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Get Inspired By These 43 Outstanding Blog Examples (The Best Blogs of 2024)

June 17, 2024


Whether you want to start a blog, or you’ve already got one, it’s always good to peer over the fence to see what your fellow bloggers are doing.


Seeing other blog examples can spark inspiration for your own blog. Plus, you can see what you’re up against!


For this article, we spent way too long scouring the internet to bring you 43 of the best blog examples from many different niches and built using a range of platforms.


We hope this inspires you to see what it’s possible to do with your own blog. Eat your heart out!



Let’s dive in.


Blogs Can Be Flavorful


Blogs come in all shapes and sizes.


Many blogs have moved away from the traditional ‘diary entry’ style, and adopted more of an ‘online magazine’ format. Sometimes, a blog is just a small subsection of a business’s main site.


The blog examples in this article are a big mix of formats, organized by niche.

We recommend you check them all out, even the blogs in other niches. You never know where your next blogging brainwave might come from!


Design Blog Examples


1. Design Milk


design milk homepage


This blog and ecommerce shop is full of awesome design ideas in a format similar to an online magazine. They share the newest in art, architecture, decor and more.


What they’re awesome at:

  • Nice clean design and content that is frequently updated. They’re also great at putting their own spin on current trends – one of their most popular articles is about the design of the SpaceX spacesuit.


2. IKEA Hackers


ikea hackers homepage


This blog was started by a ‘crazy fan’ of IKEA who wanted to share her creative hacks on common IKEA furniture. Today, the blog is filled with contributions from IKEA hackers around the world.


What they’re awesome at:

  • Curating user-generated content and producing detailed tutorials. She also has a strong community of readers. When IKEA threatened legal action, her posts were flooded with hundreds of supportive reader comments.


3. Brand New by Under Consideration


brand new under construction homepage


Brand New chronicles and provides opinions on corporate and brand identity work. They write blog posts on the designs of big products and brands.


What they’re awesome at:

  • Stunning website design and an interesting navigational scheme. You can find content by ‘industry’, by tag, by popularity, by project type, and ‘editorial category’.


4. Young House Love


young house love homepage


This blog was started in 2007 by a young couple who were renovating their home. Since then, they’ve shared over 3,000 DIYs, written books, designed furniture lines for Home Depot and started a podcast.


What they’re awesome at:


5. Adobe 99U


adobe 99u blog page


99U is Adobe’s career resource and conference. Their blog content is all about helping creatives at work and it features career stories and advice.


What they’re awesome at:

  • Their blog feels like an effortless extension of their product base – the Adobe Suite. It’s bright, eye-catching and beautifully designed.



Self-Improvement Blog Examples


6. Mark Manson


mark manson homepage


This blog offers personal development advice without the ‘woo-woo nonsense’. Mark Manson’s articles are mostly long-form and unconventional. In 2015, he launched a paid subscription model to give paying members access to his courses and ebooks.


What he’s awesome at:

  • He’s built a brand off his frank and disruptive style of writing. It may feel crude to some, but it’s addictively easy to read. Another unique feature is being able to listen to him read blog posts aloud.


7. Universe of Memory


universe of memory homepage


The blog is run by a memory expert and polyglot. His content focuses on teaching people to learn languages, improve their memory and boost their productivity. It’s also his platform to sell products and courses.


What he’s awesome at:

  • His blog is closely tied to his own personal story as a learning enthusiast. He also provides very clear value to his readers with well-written and interesting posts.



Marketing Blog Examples


8. Detailed


detaileddotcom homepage


Detailed is a blog dedicated to helping businesses grow their SEO traffic. They publish posts that are full of insights and supposedly have over 50K subscribers to their main newsletter.


What they’re awesome at:

  • Original, data-driven posts that utilise the writer’s expert knowledge.



Business Blog Examples


9. Ahrefs


ahrefs blog page


Ahrefs is a fantastic SEO tool for bloggers. Their awesome blog is all about helping others to get better at SEO and marketing. Find everything here from detailed tutorials, case studies and opinion pieces from industry experts.


What they’re awesome at:

  • Deeply detailed step-by-step posts and tutorials for both beginners to experts, and which tie very naturally to their actual product.


10. Kinsta


kinsta blog page


Whilst Kinsta’s brand focuses on WordPress hosting, their blog is stuffed with insights on everything WordPress-related. They publish actionable tips and useful resources on web performance and website optimization.


What they’re awesome at:

  • I love the layout of their blog articles. The interface is clean, they use helpful images and it’s very easy to read.


