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WordPress Support: How To Actually Get The Help You Need

April 23, 2024


Imagine yourself working on your WordPress website, possibly tweaking the settings, configuring a plugin, or installing a new theme—then suddenly something stops working. You’re now in a difficult situation and need assistance to get back on track.


But, how do you receive WordPress support?


Well, the obvious solution would be to just Google the problems you’re now facing. But, the risk of a blind Google search is that you’ve no way of knowing whether the results are accurate or up-to-date.


No need to worry! Here’s the right way to actually get the WordPress help you need.



Where You Can Find WordPress Answers Yourself


You might be tempted to get in touch with the developer straight away if you’re having issues with a theme or plugin. If that’s the case – skip to our section below on “Asking For WordPress Support the Right Way” Otherwise – it’s a good idea to try a few easy adjustments on your own before seeking assistance.


You can always start by doing some quick Google searches first. Just be sure that you’re seeking answers from reliable sources! Even if you don’t solve the problem, you’ll almost always discover more about what was wrong. Now, let’s get to where you can find your WordPress answers:


1. Documentation and FAQs


The documentation, frequently asked questions, and user guide on (or pretty much any individual product websites) are the best places to start when trying to wrap your head around unfamiliar terms or actions. For instance, you can check the support website and documentation if it’s a generic WordPress question.


It offers comprehensive documents covering everything from the fundamentals of “Getting Started” to more complex subjects like security and troubleshooting.


wordpress documentation

This page is exactly like a manual for using WordPress.


When you’re there, you can use the search bar to find fast results of what you’re looking for. This is pretty much where you can get answers to most of your WordPress-related concerns.


On top of all of this, even if you’re using a managed WordPress hosting platform that takes the load off handling your website, we still highly advise that you take a good look through here, especially if you’re a beginner. This makes it easier to handle and understand your website.


2. Forums for free plugins and themes is a great resource where you can find and download countless free themes and plugins. It also provides a number of tools like a WordPress support service, such as the WordPress Help Forum.


The help forum serves as an open forum for connecting all WordPress users with professionals. People can talk about their questions about WordPress and about the available plugins & themes.


When you’re here, you’ll find topics such as WordPress installation, maintenance, accessibility, local host installations, alpha/beta/RC, and other topics that are covered in the forums.


find supports in wordpress forums

You can find other people through the WordPress forums.


So, to access a help board with similar issues, choose the forum where you need assistance. With each topic, it prompts a series of responses from people depending on their experience.


forum topics variation

There’s a wide variety of WordPress topics on the official forums.


After clicking on a forum board, you can also take a look at Recent Posts, Views, and Recent Topics. All of these options functions can be used as filters so you can easily navigate to the topic that you need.


And, not to mention that using the search bar is also a very simple method. You can immediately type your search term or research topic to obtain quick results.


forum board

Utilize the following to filter results.


Also, if you want help from a specific forum about your WordPress theme or plugin, you can simply visit the official WordPress website of the plugin or theme. Once you’re there, all you have to do is click on View support forum found at the bottom right-hand side of the page.


view support forum

You can usually find the View support forum button under the Ratings tab.


In general, if you want help from other people based on their experiences, WordPress forums are your best bet.


3. WordPress codex


The WordPress Codex is a straightforward and user-friendly online resource for WordPress developers. It has a vast amount of information that explains even the most basic functions.


wordpress codex developers manual

The WordPress codex is a manual for WordPress developers.


You can also find the updated WordPress Code Reference here. This document details recent API and WordPress improvements (Application Programming Interface).


Aside from that, the main WordPress codex page displays the details in a systematic manner. For instance, all of the essential details concerning WordPress are contained in the first section. As you move on, you’ll find other documents such as those for themes and plugins, that’ll help you manage your website.



Asking for WordPress Support The Right Way


If you still can’t find the help you need even after trying out the different resources available for WordPress-related information and support, don’t worry! There’s more ways to get the answers you seek.


