Backblaze Black Friday Deals 2019

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Backblaze Black Friday Deals 2019 Is Coming Soon!

Stay tuned for Backblaze awesome deals! Meanwhile, do check out our Cloud Storage Black Friday 2019 mega list for deals that are already going on!


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** Meanwhile check out below to learn more about Backblaze!



Black Friday is almost upon us again – as a matter of fact, some companies have already started their Black Friday promos!


We’ve already listed some of the deals down on our main Black Friday list, but we’re still currently waiting with bated breath for Backblaze’s deals to drop.


It should be anytime soon now and we’re almost positive they’re gonna have something that’ll blow our minds away. Since the competition has come up with deals that practically irresistible (75% off pCloud! for Black Friday 2018).


Backblaze should probably have something up their sleeves so they can get in on that tasty cut of Black Friday’s pie as well.


backblaze homepage


Backblaze currently has two pricing models to separate their personal and business users, but here’s something we found pretty interesting – there seems to be no difference in pricing at all between both categories!


Backblaze Plan & Pricing


Both Backblaze personal and business plans cost the same, which is $6 a month or $60 a year. If you don’t mind paying more upfront to enjoy bigger savings, you can sign up for their 2-year plan and pay only $110 for the entire duration, which comes out to just $4.60 a month!


backblaze plans and pricing


The only difference between the personal and business plan is that the business one allows you to license computers by batch, so you can conveniently pay for every computer in the business in one receipt.


* No credit card required.


Backblaze Offers Unlimited Data!


Backblaze happens to be one of my most favourite online backup / cloud storage providers around.




Well because unlike the competition that places a limit on how much you can store in the cloud, Backblaze does away with all that complication and takes the easy route – simple pricing with unlimited data.


Yes, you read right.


With Backblaze, you get to store as much data as you wish on the cloud, to be easily accessed anytime, anywhere and by anyone you decide to share your files with!


It’s the sort of convenience you thought you wouldn’t need, until you experience it first hand and realize that life just isn’t worth living without it.


* Unlimited file, unlimited file size, unlimited speed.
** Price is based on a 24-month subscription.


Backblaze Is Airtight!


I know that a lot of people are put off with online file storage because of the security risks it poses. What if someone hacks into their servers and steals everyone’s passwords? All our sensitive data will be seen by the world!


Well, Backblaze has an array of security features to ensure that none of that happens to your data.


backblaze has good security


Files scheduled to be backed up are transferred via a secure (SSL) connection, which is then encrypted and stored on a drive.


To ensure that no one but you has access to the drive, you will be given a personal encryption key for that extra layer of security. The problem here is that if you lose your password, Backblaze won’t be able to send it to you, but we see that as a good problem to have because your data is seriously secure.


They’ve also got two-factor authentication – you can set it so that a 6-digit code is sent to your phone when you want to access the account, to keep your data extra safe.


Backblaze Is Worth It!


With benefits like these, you’d be quite silly to not get a Backblaze account especially once their Black Friday promos are revealed.


Once it does, don’t wait – massive price cuts like these typically only last a few days and once it’s over, you’ll have to wait a whole year to enjoy those savings!


* Unlimited backup, tight security, file versioning, and more!
** Price is based on a 24-month subscription.



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