11. Slack


slack blog page


Slack is a chat platform you’ve probably heard of. They blog about communication, collaboration, the future of work, and updates from the team at Slack.


What they’re awesome at:

  • They produce a lot of data-driven articles. Their blog design also looks great, with bright and stylish illustrations and content that’s nicely grouped into ‘collections’ for easier navigation.


12. Grammarly


grammarly blog page


Grammarly is a popular grammar checker tool (we’re big fans), and their blog is an extension of their mission: improve lives by improving communication. Their content includes writing guides, product updates, and grammar tips.


What they’re awesome at:

  • Great blog design and illustrations. Very well-formatted and articles that are easy to skim.



Gaming Blog Examples


13. Giant Bomb


giant bomb homepage


Giant Bomb is a video game website and wiki with gaming videos, commentary and news It’s run by a core team of former GameSpot editors and they publish multiple articles a week.


What they’re awesome at:

  • In-depth reviews in written, audio and video format. They’re also great at fostering a sense of community, and have an active forum.


14. Rock Paper Shotgun


rockpapershotgun gaming blog


Rock Paper Shotgun is a key PC gaming blog maintained by Britain’s top games critics. They write detailed reviews, previews and news for both mainstream and indie games.


What they’re awesome at:

  • It’s written by avid fans, for fans. It shows in the quality of their writing and the level of detail they go into.



Tech Blog Examples


15. Hackaday


hackaday homepage


Hackaday is a blog for engineering enthusiasts looking to ‘get lost digging through mountains of gnarly hacks.’ They combine their own original content with hacks from their community.


What they’re awesome at:

  • Publishing hacking inspiration and fostering community spirit. Readers are encouraged to show off their own hacks, create build logs and collaborate.


16. Android Police


android police homepage


Android Police is a blog dedicated to everything Android-related. They share the latest Android news, reviews, tips, tutorials, videos, and podcasts, and keep track of custom ROMs and hacks.


What they’re awesome at:

  • It’s a great go-to source for all things Android, with great posts for developers and tips and tricks for users.



Parenting Blog Examples


17. Imperfect Families


imperfect families homepage


The blogger is a licensed therapist, who writes about the daily battles of parenting and practical tips. She’s turned it into a career and offers remote coaching sessions to parents.


What she’s awesome at:

  • Coming across as relatable and real. She uses the blog to tackle very realistic issues that parents face.



Sustainability Blog Examples


18. Sustainably Chic


sustainably chic homepage


Sustainably Chic is an online destination for sustainable fashion, green beauty & eco lifestyle. It was born from the blogger’s love for fashion, but allowed her to go full time after a year and a half of blogging.


What she’s awesome at:

  • A very clean and minimalist blog design. She’s also added a ‘sustainable brand directory’ which organizes the brands she features in a very user-friendly way.


19. Melanin ASS


melanin ass homepage


Melanin And Sustainable Style (MelaninASS) is an online platform that’s focused around communities of color within sustainable fashion and beauty. The blog showcases change makers and communities and celebrates diversity.


What they’re awesome at:

  • Thoughtful content that’s empowering and inspiring.


20. Going Zero Waste


going zero waste homepage


This lifestyle website is dedicated to helping others live a healthier and more sustainable life. She breaks eco-friendly living down into easy steps with lots of positivity. Her site features recipes, thrifting hauls, and beginner’s guides.


What she’s awesome at:

  • The site is structured in a way that makes it easy to move between articles. For example she has a roadmap to zero-waste living that links to multiple useful articles elsewhere on her blog.



Food Blog Examples


21. Smitten Kitchen


smitten kitchen homepage


The Smitten Kitchen is a 14 year-old food blog focused on ‘unfussy cooking’ without fancy ingredients. It’s easy to navigate since the newest recipes show on top of the homepage. She also uses high-quality images and video content.


What she’s awesome at:

  • Great writing that is funny and engaging. The recipes page is structured in a way that recipes can be found in multiple ways: by purpose, fruit or vegetable, an entire section on eggs. There’s even a nice ‘Surprise Me!’ button to generate a random recipe.


22. Serious Eats


serious eats homepage


Founded in 2006, Serious Eats is seriously stuffed with original recipes, opinions and food essays. They take a uniquely more scientific / methodical approach – busting myths and making sure to test things thoroughly.


What they’re awesome at:

  • They make sure to test all the equipment they use and work very hard to produce original, genuine content. Their efforts have won them many blog awards.


