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CrashPlan Black Friday Deals 2023 – Coming Soon!

Daren Low
June 17, 2024


CrashPlan Black Friday Sale 2023

Stay tuned for the upcoming CrashPlan Black Friday sale! Meanwhile, check out our deals page for more ongoing offers.

* Last updated: 25th September 2023 12:00am CT
** TBC refers to “To Be Confirmed”, this post will be constantly updated as soon as the deals are available.



Hold on to your seats because Cyber Monday is here once more, and things are about to get ROWDY!


Well, you can’t really get rowdy in a digital space but Cyber Monday does bring about massive savings, crazy offers and generally very damaging on our wallets (why do these deals have to be so good?!)


We’re currently waiting for CrashPlan to drop their Cyber Monday offers as it’s one of the leading cloud storage/backup services we’ve had our eyes on for quite some time. Since the competition has already dropped their deals, we’re pretty sure that CrashPlan is bound to follow suit soon.


After all, who wouldn’t want a taste of that tasty Cyber Monday Pie?


crashplan homepage


Catered towards small businesses, CrashPlan made their plans as seamless and simple as possible – one price per computer, to store as much as they want, hassle-free. Ain’t that a deal!



* Unlimited, automatic data protection to keep files safe.
** Highly recommended for small businesses.


CrashPlan – Who Are They?


CrashPlan is developed by Code42, a company that’s based right in the USA.


crashplan is created by code42

Initially, the company was primed to design a desktop app in the veins of Facebook, but found success with the online storage element of the program.


They decided to then focus on cloud storage and called it CrashPlan.


CrashPlan Services


The cloud storage company positions themselves as a service to protect small businesses from loss of data.


Users have the option to have their data continuously sync with the Cloud (which obviously helps in preventing loss of data) or to have it scheduled to sync at a certain time of day (perfect for those working with limited data plans.


Synced files are also verified with the data on your actual drive to ensure that the files don’t end up corrupted, which is pretty solid because what’s the point in having an online backup filled with corrupted data?


1. Smart Protection


CrashPlan also features Smart Protection, which backs up versions of your backup while you’re actually working on it.


So if you happen to screw up the file you’re currently working on to the point where it’s unscrewable, you can easily replace it with a previous unscrewed version, which to me is a fantastic feature.


Because I tend to over-screw my work #truestory.



* Price shown is for each computer or file server.
** Easy file versioning & restoration!


2. Top-Notch Security


If you’re worried about your sensitive data being at risk to hackers when you use CrashPlan, don’t be. It’s quite silly, really.


CrashPlan uses military-grade 256-bit AES encryption on synced files, which means that your data is secure before, during the transfer, and after the deed is done. This level of security ensures that nobody will be able to access your files, except for you and your intended recipients.


crashplan has top notch security


The cloud storage company also can help protect your data against ransomware hackers. You’ve heard horror stories of hackers breaking into servers, and holding all that precious data for ransom, threatening to delete them if they’re not paid on time, right?


With CrashPlan, these hackers have nothing on you.


They somehow get their greasy mitts on your data? You restore directly from CrashPlan. Easy fix, problem solved.


3. Dedicated Support


CrashPlan also has a dedicated support team, helmed by experts that can help in regards of data protection. They can be reached via phone, live chat or email.


crashplan has dedicated support


This gives us more confidence in the brand as we find support to be extremely important.


Stay tuned – CrashPlan Cyber Monday Deals 2022!


Cyber Monday only happens once a year, and once it’s gone it’s gone! If you’re on the fence about getting these services at all, I highly suggest you get off the fence and make the purchase now before it’s too late.


Happy shopping!



* Available for Windows, Mac, or Linux.
** Highly recommended for small businesses.