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Remember those long dark nights when you’re developing themes or building your WordPress site, and something goes irrecoverably wrong? You’d then start crying in the corner just thinking about all the trouble you need to go through just to reinstall WordPress to get a clean slate.


We’ve all been there.


Well, maybe just me with the crying, but we’ve all been frustrated, or at least slightly annoyed at the trouble of having to reinstall WordPress due to an error..


A few days ago my dear boss tasked me with a review of WP Reset, a tool that allows you to restore WordPress to its original state, with just a few clicks.


WP Reset


Bye-Bye, long troublesome reinstalls. So long, arduous and troublesome processes.


Okay, i’m being dramatic. Reinstalling WordPress isn’t all that difficult, but it can get rather tedious.


Being able to reset WordPress to a fresh slate without having to bother uninstalling is probably going to save the average person all of 5 minutes, but it’s a convenience I can’t seem to live without, after having tasted the luxury of its benefits.


What exactly Is WP Reset


If the name hasn’t given it away, it’s a WordPress development tool that allows you to conveniently reset WordPress to its original state, in just a few clicks.


Why would anyone need to do this, you ask?


Let’s use the kitchen as an example. Imagine taking a long time to cook an elaborate dish, and then you ruin it by accidentally spilling a whole bottle of pepper into the pan.


You’ll have to:


  1. Throw away the ingredients in the pan.
  2. Scrub the pan clean.
  3. Scrub your utensils clean.
  4. Restart everything from scratch.


It really doesn’t take that long to do all that, but if you could save time by hitting a button that can eliminate steps 1 – 3, wouldn’t it make sense to do it?


Same concept applies to WordPress development. Sometimes, you just need a fresh start and lookie here, it’s a button that conveniently does all that for you!


How Easy Is It Really Using WP Reset?


Using the plugin is really easy.


You can pop on over to https://wpreset.com/ and download the plugin from there, upload it to your WordPress manually and activate it and you’re good to go.


Download WP Reset from WordPress.org


I opted to install it by searching for it from WordPress’s plugin search feature because I’m obviously too lazy to manually do the downloading and uploading myself.


After a few seconds, the plugin is installed and I’m a happy man.


WP Reset Installed


Before we continue, I think it’s relevant for you guys to know that I suffer from anxiety, especially when it comes to working with assets that don’t belong to me


The site that I’m testing WP Reset on sits in a subdomain that belongs to a friend, and although I was given numerous assurances that nothing could go wrong, my brain was imagining a thousand different scenarios about how things CAN go wrong (damn you Murphy, it’s your fault I’m so paranoid!).


Doesn’t help that WP Reset comes with plenty of warning signs that ominously reads: “THERE IS NO UNDO!”


WP Reset Settings


Nevertheless, I had to test this plugin so I ignored my racing heart and activated WP Reset. I was then greeted with this box, which made me even more nervous.


Type 'RESET'


No problem, let’s get it over and done with. I keyed in “reset” into the box and hit the button.


Then I see this.


final confirmation


By this time, I was sweating bullets, and all these warnings didn’t help. I was *this* close to jumping out the window and just ending it.


I grit my teeth, closed my eyes, and hit the dangerous-looking big red button.




Things were strangely calm. Nothing life-threatening happened. Just a little animation telling me to wait while the plugin resets WordPress. The animation was strangely comforting to look at, helping to ease my troubled soul a little.


And then, in a blink of an eye, it happened.




WordPress was restored to its original state, in literally just 3 steps. It took me all of 1 minute to get this done.


I checked the other sites residing on this domain, and they were safe. Everything else was normal, except the site I tested this plugin on.


Knowing that everything went well, I breathed a sigh of relief.


What If I accidentally reset my site with WP Reset?


The whole point of that entire story above was to show you how quickly WP reset works, and how safe it is to use.


There is literally no way you can accidentally reset anything with this plugin, because the team had the foresight to place multiple confirmations and warnings before you can even proceed to press reset.


Installing the plugin is so easy, I bet I could get my technologically challenged grandmother to do it.


Using it was also very straightforward – Activate the plugin, type in “reset”, hit submit, then confirm your submission again.


Wait a few seconds and voila, your WordPress install is as good as new.


WP Reset’s Other Features


This plugin’s primary objective is to help you reset WordPress, but that doesn’t mean it can’t come with features that provide you with options on what you want it to do.


Under the main “reset” bar in the plugin dashboard, you’ll find post-reset options, which allows you to reactivate your current theme, reactivate WP reset, and reactivate all currently active plugins.


post reset


These options are especially useful if you want your options, plugins and themes exactly the way they are. WP Reset will scrub everything clean but leave your options just the way you like it.


Under “Tools”, you’ll find the options that allow you to do individual reset options, like:


  • Delete Transients
  • Clean Uploads Folder
  • Reset Theme Options
  • Delete Themes
  • Delete Plugins
  • Empty or Delete Custom Tables
  • Delete .htaccess File


More options


I didn’t have a use for these options, but it’s nice to know that they’re there in case we need them.


In the unlikely event that something DOES go wrong, you can contact WP Reset’s devs directly for support or you could ask for help on the public forum.


Relevant note – when you contact WP Reset for support, you’ll be speaking to the people that directly built the plugin, so you know you’ll be getting the best kind of help. No nonsense outsourcing from these awesome people!




I have to admit, before doing this review, I asked myself whether or not this plugin was really necessary. All it does is reset WordPress to its original state, and I can do that simply by reinstalling. Why would anyone need this plugin?


After testing this plugin, I’d have to say…I am not a smart man.


WP Reset is awesome.


Saying we don’t need a plugin like this in our lives is like saying we don’t need pillows to sleep. We can definitely do without em…but why would we, especially when they make our lives so much more comfortable?


WP Reset is easy to install, easy to use, and most importantly, very convenient. Also, I’m trying really hard but I can’t seem to find any downsides to this plugin! I think that from this point onwards, I’m gonna have to install this plugin with every WordPress site I build.


WP Reset is made for developers by developers, so it’s a really useful tool. If you’re not one, you won’t find much use for it but you might want to install it anyway, just in case you ever need to reinstall WordPress.


Try WP Reset yourself for Free right here.



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