquid Web is our #1 pick for Windows dedicated server hosting based on these criteria.




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