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NordVPN Cyber Monday Black Friday Deals 2020 – Get 68% OFF + 3 months FREE

September 24, 2021

NordVPN Cyber Monday Black Friday Sale 2020 - LIVE

NordVPN is offering 68% OFF their 2-year plan + 3 months FREE! Learn more.


Cyber Monday is the best kind of Monday, especially if you’ve been eyeing for NordVPN!


It’s the perfect time for people to treat themselves with, a nice little gift for working hard the entire year. These sweet sweet discounts also make it the best time to do your Christmas shopping, as prices everywhere will be at an all-time low.


If a VPN service is something you’ve been looking into, or maybe you’re looking to switch VPN providers, here’s a little news for you – NordVPN is slashing the prices of their ever popular 2-year plan by a whopping 68%, starting NOW!


nordvpn cyber monday sale 2020



* Get 3 months FREE on top of your 2-year plan!


How does the deal work? Well, simply purchase their 2-year plan (at an awesome 68% off) and have 3 months automatically added to your plan. As simple as that!


This crazy-ass discount – it really is crazy, 2-year plan at only $3.71 /mo plus getting 3 months free on top of it – will only be available for a very limited time, so make sure you don’t miss out!


NordVPN Cyber Monday 2020 Promo Details


  • Promo: 68% Discounts + 3 months FREE
  • Subscription period: 24-month
  • Monthly fee: $3.71
  • Total bill: $89.04 billed every 2 years
  • Start date: NOW
  • End date: ???
  • Full details: Learn more



* Get 3 months FREE on top of your 2-year plan!


Who Is NordVPN?


If you want a completely private internet browsing experience, NordVPN is the service you’ll want to get. You’ll get to enjoy total anonymity each time you’re using public wifi, or when you want to access sensitive data.


They’re a solid VPN that’s great for small businesses and startups, providing you with the anonymity you need.


The History of NordVPN


Back in 2012, 4 friends who lived in different parts of the world got together and discussed the problems they’ve experienced using the internet. Content control, user surveillance, censorship – these were all growing at a breakneck speed and abused by the wrong people.


They decided to build a VPN that could restore the internet back to its glory days, where people had free access to information without being controlled by big brother.


Early tests proved to be very successful, and the founders received overwhelmingly positive feedback from their test group. Today, more than 1 million people all around the globe gets to enjoy complete anonymity, thanks to NordVPN.


We have tested NordVPN and written an in-depth review on their VPN. Read our NordVPN review now.


On the other hand, we’re pretty sure that you guys have been waiting for Cyber Monday Black Friday to hit. The deals are crazy. If you want to get an account with NordVPN, now’s the time to get it.



* Get 3 months FREE on top of your 2-year plan!



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