In general, our advice is applicable whether you’re asking for assistance from a plugin or theme developer, or from WordPress experts in a forum or other online community. You’ll have the best chance of answering your query or resolving your problem swiftly if you take our advice.


Now, let’s get right into it.


1. Make a subject title for your problem


good subject title example

An example of a great subject title.


Making sure that your thread title accurately and clearly describes the problem should always be your first priority when starting a support thread. This also applies to any other query such as emails and support tickets.


When done correctly, it can draw your reader’s attention while giving them a good idea as to what you need help with. And, if the problem is a common one amongst the community, it can lead to a swift resolution on the support thread.


But, even if it takes a bit longer to get the answer you need, a carefully thought-out title can help to avoid any confusion that may arise in the support thread. After all, any misunderstanding can prevent the question from being correctly answered.


That being said, you should always write topic headers that are accurate and give a general sense of the problem you are experiencing, as doing so can greatly improve the likelihood that the problem will be resolved fast.


2. Show kindness and respect


be polite when asking help

Being polite is one of the best ways to ask for help.


When writing your support request, we advise that you be kind and respectful. This includes refraining from using derogatory language, threats, or any kind of bias.


If you don’t follow this advice, there’s a good chance that your support request will result in pointless back and forth, arguments, and frustration. In extreme circumstances, people might even stop offering their help to you.


Thus, be sure to show respect to everyone who is eager to assist you with your problem right away.


Now that you know what tone you should use to express your problem, let’s look at how you should explain it.


3. Give the specifics


be specific in your topic

Images are a great way to be specific.


Try to be as specific as possible. Not only do you have to describe the problem in detail, but visual cues are also a great way for people to understand what you need help with.


Let’s take a look at some of the things you can do:


  1. Add a screenshot of the problem.
  2. Include a video describing the error displayed on your website.
  3. Provide a link to the page where the problem is happening.
  4. Provide details on what you believe should have happened but didn’t.


Specifying your problem and what you need help with can prevent any misunderstandings among the WordPress experts or the community who are trying to assist you.


This can be very useful because it’s possible that you’re probably just not understanding a feature, plugin, or theme properly, which will then be made clear to you. Also, clarifying this could clear up any confusion about what the problem is if the terms you used were vague.


4. Be patient


be patient for response

Don’t feel down when you don’t instantly receive help.


Please don’t be frustrated (or worse, disrespectful) if/when your issue isn’t immediately answered. This is especially important when using the forums to get help since users here that respond to your inquiries are all volunteers who are giving up some of their time to assist you.


5. Show gratitude


example of gratitude

Saying thank you is a great way of showing gratitude.


Once your problem has been resolved, don’t forget to express your gratitude to everyone who assisted you—even a simple “thank you” can go a long way. And, by appreciating them for their work, they will be more likely to support you in the future and may go beyond what you anticipate.


Finally, after gaining more knowledge about WordPress, it won’t do any harm to think about encouraging others to experience the same sense of fulfillment by making a contribution to the WordPress community.


Is your WordsPress issue still unresolved?

Don’t fret- Get your problem solved promptly by seeking out skilled freelance WordPress developers on these platforms.



Bonus: Check In With Your Managed WordPress Provider


If all else fails, you can always ask your WordPress provider for guidance. A lot of the best web hosts have great professional help that’s not only accessible but also quick to respond. What’s more, some web hosts like Kinsta and Dreamhost have a dedicated support team that consists of WordPress experts, so you might find it easier to reach out to them.


Fortunately, all it takes is a few minutes to contact a dedicated support team. You just have to visit your web host’s website, search for the contact us, client service, support, or customer service link on their home page, and fill up the necessary details to send an inquiry.



Solve Any WordPress Problem


WordPress is a fantastic platform that is friendly to all users, regardless of their skill level. But, even in an ideal setting, problems are unavoidable. While some issues can be resolved with a quick online search or by reading through forums and articles, others call for technical assistance.


Thankfully, asking for help isn’t as hard as most people think. By following a few pieces of advice, you’re guaranteed to find a solution to any problem in no time.