23. Homesick Texan


homesick texan homepage


This food blog was started up by a Texan living in New York City. When she’s not cooking, you’ll find her researching heritage Texas recipes or travelling around the state, and blogging about it.


What she’s awesome at:

  • Establishing a strong and well defined niche – Texan cuisine!


24. Sprouted Kitchen


sprouted kitchen homepage


Sprouted Kitchen is a blog run by a foodie and her photographer husband. They share recipes with stunning photography and also sell their own merchandise and ebooks.


What they’re awesome at:

  • The aesthetic of their blog is just *chef’s kiss*. They’re also great at monetizing their skills. For example, they also sell a guide to food photography, and offer a pay-to-join Cooking Club.



Lifestyle Blog Examples


25. All The Pretty Pandas


all the pretty pandas homepage


A lifestyle blog run by an opera singer and former contestant on the Bachelor. She writes about beauty, fashion and recaps of the Bachelor, and has since launched podcasts.


What they’re awesome at:

  • The design of her site is very aesthetically pleasing, with a blend of photos and illustrations. She’s also got a clever ‘shop hub’ where she links to outfits she’s worn in her podcast episodes.


26. Cup of Jo


cup of jo homepage


Cup of Jo was started as a weekend hobby, but after a few years, became a full-time job with a team of writers.


What they’re awesome at:

  • She’s managed to amass a readership that’s highly engaged. In fact, she has a whole blog section dedicated to articles that compile reader comments under certain themes.


27. Art of Manliness


art of manliness homepage


Brett McKay founded the Art of Manliness in 2008 and has grown it into the largest independent men’s interest magazine on the web.


The Art of Manliness is a resource for actionable advice that covers every aspect of a man’s life: character, career, relationships, fitness, and more. Articles and podcasts are published weekly.


What they’re awesome at:

  • Content is thoughtful and clickbait-free. They’ve complimented it with an online/offline program to help men implement what they learn from the site into their lives.


28. Aesthetics of Joy


aesthetics of joy homepage


Run by a designer, this lifestyle blog is all around the theme of ‘joy’. She shares inspiration and resources for living a more joyful life through design.


What she’s awesome at:

  • The design of the blog is colorful, unique and fits her blog name to a tee.


29. Moral Fibres


moral fibres homepage


This British-sprung blog green lifestyle blog is all about sustainable living in a way that’s ‘hip, not hippie’. Here you’ll find all sorts of easy hints and tips here for living a greener life without losing your sense of style.


What they’re awesome at:

  • Clean visual design, beautiful photos and informative write-ups. She also splits her content into many different categories which makes it easy to navigate – for example, you can browse recipes by season.



Cultural Blog Examples


30. Brain Pickings


brain pickings homepage


Brain Pickings is a blog I always end up returning to. Run by Maria Popova, it’s a ‘one-woman labor of love’ of a reader who ties connections between literature, science, art, philosophy and more.


What they’re awesome at:

  • Very high-quality and original content. The blog showcases little-seen snippets of history and literature, life lessons, beautiful sketches, curated quotes and much more.


31. Wait But Why


waitbutwhy homepage


Started in 2013, Wait But Why is a true example of the internet’s best bits. The blogger produces articles that are unpretentious and packed with interesting and well researched insights. Most of these are long-form and illustrated with MS Paint-style stickmen.


What they’re awesome at:

  • Personality. This blog is proof that images don’t need to be ‘professional’ if the story is told well and the topic sparks enough curiosity.


32. Nautilus


nautilus homepage


Nautilus is a science blog that writes on everything from culture and biology to astronomy. They pick a topic each month and publish content from the world’s leading thinkers and writers: essays, investigative reports, and blogs, fiction and more.


What they’re awesome at:

  • Posts backed with, well, science. Quality writing.


33. UpRoxx


uproxx homepage


A blog / online magazine that writes about the latest news and culture – from film and music, to sports. As well as short & informative content bites, they have intelligent long-form articles.


What they’re awesome at:

  • Regularly updated, highly relevant content (multiple posts an hour!)



Health and Fitness Blog Examples


34. Nerd Fitness


nerdfitness homepage


Nerd Fitness began in 2009 and still publishes 1-2 articles per week. Its niche was clear: help people with desk jobs that love nerd culture, make healthier choices.


They don’t have ads or sponsorships on Nerd Fitness but they’ve launched many successful ventures. The blog has since taken off and now offers an online coaching programme with an app that’s been featured in the Wall Street Journal and Forbes.


