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How To Write An About Us Page (With Tips + Examples)

June 17, 2024


Your website ultimately lets you connect to your target audience, giving you the opportunity to help them and share relevant content.


So, it’s only natural that anyone interested in learning more about your company would visit the About Us page on your website, as it’s where they’ll learn your story and why you do what you do.


But how exactly do you make one?


Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. This article will explain everything you need to know about how to write a killer About Us page in 2023.



What Is An About Us Page?


About Us banner


Although every website is unique, there’s this one page that you can always find: the About Page, of course!


In its most basic form, it’s essentially a webpage on your website that describes the services that your company offers.


Sounds pretty simple, don’t you think?


It does, for sure. But for some reason a lot of web creators often treat it like uninteresting pieces of content that were written to satisfy a requirement on a checklist.


However, doing so undersells those pages.


If you do it right, About Us pages transform from a line item that nobody notices into a crucial part of telling your company’s story. By taking this approach, they become:


  • A helpful section of your website
  • An important page for defining your identity, vision, and mission
  • A way to get more leads


Thus, well-designed About Us pages can be used to your advantage. But, how exactly do you make a great one? Let’s take a look.



What Makes A Great About Us Page?


people painting a globe illustration

Capturing the attention of your readers is one of the few elements that make About Us pages great.


As the saying goes, first impressions are never taken back.


And because the “About Us” page of your website frequently serves as an introduction, it’s crucial to make it interesting and compelling.


An impressive About Us page is sincere, distinguished, and approachable. Your target audience should get a sense of what it can be like to work with you. Personal interests, tales, and images that tell the distinctive tale of your company are all great ways to do that. You can also mention the members of your team and their respective responsibilities.


With that said, your page’s structure will vary depending on what you want to emphasize, because About Pages are unique to you and your business.


There are many practices that you can follow for an effective About Us page, such as:


  • Using a catchy and memorable headline instead of the usual ‘About (brand)
  • Utilizing videos, interesting statistics, and other visual elements
  • Making sure that your content is clear and it shows how it can benefit your customers
  • Adding photos of your company’s history and letting your brand’s personality show through
  • Having a body copy that clearly explains your mission and vision


Now that you’re caught up on About Us pages, let’s get into some of our favorites:



Our Favorite About Us Pages And Why They’re Awesome


When making your website, you’ll want a web page that’s unique to your brand while being engaging for your visitors. At the same time, it’s also important that you choose from one of the best web hosts so that your website can be easily accessed by your target audience.


So, how exactly do they look when done correctly? Here are some examples for a fresh dose of inspiration.


1. Ink Outside the Box


Ink Outside The Box about us page

It’s important to let your target audience know that you always want to grow and be better for them.


Starting off with one of our favorites on this list is Ink Outside the Box. This little stationery shop went with a brief, straight-to-the-point style and the tone they’re using is also light and geared toward a younger audience.


On top of that, it tells its customers that they have the desire to expand and produce more products. They acknowledge that it’s still a young business that is just getting started.


This is a pretty great approach for a business that’s designed to be simple yet creative.


2. Florence Given


Florence Given about us page

Florence Given strikes a balance between her accomplishments, character, and values to present a complete picture of who she is and what she does.


Florence Given’s biography is essentially on the “About Us” page of her store.


Her accomplishments are listed in a few paragraphs next to a large picture of her, beginning with the phrases “bestselling” and “award-winning”.


In order for the clients to understand the significance of her illustrations, she then places emphasis on her values.


3. Home Depot


Home Depot about us page

Making headlines that stand out from the rest is a great way to attract your target audience.


Home Depot’s About Us page is not only straightforward, but it also successfully incorporates the brand’s tone and voice to avoid sounding generic.


For instance, the phrase “built from all the right materials”, an appropriate reference to a hardware store, works better than a simple “About Home Depot” headline.


We also love how they used strong imagery, which is always a good idea for creating better recall.


4. Toyota


Toyota about us page

Letting people know that your business puts people first shows that you care about them.


One thing we can learn from Toyota is to add more emphasis on people rather than products. After all, these pages should be about the people who make up your company, as much as they should be about the products you produce or sell.


5. Tarte Cosmetics


Tarte Cosmetic about us page

You can make a great first impression by using eye-catching visuals.


The About Us page for Tarte Cosmetics is definitely eye-catching with its strong statement and playful design.


And if you scroll a bit further, you can even find a timeline that runs from Tarte’s founding to the present, effectively presenting their journey from its modest beginnings to its current status as a cosmetic powerhouse with a huge following.



What NOT To Do With Your About Us Page


Now that you are aware of what makes a fantastic About Us page, it’s time to talk about the things you shouldn’t do at all costs.


1. Do not fit too much on a single page


Although your “About Us” page will most likely be one of the most crucial pages on your website, that doesn’t mean it needs to be the only one there.


To avoid overloading new customers with information that they won’t even remember, be sure to only highlight the most important aspects of your business. The extra information can be located elsewhere on your website, and you can just link to them instead.


2. Avoid going overboard with the design


The purpose of layout and design elements is to enhance your content and make it simpler to read. That being said, it’s also important not to overdo your website’s design, as it may divert your readers’ attention away from the actual content of your page.


To avoid this mistake, you can use a reliable website builder that provides you with templates to work from.


Nevertheless, make sure you regularly review your page with fresh eyes to check for any images or visual effects that distract people from your content.


3. Don’t leave your readers hanging


Nothing is more annoying than reading a well-written About Us page and becoming interested, only to realize at the end that you have no idea what the business actually does or sells.


People will rarely go out of their way to make an extra effort to understand what you do, why you do it, and why they need your service. To prevent people from getting confused and leaving your About us page, it’s well worth adding a few extra-clear sentences.



Let the Online World Know Who You Are


An About Us page is the ideal tool for narrating the history of your business and persuading clients that you’re the right one for them. The way you communicate your mission statement, backstory, and values will also have a big impact on how audiences perceive your brand.


So now that you know the right approach and what an effective About Us page looks like, it’s time to let the world know about you!