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November 25, 2021 Black Friday Sale 2021 - Stay Tuned

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* Last updated: 12th October 2021 12:00am CT
** While waiting for Black Friday 2021, learn more about cloud storage below.



Black Friday is just around the corner guys! We hope you’ve set aside some spending money because’s Black Friday offer is bound to be out of this world!


Although the cloud storage company hasn’t announced their Black Friday deals yet, we got a feeling they’re getting ready to bring out the cannons and kick some ass.


After all, the competition is tough this year and with companies like pCloud giving away 75% off their lifetime plans, would be insane to not get in on the Black Friday action and recruit some new users!



Currently, has two pricing models – one for personal use, and another for business purposes.


personal pricing


The personal plan is actually FREE to use but you’re limited to only 5GB of storage space, with another 5GB for file transfers.


That might be enough for regular users but if you’re working with large files, 5GB is nowhere close to being enough, so you’ll need to fork out $60 /year for their personal plan, which gives you 200GB of storage and transfer limits.


GET SYNC.COM @ $5.00 /MO!

* Price is based on a 12-month subscription.
** 30-day money back guarantee!


business pricing


Small to medium businesses looking for a cloud storage solution might want to check out’s Business Solo or Business Team plan.


With the Business Solo plan, you’ll be paying $10 a month (billed annually) for 3TB of storage, and unlimited transfer limits. This is especially useful if you often collaborate with people using large working files.


The Business Team plan starts from $5/user a month, charged annually. Each user will enjoy 1TB storage and unlimited transfer limits. If you require more storage space per user, you can upgrade to the 4TB or 10TB option, which costs $8/user and $10/user respectively.


The prices for cloud storage services might seem quite steep, but the convenience you’ll enjoy from using these services is simply quite… priceless.


Picture this – you’re working with someone across town, and you have a large 3GB file that he needs pronto, to complete the job. Your options are to:


  1. Transfer the file to a portable hard disk, drive over to your colleague’s office, brave the traffic, pay for parking… without factoring in the cost for fuel and tolls yet.
  2. Sign up for, upload the file to their cloud servers, and allow your colleague to download the files – all for free.


Obviously, anyone with half a mind would go for option 2. You get to save time, money and most importantly, you don’t even need to get up from your couch.


who should use cloud storage?



Cloud storage can work for anyone or any entity, but it’s especially useful if you’re a digital nomad or a freelancer working from home. With just $60 a year, you’ll get 200GB of storage space to use as you wish, and the ability to transfer files to anyone, anytime, anywhere.


This allows you to take on more jobs as you completely remove the need to physically meet up with someone to deliver files!


Remember, Black Friday Deals only last a very short while, so don’t waste too much time thinking about it, or you’ll have to wait a whole year to enjoy discounts like these!


Need more information? Read our full review here!



* Features include 256-bit AES encryption, 30-day file restore, and more!



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