The Eye-Opening Truth About Data-Driven Marketing

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Customers want relevant, personalized messages in their inbox, and they won’t open, click or convert for anything less.


Because of the elevated need for personalization, marketers have to learn everything they can about their customers – and that means data collection.


But it doesn’t stop there. Once data is collected, it has to be analyzed and interpreted in an effective way. Collecting job titles, birthdays and favorite hobbies from your customers is pointless if you’re not using it to better your communication.


Most marketers use the information to build customer personas and define customer segments. With segments defined, marketers can create content that speaks to subscribers on a personal level.


It sounds easy enough, but where do you start? Marketers have to establish a data collection strategy to be successful. To do so, marketers have to answer these questions:


  1. Where will we collect data?
  2. What data do we need?
  3. Where will we store the data?
  4. How will this data contribute to customer personas?
  5. How will we analyze the data?
  6. How will we put the data to use?
  7. Who is in charge of data collection, its analysis and implementation?
  8. How will we measure the success of our data collection strategy?


With these questions answered, marketers can assemble a data collection plan that likely involves asking customers to provide a new piece of information at every touch point.


When a customer downloads a report, checks out in-store or joins a social contest, every interaction is a chance to learn something more about your customers.


But, can you take data collection too far?


Yes. If you’re constantly asking customers questions in a way that interrupts their experience, you could turn customers off. You have to find a balance between collecting information and keeping customer satisfaction high.


Collecting data is important, but it’s not without challenges.


To explore the world of data-driven marketing, Campaign Monitor teamed up with Ascend2 to see how the need for customer-specific information is changing the way marketers market. Take a look at the infographic below to explore the eye-opening truth about data-driven marketing:


The Eye-Opening Truth About Data-Driven Marketing - Infographic by Campaign Monitor


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