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Tresorit Black Friday Deals 2021 – Coming Soon?

November 25, 2021

Tresorit Black Friday Sale 2021 - Stay Tuned

We’ll update this post as soon as the deal is up, bookmark it so you won’t miss it. See our cloud storage deals page for any ongoing offer as well.

* Last updated: 12th October 2021 12:00am CT
** While waiting for Black Friday 2021, learn more about Tresorit below.



Out of all the Black Friday deals we’ve been waiting for, Tresorit is one of the ones we’ve been quite excited over.


Black Friday typically brings upon us irresistible deals with immense price cuts that typically causes most people to throw their money at their screens. There are even reports of people actually spending most of their rent money on said deals.


Yes, the offers are so robust people are willing to risk losing a roof over their head to get them.


Anyway, Tresorit hasn’t released their cloud storage Black Friday offers yet but we’re sure that when they do, we’d be pretty blown away by the savings!


tresorit homepage


Tresorit Plan & Pricing


Tresorit currently has 3 pricing categories – Small Business, Business and Enterprise. After checking out their pricing structure, it seems to me that the Business plan provides the most value and is the most well-balanced plan among all.


Small Business
Price /mo*
Minimum User
Verify Download
Learn More
* Price shown is billed on per user basis.


What Does Tresorit Provide?


You’ll think that as a cloud storage provider, all Tresorit does is just that – storage for you on the cloud.


But there’s a ton of other companies which offers that, so Tresorit stands out by making their system business-friendly with measures in place to encourage collaboration and productivity.


1. Security & Privacy


Files uploaded to Tresorit’s cloud servers & system are protected with end-to-end encryption. This means that the uploaded data cannot be read by anyone other than the intended receiver.


tresorit end to end encryption


Not even Tresorit can see, or has access to your files & passwords!



* Price is based on a 12-month subscription.


2. Brand Unity


On web access, you can modify the download pages to look like your brand or website, which comes off as quite premium looking


tresorit allows custom branding


This is quite handy if you need to impress clients!


3. File Sharing


What good is a cloud storage provider if file sharing is problematic? After all, one of the many uses of this service is to make it easy to transfer files to colleagues and clients.



Tresorit allows up to 5GB files to be shared, along with a password and lets you specify the link expiry, so you know that only your intended receiver can open those files.


4. Excellent Support


A service is only as good as its support, and Tresorit’s support is fantastic, especially for a cloud storage company. Frankly, all they need to do is hire someone to check emails for any complaints because what can go wrong with cloud storage? With automatic backups in place, everything can just be easily restored.


However, Tresorit has implemented assistance services, priority and live chat support for their business plans, so you can rest assured knowing that if anything goes wrong, you’ll always have someone who is able to help you out.


Stay Tuned – Tresorit Black Friday Deals 2019!


Black Friday Offers only come around once a year, and it’s rare for cloud storage companies to introduce discounts in their plans. If you see something you like, you best not wait because these prices won’t last forever!


If you miss it this year, you’ll have to wait another 365 days to enjoy savings of this calibre. Happy shopping!



* End-to-end encryption, file download verification, 1TB storage, and more!
** Price is based on a 12-month subscription.



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