Black Friday Cloud Storage Deals 2019

Black Friday Cloud Storage Deals 2019


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you should know by now that Black Friday is the best time of the year to get that thing you’ve always wanted, because of all the whopping crazy deals being thrown about!


We’ve compiled the best Cloud Storage deals all in this page just for you, so you can enjoy massive savings. Check it out below!


To cloud storage brands: If you are offering any Black Friday / Cyber Monday promotions, please contact us to get listed here.


Last updated: 7th November 2019 11.00pm CT



Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals Are Coming Soon!

We are currently working hard to roll out all the best deals from as many cloud storage as possible! Stay tuned!
Meanwhile, do scroll down to learn about cloud storage and online backup so you won’t go back empty-handed!


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What is Cloud Storage?


Back in the day when we wanted to store or transfer files, we had to bring our portable hard drives or USB drives and physically go to another computer to make the transfer.


Today, you can store data of any kind in remote servers online rather than a portable drive, and access or download it from any computer. This service is popularly known as Cloud Storage.


Once you’ve uploaded your files and data to the cloud, you easily (yet securely) access your precious files from any computer you allow access to. Regardless of whether or not it’s a Word document, a PDF file, a Video or metadata for images, as long as it’s uploaded, it can be easily retrieved from any computer.


This takes convenience to the next level, eliminating the need for USB drives!


Although Cloud Computing has been around for quite a while, cloud storage has only gained popularity in recent years with the introduction of high-speed internet.


Maintaining these remote servers are not cheap, and Cloud Storage companies need to think about payroll, hardware purchase, utilities…hence the reason why prices for these sort of services can be quite pricey.


This is why we’ve compiled these Black Friday deals for you. We know that these services are in high demand and there’s no better time than now to get an account for yourself, especially when you get to enjoy them at prices as low as these!


How Cloud Storage can enhance productivity?


  1. Use it as your personal backup tool
    Most people use cloud storage services to store their data online. They drop their working files to the cloud, so they can access the information they need wherever they are, whenever they need to. This is popular among people who are always on the go.
  2. Share your files with collaborators
    You can also allow people you’re collaborating with, access to your files. They can then download whatever they need to their own devices and work on them almost instantly, making it convenient and saving us precious time! It’s particularly useful for people working in large organizations that require frequent collaborations.


What to look out for in a Cloud Storage Provider


  • Security & Backup
    The data you upload to the cloud must be easy to access BUT also secure! After all, you won’t want sensitive leaked to the public. Worse, you won’t want to access your account and find that your precious data has disappeared!.


    Make sure to check with the provider to see what sort of security measures are implemented to ensure your data is safe from hackers or accidental deletion. Find out if they’ve got automatic backups in place, to ensure the safety of your files.

  • User & Platform Friendliness
    The whole point of using a cloud storage platform is to be able to access your files from anywhere, with any device. You’re gonna be in for a disappointment if you find out too late that you can’t access your data from certain devices.


    Make sure the software is easy to use too so that your collaborators can easily download the files without the need for tutorials.

  • Customer Service Reliability
    When it comes to services like these, customer service is key. After all, when you’re chasing deadlines and something goes wrong, you’ll want to have someone you can instantly connect to ensure the problem is fixed swiftly.


If you’re looking for more information regarding Cloud Storage, you can check out what we think about a few brands here.


Make sure to hurry because these Black Friday deals don’t last forever!

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