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What To Look For In Good Web Hosting Support

April 23, 2024


It’s not always easy to host a website. You might run into occasional hitches and glitches, or find yourself perplexed by seemingly ordinary tasks like creating backups or updating plug-ins and themes. This is why you need to be sure that your host comes with great customer support.


But, what should you be looking out for anyway?


Allow us to break down all the things you need to consider when it comes to web hosting support services:



What Is Web Hosting Support?


web hosting support helps customers service problem

Web hosting support helps customers with whatever problem they might have with the service.


At its core, the main purpose of web hosting support is to ensure that your web hosting plans function as intended. You can expect the best web hosts to have help desks available online to help you whenever you run into any issues.


Some web hosting support tasks include:


  • Creating backups
  • Troubleshooting server problems and WordPress errors
  • Website migration
  • Basic website maintenance
  • Informing customers about server and software settings and how to change them


Customers can also get assistance from web hosting support with routine administrative tasks like handling refunds and money-back guarantees, as well as any upgrades or general questions as well.


Aside from technical expertise, web hosting support staff should also be committed to providing excellent customer service too.


It’s not enough for technical support agents to simply be aware of the common web hosting issues. For instance, just imagine how frustrating it’ll be if the agent can’t properly explain the situation, or if the customer can’t understand how to troubleshoot the issue!



What Kind Of Customer Support Channels Do Web Hosts Usually Offer?


Customers of web hosting services typically have access to one or more support channels. Each of these has its functions for different scenarios. For instance, a strong knowledge base is fantastic for self-service and, in some circumstances, can lessen reliance on the customer support team.


The following are the different support channels you can expect from a web host:


1. Ticketing system


ticketing system in web hosting customer support

The ticket system is the most basic and common support channel. (Credit: Zendesk)


In web hosting, the ticketing system is often the one you’ll mostly run into. It’s a trackable query-response system wherein users send a form with all the information about their concerns. Then, the ticket is then transferred to technical support, who works on it before responding.


But while they’re effective in theory, the level of technical support provided through ticket systems depends on how the system is set up and how well the support team handles the tickets. For example, many clients complain that support teams ask them to repeat the information over and over again simply because they were too lazy to read all the information in the ticket. Ugh.


2. Phone assistance


customer care phone support

Phone support is great for direct assistance and immediate feedback.


If you need help with a complex or urgent issue, phone support can be helpful. No matter the time of day or where you are in the world, the representatives can provide you with immediate feedback and direct support over the phone.


But because of the high cost that comes with staffing and maintaining the service, many web hosts today are unfortunately removing phone support. It’s frequently only made available to high-end customers who buy dedicated server hosting or server co-location.


3. Live chat assistance


Live chat support

Live chat is usually used for sales. (Credit: ProProfs Chat)


Live chat support is usually for sales-related queries and serves as the first line of defense for all operational areas. But, in some cases, they can also offer simple technical assistance – and can be a convenient way if you need to ask some quick questions. It’s something we always test out when we’re reviewing web hosts.


A lot of web hosts are now switching over to chatbots in place of live chat agents.


4. Knowledge base & tutorials


A2 hosting knowledgebase support

A knowledge base is used for those that don’t want to contact any form of customer support. (Credit: A2 Hosting)


Knowledge bases are groups of data that have been organized for users that need help on the spot. To give users the ability to troubleshoot issues on their own, web hosts will make as many as possible. However, a lot of customers prefer to speak with customer service, so not all web hosting companies have these channels.


But what’s great is that the web hosting providers that have them really do make top-notch self-help materials. Kinsta and Bluehost, for example, provide in-depth technical documentation for many of their hosting products. Hostinger also goes a step further and offers webinars in addition to YouTube videos as part of their support.


5. Discussion boards


inmotion customer support community

Forums are a great way to ask for help from a community. (Credit: InMotion Hosting)


Support forums are offered by a very small number of web hosts – such as InMotion. The few that are available are made by web hosts, but most are supported by the community. Though, a lot of the questions on these forums tend to go unanswered unless the web host has a sizable and helpful community.



What Makes A Web Hosting Support Service Great?


Now that you’re aware of what web hosting support is, here’s a handy list of what makes a service worth investing in:


1. They’re available all around the clock


The best web hosting companies are aware that interruptions and problems can happen at any time. Not only should they be available 24/7, but a good support staff is also easily accessible.


Even if you don’t have a dedicated server or VPS hosting subscription, there are never any long wait times and a customer service representative is always on hand to help. A brief wait time is another indication that the hosting company doesn’t experience many problems.


Web hosting companies such as HostPapa, have one of the best customer support teams out there – their ‘Papa Squad’ even offer long 1-on-1 calls where they can answer any hosting questions you want.


2. They’ve got an expert team that can answer anything


The level of expertise of a customer support team should also be a top priority. After all, their response time is as good as nothing if they respond to your inquiries immediately but are unable to provide the necessary details.


For instance, some web hosting companies like Kinsta only hire seasoned WordPress experts and veteran Linux hosting engineers in their support team.


3. They provide multiple support channels


There is no reason for businesses to be unavailable given how far communications technology has advanced. Email, live chat, chatbots, social media, and phone support are just a few of the popular ways to contact customer service.


4. They have personalized & friendly support


At the end of the day, your satisfaction is what matters the most. An experienced web hosting support service should have that as its main goal and intention. It should be able to satisfy all of your needs by offering top-notch technical support, immediate accessibility, and quick answers to any technical questions you may have.


Some hosts such as Hostinger go above and beyond by offering support in many languages. This helps users have an easier time conversing with agents, as they’re able to communicate in their mother tongue.



Find The Web Host Support That You Need


It may not seem like much at first, but great web host support is actually a strong indicator of how much a web hosting company values you.


With that said, you should be thinking about the types of support offered and the quality of that support when selecting a web host. It can go a long way in making your web hosting life easier!



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