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Comparing DreamHost’s Pricing In 2024: How Do You Choose?

DreamHost is one of our top recommendations of web hosting providers, scoring high points for user-friendliness and great value plans. WordPress even officially endorses it!

However, it can be hard to know which of DreamHost’s many plans is the right one for your needs. We’ve done up a detailed breakdown and comparison of their pricing plans below to help you decide.

An Overview Of DreamHost’s Pricing Plans

dreamhost overall hosting packages
An overview of DreamHost’s pricing plans.

DreamHost doesn’t offer a free trial or free demo, but its plans are customizable. The web hosting provider’s pricing is categorized into three primary plans: Shared, DreamPress, and VPS. Each plan has further pricing options, which we’ll unpack later on.

DreamHost’s Shared Hosting Plans

dreamhost shared hosting features
An overview of Shared Hosting’s features.

The Shared plan is DreamHost’s starter plan and is available for users who want entry-level pricing or multiple website hosting at the most affordable price. Here are the top features included:

  • Unlimited traffic and bandwidth
  • Pre-installed WordPress
  • Fast SSD storage
  • Free SSL certificate
  • 24/7 customer support
  • WP website builder
  • Free WordPress migration

We’ve tested out their Shared Hosting plans extensively by setting up two test sites – you can read all about that in our full DreamHost review. Spoiler alert – we were very impressed with the site performance and features!

If you’re considering a Shared plan, note that you have two additional options: Starter and Unlimited. The main differences between the two are that the latter is slightly more expensive and offers unlimited website hosting and email.

Below is a quick comparison:

FeaturesShared StarterShared Unlimited
Price (monthly plan)
Price (yearly plan)
50 GB
Numb. of website
See all features

Managed WordPress Hosting Plans (‘DreamPress’)

dreamhost has managed wordpress hosting plans
An overview of DreamPress’s features.

The DreamPress plan is specifically designed for WordPress websites. This is recommended for businesses who want to grow solely on WordPress. The plan’s highlight features include:

  • Up to 120 GB SSD storage
  • Unlimited email
  • SSL certificate
  • Monthly visitors soft limit (up to 1M+)
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Jetpack
  • Free WordPress migration
  • WP Website builder

As we’ve mentioned – DreamHost and WordPress do go together fantastically. Not only are they officially endorsed by the big guys themselves, but they have some great WordPress-centric features such as a drag-and-drop site builder and various 1-click installations.

Within the DreamPress plan, users have three more pricing models they can choose from. DreamPress offers basic features, while Plus and Pro provide wider traffic limits and DreamObjects.

Here are the main differences between the three DreamPress pricing plans:

FeaturesDreamPressDreamPress PlusDreamPress Pro
Price (monthly plan)
Price (yearly plan)
Monthly visits
30 GB
60 GB
120 GB
See all features

DreamHost’s VPS Plans

dreamhost has managed vps hosting plans
An overview of VPS features.

VPS stands for “Virtual Private Servers”. This plan is for those who need more power than what is offered with shared hosting but don’t want to pay for the high price of a dedicated server.

Here are the features you get with DreamHost’s VPS plan:

  • Unlimited websites
  • Unlimited traffic
  • SSL Certificate
  • Unlimited email

Similar to the previous pricing plans, the VPS plan offers four additional options among Basic, Business, Professional, and Enterprise. Generally, they cover different storage sizes and ram.

Below is a quick overview of their differences:

FeaturesVPS BasicVPS BusinessVPS ProfessionalVPS Enterprise
Price (monthly plan)
Price (yearly plan)
1 GB
2 GB
4 GB
8 GB
30 GB
60 GB
120 GB
240 GB
See all features

More Pricing Plans Available

While DreamHost’s three primary plans are enough for beginner users and businesses alike, the hosting provider offers two more alternatives for customers with specific hosting needs. These are Dedicated Server Hosting and Cloud Hosting. Check out their features below.

1. Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated Server Hosting is an option for users who need more power and control over their hosting environment. This is a great solution for businesses that have high-traffic websites or need to run resource-intensive applications.

With Dedicated Server Hosting, you get your own physical server with dedicated resources, making it much faster and more reliable than shared hosting. You’ll also have full root access to customize your server however you want.

Pricing for Dedicated Server Hosting starts at $169 per month (monthly plan).

2. Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting is a newer type of hosting that’s becoming more popular due to its scalability and flexibility. With Cloud Hosting, your website is hosted on a cluster of servers instead of just one. This means that if one server goes down, your website will still be up and running because the other servers are supporting it in the cluster.

Cloud Hosting is also very scalable, so you can easily add more resources as your website grows. This is an excellent option for businesses that expect to experience rapid growth or have high-traffic spikes.

The nice thing about cloud pricing is that you only pay for the resources you use, so it can be very cost-effective.

DreamHost’s Impressive Money-Back Guarantee

Although DreamHost doesn’t offer a free demo or trial, it does offer a 97-day money-back guarantee! So, if you’re unhappy with your hosting experience, you can get a refund within the first three months.

This is one of DreamHost’s best features, as we’ve detailed in our full review. No other web hosting provider offers such a long refund period. Most other companies only offer 30 days or less.

They also offer a 100% uptime guarantee, which should help offer some peace of mind when it comes to your website’s uptime.

But – Renewal Prices Do Increase

dreamhost introductory price disclaimer
Here is how you can check the renewal price.

Before you decide on a plan, don’t just check the initial price. Note that the price you pay when renewing your hosting may be higher than the initial price. For instance, if you’re planning to get a monthly Shared Starter plan, the price will increase from $4.95 to $7.99 monthly.

A higher renewal price is fairly standard for web hosts, although the percentage it increases by can really vary. Just make sure you’re aware of it, to prevent any nasty surprises.

Which DreamHost Plan Is Right For Me?

As you can tell, DreamHost’s pricing plans are comprehensive and resourceful. Choosing the best plan depends on your needs. Check out this breakdown, so that you can have a better idea of which plan to consider.

Choose the Shared plan if:

  1. You have a small website/s with low traffic
  2. You are just starting out and on a budget
  3. You need simple hosting plan with no frills

Choose the DreamPress plan if:

  1. You have a WordPress site with high traffic
  2. You need faster loading times and more resources
  3. You want DreamHost to handle security and updates for you

Choose the VPS plan if:

  1. You have a medium to large website with high traffic
  2. Your website is resource intensive or has special hosting requirements
  3. You need complete control over your server environment
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