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Where to Watch Jason Bourne Movies (And The Best Order to Watch Them)

September 26, 2023



If you want to watch Jason Bourne movies, you can watch them on Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Peacock Premium, Youtube TV, Vudu, Google Play, Apple TV, or Amazon Prime. Some viewers may need a VPN to watch the different movies due to geo-blocking in certain regions. The best way to enjoy the franchise is to watch each Jason Bourne movie in chronological order of when they were released.


You can’t possibly be a fan of the spy genre and not be familiar with the name Jason Bourne. Alongside other well-known spy films series like James Bond and Mission Impossible, Bourne is a pop culture icon.


The Bourne franchise stands out from its contemporaries because it has stayed true to delivering raw action in the form of real stunt work at a time when action blockbusters have become more dependent on CGI.


So if you’re looking for a place to watch all the Jason Bourne movies, we got you covered.



Where to Watch All The Jason Bourne Movies


watch jason bourne on streaming platforms

You can watch Jason Bourne movies on a wide variety of streaming platforms.


There are numerous streaming services to pick from. Some of the best places to watch them are listed below.


  • Netflix
    Whilst the Bourne movies are on Netflix, availability varies on where in the world you are. For instance, only Netflix Japan and France offer all Jason Bourne movies while other countries don’t.
  • Hulu
    Hulu is a great substitute for Netflix. They provide excellent value for your money and even stock the vast majority of Jason Bourne films. Although the library is considerably smaller, you’ll still have a similar experience to Netflix. This is also a less expensive option if you only intend to watch Jason Bourne movies.
  • HBO Max
    Almost all of the Jason Bourne movies are available to watch on this well-known streaming service. The best part is the wide range of devices HBO Max supports, including Apple TV, Chromecast, Android, iOS, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and more.
  • Peacock Premium
    Watch the Bourne series on Peacock Premium, alongside their big selection of popular films, complete seasons of enduring TV series, and originals.
  • YouTube TV
    This streaming service offers live TV from more than 100 broadcasts, cable, and local sports networks. Aside from being able to access Jason Bourne movies, YouTube Originals and popular YouTube videos are up for easy viewing.
  • Amazon Prime
    A little different – Amazon Prime only allows you to buy each show and movie individually. What this means is instead of a subscription, you have to buy a copy of the films. You can also rent movies and shows just like how they used to in Blockbuster video stores.
  • Vudu, Google Play, and Apple TV
    The movies or shows you want to watch through these platforms must be purchased, just like Amazon Prime.


Bonus: The Bourne Identity (1988)


If you want to watch all Bourne related movies, you can watch The Bourne Identity that aired on ABC in two parts in 1988. This takes place on a different timeline so watching it anytime won’t have an impact on your viewing experience.


Jason Bourne was portrayed by Richard Chamberlain in the movie, and you can watch the classic for free on YouTube if you’re interested. The only drawback to YouTube is that you might not be able to view the film in the resolution you prefer. You’d be better off purchasing the DVD if a lower quality simply won’t do for you.



How To Watch Jason Bourne Movies Outside of The US?


Bourne Identity poster

(Credit: Netflix)


Movies are released by streaming services based on licensing agreements with content producers or production companies. However, if the country you’re staying in lacks the necessary authorization to distribute it there, geo-blocks will prevent you from accessing it.


So what do you do if your streaming service doesn’t allow you to watch Jason Bourne movies outside the US?


This is where VPNs come in. By tricking the website or service into thinking you’re in an authorized location, you can access movies and shows from anywhere in the world.



How to Watch Jason Bourne Movies With a VPN


Geo-blocking is the practice of limiting access to specific websites, media, or services based on where you are in the world. Although it is widespread, local companies and internet service providers have started to block or impose higher fees.


This is one of the popular reasons people turn to VPNs nowadays. Not only can they keep you safe online, but they can help you unlock content that you would otherwise be unable to access.


They aren’t too complicated either. Here’s a step-by-step on how to get set up with a VPN to watch all the Jason Bourne movies.


