3 Big E-Commerce Marketing Tips from the Experts

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How difficult is it to market your e-commerce website?


What do you need to do to create brand awareness and drive traffic?


We tend to make e-commerce marketing harder than it needs to be. Sticking to the basics is your best bet.


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A case in point? These three big marketing tips from experts in the industry. There’s nothing out of the ordinary here. Chances are you already know you should be doing these three things. Maybe you need a reminder, and a focus on making time for them? If so, here you go.


Tip #1: Prelaunch SEO


We reached out to Rebecca Gill, web designer, internet marketer and owner of Web Savvy Marketing. In the seven years her company has been in business, Web Savvy Marketing has become known as one of the best in the website design business. Rebecca is a skilled professional whose opinion is highly sought-after for contribution to educational resources in regards to SEO.


We asked what she advises clients who hire her firm to design a new e-commerce website. Rebecca said worry about SEO first and design later, “Make sure research and planning is done for SEO before design, coding, or launch. Post launch SEO is much too late.”


That’s an interesting tip, because I think most of us turn that equation around. We just worry about getting a site up and live, then focus on adding SEO elements.


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Of course, one of the most important parts of SEO is the content posted on your site. This is a major concern for search engines and human visitors alike. So writing great copy is a must, as we go over in this article about the 9 Laws of SEO Copywriting.


And if you want someone to read the article, as well as asking search engines to index it properly, you need a catchy headline. In this article we provide nine tips for creating irresistible headlines gleaned from some of the world’s best blog writers.


Tip #2: Social Media Marketing


According to Shelly Peacock, WordPress designer and owner of the crazy-fast growing Spinbird Group, social media is a key marketing tactic for any e-commerce site, “Depending on your product, boost it whenever possible.” Her decade-old company is best known for its focus on educating their customers and social media marketing is just one area for which they provide customized help.


Shelley provided this tip via Twitter, where she has over 1,800 followers. That is obviously one of her favorite social media sites. But don’t forget about Facebook and LinkedIn as well as Pinterest and Instagram.


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In fact, we’ve identified Instagram as being the best social media site for use by e-tailers and even outline a case study of one woman who makes $15,000 each time she uploads a sponsored post. If you only have the time and resources to devote to one social media network, it could be that Instagram is your best choice; read more about it here.


Tip #3: Email Lists


Shelly Peacock of The Spinbird Group gave us another marketing golden nugget when she said, “Collect all the email you can – it’s better than ever for business.” And to make your messages look more professional, Shelly suggests downloading a free program such as HTMLsig to add a custom signature line.


You already knew about building an email list, right? But chances are you forgot about its importance. It’s easy to get so caught up in SEO and social media and blogging and product development and branding that you forget about the simple but proven methods of marketing.


One of the best ways to get visitors to opt-in to future marketing emails is to offer a lead magnet. You know, those popup boxes that ask for a name and email address in exchange for an infographic or eBook or video showing you the 10 best tips for…whatever. You can find all sorts of innovative ideas for creating a great lead magnet by reading this article.


And when you’ve got that perfect lead magnet created, you’ll need to design a call-to-action button that really entices your site’s visitors to take advantage of your offer. Need some help with that? We’ve got tips for creating a magnetic call to action right here.


So there you have it. The experts have spoken and they have reminded me us that the basics of SEO, social media marketing and building an email list are still as valid as ever in promoting your e-commerce website.




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