What they’re awesome at:

  • They really found a gap in the market, and filled it. They now get over 1.5 million visitors monthly, and have a biweekly newsletter with 150,000+ subscribers.



Travel Blog Examples


35. The Poor Traveler


the poor traveler homepage


This travel blog is all about poor travellers. ‘Poor’ as in those making poor choices, like getting lost or getting scammed. They’ve since built their blog up as a 1) to document their misadventures and 2) build free travel guides packed with tips and lessons.


What they’re awesome at:

  • They have some fantastic budget travel guides for various places around the world. They’re full of nitty gritty details and include a sample itinerary and budget – all for free.


36. Two Wandering Soles


two wandering soles homepage


This award-winning travel blog is run by a couple that’s passionate about eco-friendly travel. They share tips and advice for other travellers to travel more responsibly.


What they’re awesome at:

  • Every page of their blog is full of links to valuable resources – ebooks, guides, travel hacks, gear lists – you name it. Because their content contains so many internal links, it’s easy to spend a long time on their website.


37. Travel Episodes


travel episodes homepage


The Travel Episodes takes storytelling to the next level with their writing, but also with video clips, sound effects, and photography.


What they’re awesome at:

  • They present their travel stories in one of the most unique ways. For example – clicking onto an adventure will take you to a page that’s filled with content in various forms such as a video playing in the background, easily structured paragraphs, and immersive writing.


38. Legal Nomads


legal nomads homepage


The blogger has a strong origin story – she started as a lawyer who quit her job and ended up travelling the world. She shares her travel photos, food and stories and posts resources for people wanting to follow her lifestyle, without the fluff.


What she’s awesome at:

  • The blog has a strong brand. Much of her content is tied to her story of becoming a traveller, which also allows her to sell her digital nomad courses.



Fashion Blog Examples


39. Olivia Bossert Education


oliva bossert education homepage


Run by a freelance photographer, this blog is dedicated to everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the business of fashion photography. The articles cover how to pitch yourself to clients, how to set your freelance rates, and much more.


What she’s awesome at:

  • Non-clickbait articles that provide actionable tips that she’s learned from her own professional experience. She also gives away lots of free resources like ‘free masterclasses’.


40. The Londoner


the londoner homepage


Rosie is a travelling blogger from London. She started her blog as a way to stay in touch with friends back home, but it’s grown its readership worldwide.


What she’s awesome at:

  • Her homepage is simply a collection of her beautiful dreamy photos. She also has a page where she tells readers where they can buy the outfits she’s wearing in her Instagram photos – a smart way to earn via affiliate links.


41. Dappered


dappered homepage


This blog caters to any man who decides he wants to put in a little more effort into their appearance. Dappered is a male fashion blog for beginners. He’s curated a list of the most useful batch of posts on this site.


What they’re awesome at:

  • They have some interesting editorial categories and article series. For example, their ‘Style Scenarios’ are the blog equivalent of ‘outfits of the day’.



Finance Blog Examples


42. Motley Fool


motley fool the ascent page


Their mission? ‘Make the world smarter, happier and richer’. Founded in 1993 by brothers, The Motley Fool helps millions of people attain financial freedom.


What they’re awesome at:

  • Their website content covers in-depth resources and guides that are useful from anyone interested in managing their finances better – from beginner, to expert.


43. Mr Money Mustache


mr money mustache homepage


This WordPress blog is about becoming financially independent and frugal living. The blogger worked hard to retire in his 30s, and decided to start this blog to share secrets on how to create an awesome life on a budget.


What he’s awesome at:

  • Sharing actionable tips and tricks that readers can put into use immediately after reading.



What makes a blog successful?


Here’s a summary of some things we keep seeing in these awesome blog examples:


  1. High-quality, original content
  2. Strong writing
  3. Beautiful visuals
  4. Easy to navigate
  5. Fast performance
  6. Strong blog design or brand
  7. An engaged readership


It’s really important to note that a successful blog is not just about writing strong content. You also need to build it on strong foundations.


That means making the right decisions when you are setting up your blog. Be sure to pick a web host and blogging platform that is reliable. Our top recommendation is to build your blog with WordPress and host it with Hostinger.



Enough blog examples – it’s time to start your own


So – I hope we’ve shown you exactly what’s possible to do with a blog!


Now it’s your turn.


Be sure to check out our full step-by-step guide on how to start your own blog. It’ll take you through the steps you need to know, and point you to all the tools and resources you need in order to set up a blog that inspires others.


We can’t wait to see what you come up with!