  1. Download and install a VPN
    Look for a VPN that you think will suit your wants and needs. We’ve done a whole article on the best VPNs on the market – check it out.
  2. Connect to a server
    Once you have everything set up, you need to open the app and connect to a server. If you’re using Netflix, we recommend connecting to a Japanese or France server since they have all the Jason Bourne movies. Make sure to choose the server that’s nearest to you for the best possible viewing experience.
    connect netflix japan through expressvpn

    Connect to Netflix Japan or Netflix France since they have all the Jason Bourne movies. Pick the one closest to you!


  4. Watch all the Jason Bourne movies!
    Now you can access and enjoy all the Jason Bourne movies on your selected streaming platform!



The Best VPNs for Streaming Jason Bourne Movies


You have no shortage of VPN options out there. Some of them are cost-free, while others require a monthly or annual subscription.


When choosing a VPN, you need one that not only allows you to watch Jason Bourne movies, but also provides a buffer-free streaming experience. It should also be able to keep you safe from individuals attempting to steal your personal information.


Below are our own top picks of VPNs for streaming Jason Bourne movies.


  • ExpressVPN
    Since ExpressVPN is one of the fastest VPNs available, you can watch Jason Bourne movies without any interruptions.
  • NordVPN
    One of the most user-friendly VPN services that can get around VPN blocking and geo-blocking.
  • Surfshark
    Get access to many Netflix libraries in addition to other streaming services with Surfshark’s affordable price point.



What’s The Jason Bourne Franchise All About Anyway?



There’s no way you don’t know about Jason Bourne right? .. Right? Well whatever the case – whether it’s your first time watching, or you simply need a refresher for your next binge, we’ve got you covered.


Here’s Jason Bourne in a nutshell:


Ten years have passed since Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) quit the organization that had turned him into a lethal weapon. CIA director Robert Dewey assigns hacker and counterinsurgency specialist Heather Lee to find him in an effort to bring him out of hiding. Lee believes that Nicky Parsons, a former agent, is also looking for him. As she starts tracking the pair, Bourne finds himself back in action, fighting a sinister network that uses terror and technology to maintain unchecked power.



What Is The Best Watch Order For Every Bourne Film (And Show)?


jason bourne movies

Watching Jason Bourne films in chronological order of when they were released is the best way to watch them.


You don’t have to watch every film and show in order. But, the Jason Bourne films should be watched in the order they were released if you want to understand the characters and the plot better.


The original trilogy of films, which was based on the original trilogy of novels by Ludlum, follows a continuous chronology. What this means is that many new fans are very fortunate to know that watching the movies is pretty simple. Below is the best way to watch every Bourne film and show:


  • The Bourne Identity (2002)
  • The Bourne Supremacy (2004)
  • The Bourne Ultimatum (2007)
  • The Bourne Legacy (2012)
  • Jason Bourne (2016)
  • Treadstone – Season 1 (2019)
  • Bonus: The Bourne Identity (1988)


With that said, the 1988 film The Bourne Identity and the TV series Treadstone are optional to the watch order, meaning you can watch them whenever you want since they’re in a different timeline. Doing so wouldn’t have much effect on your viewing experience.



Will there be more Jason Bourne movies in the future?


As of the time of writing, there have been no announcements about another Jason Bourne movie. Frank Marshall, who served as producer on all five films, was enthusiastic about a Jason Bourne sequel in 2016. Matt Damon later put out those fires by saying that viewers “might be done” with the character.


But in 2019, Ben Smith, a producer for the Treadstone television series, stated that a new film was in the works and would connect to the at the time ongoing television series. It would be reasonable to assume that those plans may have been put on hold as a result of the television show’s cancellation.



Watch The Exciting Spy Franchise


The Bourne movies are undoubtedly for you if you enjoy thrilling action movies or Matt Damon as an actor.


The franchise is fairly simple to stream, despite being somewhat dispersed across various streaming services and in various Netflix libraries. Using a VPN to change your Netflix location makes it even simpler and gives you access to all five Bourne movies.


So what are you waiting for? It’s not too late to watch one of the most successful action franchises on your selected streaming service!



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