Black Friday Printer Deals 2019

Black Friday Printer Deals 2019


Black Friday’s back, and it’s back with a vengeance! We hope you’ve got some cash to burn because with all these massive deals going on, you’d want to shop as much as you can to maximize the value you’ll get.


We’ve done our research and compiled some of the best deals you can get on all sorts of printers for your convenience. After all, Black Friday only comes around once a year. So crazy and treat yo’self cause baby, you know you deserve it!


To printer brands: If you are offering any Black Friday / Cyber Monday promotions, please contact us to get listed here.


Last updated: 7th November 2019 11.00pm CT



Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals Are Coming Soon!

We are currently working hard to roll out all the best deals from as many brands as possible! Stay tuned!


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The Printer Dilemma


Searching for printers online seems pretty easy, but unless you know what you’re looking for, the results might end up quite intimidating.


All you want to do is buy the best type of printer for your home or small business, but you’ll be faced with a dizzying array of laser printers, solid ink printers, LED printers, multifunction printers…and they all come in a few models each!


How’s a guy supposed to choose?!


How to pick a printer


First of all, you’re going to have to decide what you want to do with your printer.


  • The Home User
    If all you’re going to be printing is some letters, a document here and there and maybe some pictures, all you’ll need is an Inkjet printer. It’s mostly affordable but keep in mind that the cartridges can be quite pricey.
  • The Professional Writer
    Need to print multiple copies of your paper, novella or essay? You’re gonna want something that can handle all of those pages. In this case, a Laser Printer might be best for your needs. It prints quite quickly like a photocopy machine, and costs more than an inkjet printer BUT you’ll be saving more in terms of cartridges, because they won’t need replacing that often.
  • Mr. I-Want-It-All
    Do you want your printer to scan, fax, photocopy and print? We’ll have to recommend getting an all-in-one printer. These nifty little machines are small enough to fit in a home office, yet combines all the best features of a fax machiner, scanner, and photocopy machine. These come in Inkjet or Laserjet versions, so it depends on what you’re looking for!
  • Solo or Yolo
    Have you thought about where you’re going to put your printer? If it’s right next to your computer, I’ve got good news – you’ll probably be able to save a fair bit of money by getting a good old wired printer. If your printer needs to be in another room, check out some wireless models. It may cost a bit more, but you’ll enjoy the convenience. Make sure your Wifi signal is strong!
  • The Fancypants Artist
    Say you’re photography or a graphic artist looking to print their own work – these machines aren’t gonna be able to handle the job! You’ll need a specialist photo printer to get that nice, professional-looking images printed on that premium glossy paper. It’s the type of printer that can elevate your work to god-tier status.


Whatever your choice may be, don’t take too long to decide.


Black Friday Deals are awesome, but printers are physical objects, and physically things can get sold out real quick, especially when you’ve got prices as low as these.


Remember, Black Friday is only once a year, so treat yourself before it’s too late!

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