How Using Twitter Can Boost Traffic to Your Fashion Store

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You’re ready to drive more traffic back to your fashion site. You’ve put in the work and want to share it with the world. All the big brands use Twitter so you want to give it a go. You’re ready with your business page, fancy photo and 50 followers…


How do you compete with those who have thousands of followers, hundreds of thousands even? How do you stand out on a platform that is full of expertly crafted noise? You need to learn to be Twitter smart.


Hacking Twitter to drive traffic back to your fashion site may seem a mammoth task, but it’s pretty simple. By following these 6 tips you can master Twitter in no time. You will learn:


  • How to keep business and pleasure separate
  • Why short tweets are your new best friend
  • How to drive traffic with bio links
  • Why an image is worth a thousand words (or 140 characters)
  • How and why you need to use hashtags
  • Why You Need to Promote Yourself


Boost Traffic To Your Fashion Store


How to Keep Business and Pleasure Separate


Creating a professional image on social media means having a separate business account. It allows for consistency with your fashion brand. It’s important to be recognisable, and #nomakeup #selfies aren’t always the best way to promote your business. With a business account people know who they’re dealing with, it builds trust.


Using Twitter to drive traffic back to your site is about the audience, not about you. Be consistent with your image. For example you could have your Twitter profile themed in the same way as your website. Use the same logo, the same style images and text.


Key Tip

Make sure any links back to your site are mobile user friendly as 50% of Twitter users use the app via mobile.


With Tweets, Less is More


Twitter is all about creating intrigue and enticing your audience in 140 characters. You need to create compelling content in a short space. In fact, the shorter the better as tweets with 100 characters or less are shown to get 20% higher interaction.


Find a snappy or interesting quote related to a blog post or product release. A tweet with a quote is 54% more likely to be retweeted and retweets mean prizes (or a bigger audience at least). If you are trying to drive traffic back to your site the wider your reach, the better.


Key Tip

Try writing 5 different versions of the same tweet, in 10 words or less, then pick the best one. Practice makes perfect. Using the different versions and seeing how your followers react is a great way to test the waters. It will help trigger fascination, which in turn drives traffic.


Drive Traffic with Bio Links


Your bio is an easy way for potential followers, subscribers, or customers to get a sense of who you are as a business. A great formula for creating a good bio is to say who you are + what you do + a slice of personality. It’s simple, but effective.


Twitter is great because it allows you multiple clickable links. You can have one in your bio and another in the ‘website’ box. This is great if you have a particular blog post, competition or product release you want to promote as it can live there for a few weeks. Easy promotion for your site.


Key Tip

When using clickable links on your Twitter page (and in your tweets) try using a link to track the click-through rate. It helps you keep on top of your analytics.


An Image is Worth a Thousand Words


Images Speak Better


People engage more with images than pure text as 90% of the information transmitted to our brains is visual. This makes Twitter the perfect platform for image based marketing. Being smart with multimedia will help drive traffic back to your site.


We’ve already discussed how to create the perfect Tweet, so now you need an image to go with it. Make sure it’s related to the your fashion content, as you don’t want to drive traffic back to the site and have them bounce straight away.


There are all sorts of images you can use to drive traffic. You can create shareable branded content, or use behind the scenes photos as they create intrigue and an authentic brand. But always make sure your photos are creative and professional as 67% of consumers consider detailed images more important than product info.


You can spend as little or as much as you want on creating your own images. Free ways to do it include Flickr copyright free images, Freerange Stock, or Unsplash. Or if you want to splash the cash take a peek at a paid membership to iStock, Shutterstock or create your own images with Stencil (previously ShareAsImage).


Key Tip

Use a visual call to action such as “click link to find out more…” and think about the colours you use. This is the strongest and most persuasive cue for any shopper. Calls to action such as this are a great way to drive traffic back to your site through Twitter.


How (and why) You Need to Use Hashtags


If you weren’t sure, hashtags are the words you see stuck together after the #. They are generally focussed around a common discussion topic and are super important when trying to reach a wider audience. All major social media networks use them and tweets with hashtags have twice as much engagement as those without. More people reached, more traffic.


Using the most popular hashtags relevant to your fashion site, product, or blog post (e.g. #dapper, #fashion, #bestdressed) widens your audience. Everyone who searches for, or uses that hashtag will see your post, this is what makes them so valuable.


In order to reach the correct audience you need to use theme specific hashtags. Think about using the same hashtags for your entire blog, contest or specific promotion to drive traffic back to your site. Although be wary of going too hashtag crazy. Using more than two in any post can drop engagement by 17%


Key Tip

Why not create your own hashtag? (#fashionatasunite anyone?) This way all your readers/followers/super happy new customers can unite on social media using one new, exclusive hashtag. You never know, it might be the next big thing.


Promote Yourself


Using paid promotion on Twitter is a great way to drive traffic back to your fashion site. The difference between a promoted tweet and a normal one is that advertisers buy the ability to reach a wider audience. They work in exactly the same way as normal tweets (in that you can share, retweet and like) but they reach more people.


The promoted tweet goes to the highest bidder. You bid at auction for access to the audience you want, and when the auction is complete you pay a little more than the next highest bidder. The good thing about promoted tweets is that they work on a CPE (cost per engagement) basis. So you only pay whenever someone interacts with the tweet.


These are great for reaching a wider audience and higher engagement, giving a greater platform to drive traffic back to your site.


Key Tip

Always use visual. Promoted tweets with a multimedia element are a double whammy. They get 313% higher engagement than standard tweets, and receive 52% more retweets than those without visual.


Even something as simple as using an exclamation mark in a promoted tweet can get you 43% more engagement than those without.


You Have the Drive


Using Twitter is a great way to drive traffic back to your fashion site. These few tips and tricks will make sure you are getting the most out of the social media platform.


Fashion is a visual industry, which makes Twitter one of the best platforms to engage with a wider audience. Think about who you are trying to reach and create a step-by-step plan using these 6 tips.


A wider reach with more engagement is a surefire way to drive valuable traffic back to your fashion site.


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