TorGuard Black Friday Deals 2020

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TorGuard Black Friday Deals 2020 - Coming Soon!

Stay tuned for TorGuard’s biggest sale of the year. Also see our mega list for any ongoing offer now!

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** While waiting for Black Friday 2020, see TorGuard’s BF deals for last year!



We just discovered what TorGuard’s Black Friday Deals 2019 are and boy, lemme tell you – we are EXCITED!


Black Friday usually lasts only one day out of the entire year (it’s why people go certifiably crazy – they need to get those crazy deals!) but since our friends over at TorGuard are feeling generous around the holiday season, they’ve decided to extend their sale till the 10th December 2019!


torguard black friday sale 2019



* 50% off all VPN services with freebies!


This year’s Black Friday, TorGuard is looking to outdo themselves with a massive 50% discount on their Global VPN service! That’s not all folks, if you purchase any of their VPN service, they’ll throw in a FREE 10GB encrypted email account!


Doesn’t that sound like pretty damn good value for your buck?


The sale is ready NOW so hop on over to their site and avail the offer! Remember, you’ll need to use the promo code BlackFriday to get the discount!


TorGuard Black Friday 2019 Promotion Details


  • Discount: 50% discount (recurring for life!)
  • Coupon Code: BlackFriday
  • Subscription period: Your choice of 1 – 24 month(s)
  • Monthly fee: From $2.49* (Regular $4.99)
  • Total bill: $29.99 for 12 months
  • End date: 10th December 2019
  • Full details: Learn more


* Price is based on 12-month subscription.



* Use coupon code BlackFriday
** Offer comes with free PrivateEmail account!


Crazy Black Friday Offers


People usually go mad on Black Friday, and we don’t blame them. Huge sales and discounts can easily mess with a person’s head, especially with such urgency involved. The thing is, Black Friday sales doesn’t just apply to regular brick and mortar stores; your data and privacy are most likely being traded and sold too on Black Friday.


If you care about your privacy at all, you’re going to want to look into what TorGuard can do for you.


Hackers, ISP monitoring, identity theft, internet censoring – all these are problems that affect your lifestyle, which starts from you losing your online privacy! Lucky for us, TorGuard aims to protect our online identity with their secure VPN services.


What TorGuard Can Do


With TorGuard, you’ll have access to invisible SSL Stealth VPN access, with OpenVPN obfuscation, Shadowsocks, OpenConnect, and more.


They protect your data with state-of-the-art 256-bit AES encryption, with DNS & IPV6 leak blocking, and more security options.


Also, have you ever been in a situation where you can’t watch something from your favourite streaming app because it only streams in a different country? Well, that’s no problem with TorGuard. They’ll hide your IP so you can stream your favourite shows from anywhere!


Read our in-depth TorGuard review to see why TorGuard is so successful as a VPN service.


To Wrap It up


If you’ve been thinking about getting TorGuard for a while now, I’d say that now is a great time to get it, what with all the insane Black Friday deals going around.


If you do, let us know how much you’ve enjoyed it!



* Use coupon code BlackFriday
** Offer comes with free PrivateEmail account!



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