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8 Great Social Proof Examples (And Why They Work)

April 23, 2024


Have you ever passed by a restaurant where there was a queue of diners waiting impatiently to get inside? Were you the type of person to stand in line believing that the food must be great if there was such a long queue?


Well, you just experienced social proof in action!


Social proof is an important factor in digital marketing success. But, it can be pretty overwhelming to do, especially if you’re just starting out your marketing journey.


That’s why we’re here. In this article, we’ll introduce you to some top-notch examples of social proof that you can take inspiration from.



What Exactly Is Social Proof?


Social proof is a common digital marketing approach for increasing potential clients’ confidence in a product, service, or brand. Basically, it assists in reducing buyer uncertainty by showing that others have found success with the suggested product or service, and are satisfied customers. In other words, it gives our brains a mental shortcut, since our minds crave decisions that demand quick solutions.


This all comes from an interesting social psychology phenomenon and was first described by psychologist Dr. Robert Cialdini in his book, Influence. He mentions that if a great marketer uses a range of strategies to reduce the level of uncertainty surrounding a potential customer’s decision, it is more likely that customers will say “Yes” to an offer.


This social psychology phenomenon gives people the belief that they’ll be able to be satisfied knowing that other people have enjoyed it, used it, or had success with it.


To help give you a better understanding of how it works, let’s take Amazon for example. When you browse their online store, it can be challenging to ignore the star rating and user reviews and not allow them to influence your choice. And if two or more products are nearly identical, it’ll usually come down to these reviews and ratings to persuade you to buy something.


star rating reviews on amazon

Initially, you can see the star rating and how many people gave that rating.


In short, making a decision is made simpler when we can learn from those who have gone before us in the choice we are considering.



What Are The Different Types Of Social Proof?


There are a variety of ways to show social proof, and understanding what works best for you will make it so much more effective. Let’s have a look at the most common types:


  • User
    This is when your current customers promote or recommend your goods and services based on their interactions with your brand, hence the name “user social proof.” Some examples of this include compliments on social media or favorable comments on review websites.
  • Celebrity
    If a celebrity recommends your products, you have celebrity social proof. You can see this when a celebrity or influential person tweets or posts on Instagram about your product.
  • Wisdom of the crowd
    This type of social proof occurs when a large portion of the population endorses your product or service. Some examples of this are having millions of followers on social media or thousands of loyal customers.
  • Certification
    When a well-known name or figure in your field of work gives you their seal of approval, this is a form of certification social proof. You can see this when companies have a stamp with the words “Trusted”, “Verified” or somewhere along those lines.
  • Expert
    Expert social proof is when an expert that is recognized in your field starts endorsing your goods or services or publicly links their name to your business. An example of this is when a reputable professional joins your Twitter discussion.
  • Wisdom of your friends
    This type of social proof happens when people notice that their friends enjoy your products. This can simply involve seeing your products used by their friends, or their colleagues following you on social media.


Basically, different types of social proof are all effective if used correctly.



8 Great Social Proof Examples And Why They’re Effective


Now that you know what social proof is and its different types, let’s quickly take a look at some great examples of social proof and why they work:


1. Expert social proof: Fitbit



A lot of users and publications are recommending Fitbit.


In the “Buzz” area of their website, Fitbit allows experts in the health and tech fields to discuss the value of their products. The fact that the same positive things are being said in other publications lends a lot of credibility to claims of Fitbit’s success. It’s no wonder why Fitbit is frequently recognized as the best fitness tracker on the market.


2. Celebrity social proof: Wix



Wix is one of the many companies that utilized celebrity social proof to its full potential.


Heidi Klum collaborating with Wix for a commercial is a prime example of celebrity social proof. Her partnership with this amazing CMS and website building platform serves two purposes: first, to prove Wix’s claim that anyone can create a website, and second, to give a well-known name to a company in a crowded market.


On top of that, Wix also included Kung-Fu Panda in their 2016 Super Bowl ad, which received more internet views than any other ad during the game (fictional celebrities count, too!)


3. Wisdom of the crowd: Netflix



Netflix’s homepage always greets you with what’s trending.


Netflix utilizes user trends by recommending new TV shows and movies based on popular tastes. It’s a brilliant retention technique because they apply this clever method of social proof to keep viewers binge-watching more content rather than clicking away after finishing a movie or season.


Plus, the goal of trending recommendations is to spark people’s attention and get them to tune in, much like when something is popular on Twitter.


4. Wisdom of your friends: Stitch Fix



Referral codes are a great way to get more leads.


Stitch Fix uses social proof to attract prospective shoppers to its customized shopping service by giving them a generous $25 referral fee for referring friends to their website. This is a cost-effective way to keep current customers while also inviting their personal networks to be potential new clients.


5. User social proof: G2 Crowd



G2 Crowd is built on user reviews.


G2 Crowd is a company based on user social proof, providing organizations with a database of ratings of all sorts of business software. The reviews include verified users of the product, information about their LinkedIn careers, and of course, the product’s brand. This is a research-backed tactic for improving viewer recall and retention.


6. Certification social proof: Nature Made


nature made

Proving that experts trust you also means that people can trust you.


Instead of merely advertising the quality of their vitamins, Nature Made relies on the USP’s (U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention) expert certification. This is a great way to show credibility, letting potential buyers know that they have a product that they can confidently trust.


7. User social proof: Yelp



Yelp is a place where you can find reviews about a lot of places.


One of the most well-known websites in the United States, Yelp, has about 145 million visitors per month. The popular platform is focused on utilizing user reviews to rank restaurants, bars, and other businesses, proving that the use of social proof is advantageous to both the companies being reviewed, and the people on the site who are looking for consumer ratings.


8. Celebrity social proof: Tampax



A celebrity figure can easily bump up your sales.


Tampax and Amy Schumer developed a lighthearted and educational ad in 2020. She was a perfect match since the comedian had already addressed using tampons in one of her specials.


The Tampax and Amy Schumer partnership was such a success that it caused a nationwide tampon shortage!



Get The Boost That You Need


There is no denying that including social proof on your homepage, landing pages, or even social media marketing campaigns is an effective approach to getting those extra leads that you’ve been looking for.


And if you want to give your visitors the best experience possible, you can also sign up with one of the best web hosts for your website. They’ll help you make sure that your website is always optimized and running at its best.


So, if you were to use everything correctly, it could be a game changer. By taking inspiration from what works, you could get more people to use your product or service!